We aim to ensure that carers have their voices heard, their rights and caring role are recognised by those who play a part in the journey and that real life experience influences health and social care policy, culture and practice. Having heard the stories of Tommy and other carers as part of the ‘You Can Make a Difference’ Campaign, we have been asking those working in Health and Social Care services:

What one thing will you take away and change in order to make a difference to the lives of people with dementia and their carers?

Parliament Poster 1 Parliament Poster 2

Parliament Poster 3 Parliament Poster 4

The answers we have collected through the campaign so far have been inspiring, and we feel very privileged to have received these pledges to make a difference, and to be able to share them. If you would like to read some of these pledges, you can do so by accessing the full archive via the list below.

If you would like to make your own pledge, we would love to hear about it! Please send us your pledge via email to

The last 4 years have been fantastic for Dementia Carer Voices with the You Can Make a Difference Campaign being a huge success, attracting over 15,000 pledges.  To view all the pledges please click the links below:

October 2017

03/10/17 York Teaching Hospital Conference Delegates Pledge to Make a Difference

04/10/17 City of Glasgow College Pledge to Make a Difference

06/10/17 UWS, Paisley Campus – 2nd Year Nursing Students Pledge

11/10/17 District Nurses Keele University and visit to Combined NHS Trust

12/10/17 University Hospital North Midlands Pledge to Make a Difference

13/10/17 RCN Bedford, Herefordshire and Milton Keynes Members Add Pledges

14/10/17 Haematology Association Ireland Nurses & AHPs Pledge

17/10/17 Napier University, 1st Year Nursing Students Pledge to Make a Difference

18/10/17 Glasgow Caledonian Nursing Pledges #makeadifference & #HelloMyNameIs

19/10/17 Care Quality Commission Registration Conference Delegates Add Pledges

September 2017

01/09/17 Pledges from Teesside University

05/09/17 Stirling University reflect on and add new pledges for 2017

06/09/17 West Lothian College Pledge to Make a Difference

08/09/17 Healthcare Improvement Scotland Launch Pledge Trees

12/09/17 RCN Nottingham Branch Dementia Conference Pledge to Make a Difference 

14/09/17 Bristol Dementia Wellbeing services add Pledges

15/09/17 The University of Western Scotland -Ayr Campus Pledge to Make a Difference

18/09/17 Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust Launch Pledge Tree

19-22/09/17 Make a difference tour of Jersey – people, places and pledges

26/09/17 RCN Learning Disability Nursing Network Conference Delegate Pledges

27/09/17 UWS Hamilton – 2nd Year Nursing Students Pledge to Make a Difference

28/09/17 Kings College London – 2nd Year Nursing Students #lead2add Pledges

August 2017

22/08/17 Lancashire Teaching Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

25/08/17 Loretto Care to Launch Pledge Trees

30/08/17 Dementia Carer Voices Western Isles Tour Day 6 – back to visit

31/08/17 Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership Staff Pledges

July 2017

03/07/17 Southport Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

06/07/17 Colchester Hospital Unveils Pledge Tree

07/07/17 The Dudley Group NHS Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

12/07/2017 Pre-Registration, BSc Adult Nursing Students Birmingham City University pledge

17/07/2017 Salford University Nursing Society add pledges

24/07/2017 Northumbria University senior student nurses add pledges 

June 2017

01/06/17 #DAW2017 Western Isles Tour – Day Three

02/06/17 #DAW2017 Western Isles Tour – Day Four

03/06/17 #DAW2017 Western Isles Tour – Day Five

07/06/17 St Clare`s Hospice – pledge to make a difference

28/06/17 Northumbria Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

May 2017

09/05/17 Glasgow Housing Association and #WMTY17

10/05/17 Dementia Carer Voices attend Focus on Dementia Conference

12/10/17 @CombinedNHS Launch What Matters To You Pledge Trees

18/05/17 Pledges from Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

19/05/17 Northern Health and Social Care Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

26/05/17 406 Nursing Students at Edge Hill Uni Pledge to Make a Difference

30/05/17 #DAW2017 Western Isles Tour – Day One

31/05/17 #DAW2017 Western Isles Tour – Day Two

April 2017

05/04/17 Pledges from Northumbria University

13/04/17 Hatton Lea Care Home Launch Pledge Initiative

25/04/17 North West Non-Medical Prescribers Pledge to Make a Difference

March 2017

01/03/17 New College Lanarkshire Pledges to Make a Difference

07/03/17 UWS Integrated Health and Social Care Year 2 Students Pledge

13/03/17 Trinity Hospice Pledges to Make a Difference

18/03/17 Every hand has a pledge. Every pledge holds a hand – RCN Ayrshire & Arran add pledges

20/03/17 Glasgow University School of Nursing Pledge to Make a Difference

22/03/17 Royal Bournemouth Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

23/03/17 Poole Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

29+30/03/17 Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

February 2017

02/02/17 UCLAN Nursing Students 2017 pledge to make a difference

10/02/17 Pledges at Northern Devon Healthcare Trust

20/02/17 Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust add personal pledges

January 2017

9/01/17 Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences Students @ University of Strathclyde pledge

10/01/17 Balhousie Care Ambassadors add personal pledges

12/01/17 University of Huddersfield 3rd Year Social Work Students Pledge to Make a Difference

19/01/17 Keele University and North Staffordshire Healthcare pledge to make a difference

24/01/17 Scunthorpe Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

26/01/17 3rd Year Students – Portsmouth University Pledge

December 2016

05/12/16 Tommy Keynote Speaker at Northampton General Hospital

08/12/16 University of West of England Pledge to Make a Difference

12/12/16 St Giles Hospice Pledge to Make a Difference

14/12/16 Stirling University Nursing Students Pledge to Make a Difference

16/12/16 #UCLAN 3rd Year Nursing Students add pledges

November 2016

02/11/16 Glasgow Caledonian Nursing #Pledge to Make a difference

04/11/16 Musgrove Park – Turning Pledges into Actions

09/11/16 Northumbria NHS Trust add Pledges

November 2016 Practice Nurses at GCU add Personal Pledges

11/11/16 University Hospital Bristol Pledge to Make a Difference

16/11/16 Carewatch Motherwell Pledge To Make a Difference

23/11/16 Association for Prescriber`s Delegates Pledge

25/11/16 Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Pledge to Make a Difference

30/11/16 Dementia Ambassadors across Scotland add Pledges

October 2016

03/10/16  DCV team travels to RGU #makingadifference

05/10/16  Making a difference at Bromley Healthcare

10/10/16  Glasgow Clyde College Pledge to Make a Difference

11/10/16 NHS NSS  Local Intelligence Support Team 

12/10/16 SEPT dietitians pledging to make a difference

13/10/16 NHS Northern Training Advisory Group Pledge to Make a Difference

15/10/16 African & Caribbean Community Nurses pledge to make a difference

18/10/16 South East Trust Northern Ireland Pledge to Make a Difference

25/10/16 West Sussex NHS Trust Pledge

September 2016

05/09/16 Katharine House Hospice Pledge to Make a Difference

13/09/16 Belfast General ward collaborative pledge to make a difference

14/09/16 Nursing Students UWS Hamilton Pledge to Make a Difference

16/09/16 University West Scotland Ayr Nursing Students Pledge to Make a Difference

20/09/16 Admiral Nurses Pledge to Make a Difference

21/09 16  Northern Trust (NHSCT) Northern Ireland, for Social Workers, make a difference

23/09/16 Recognising the Carers Conference

27/09/16  Kings College London Nursing Students add personal pledges

August 2016

30/08/16 Lanarkshire Care Homes pledge to make a difference

July 2016

05/07/16  Wishaw General Hospital Launch Pledge Hearts

11/07/16  Deputy Chief Medical Officer pledges to make a difference!

18/07/16  NHS Ayrshire & Arran pledge to make a difference

22/07/16  Lancashire Pledge to Make a Difference!

25/07/16  Ashford & St Peters Pledges and New Dementia Bays

June 2016

22/06/16  Project Engagement Lead gives keynote speech at #RCN16 Congress

14/15/06/16  DCV attends NHS Conference

01/06/16  DCV celebrate #DAW2016 at Hairmyres

May 2016

04/05/16 Lincoln ULH NHS and LPFT Trusts pledge from the Heart  

06/05/16 Care Watch launch inspiring pledge tree

12/05/16 DCV celebrates #Ind16 at Salford

19/05/16 Bolton NHS Fountaion Trust raise awareness of DCV

19/05/16  North Devon Pledge to Make a Difference

April 2016

08/04/16 Chapel house and University of Chester Pledge to make a difference

06/04/16 Celebrating 353 pledges with Manchester University

14/04/16 Cumbria pledges to make a difference

25/04/16 DCV attends Gateshead Dementia Conference

15-29/04/16 Busy few weeks for Dementia Carer Voices #Scotland #Tour

28/04/16 West College Paisley Students Pledge to Make a Difference!

March 2016

09/03/16 Hairmyers Hospital create their own pledge tree!

11/03/16 West Hertfordshire Hospitals pledge to make a difference!

14/03/16 Cornwall Pledges to make a difference!

16/03/16  Leadership Academy pledge to make a difference!

22/03/16 Bolton pledges to make a difference!

24/03/16 Hampshire Hospital Trust pledges!

31/03/16 184 pledges from University of Central Lancashire

February 2016

03/02/16  Making a Difference at CSH Surrey

05/02/16  Ashford & St Peters Hospitals Pledge to Make a Difference!

08/02/16 Stobhill Care Home launch pledge trees

10/02/16  University of Cumbria Pledge to Make a Difference!

19/02/16 DCV attends Care Makers Event

22/02/16  Papworth Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference!

Anam Cara unveil permanent pledges

January 2016

Pledges from January 2016!

19/01/16 Musgrove Park Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

08+12/01/16  First pledges of 2016 come from Uclan and Shropshire

December 2015

07/12/15 Nottingham pledge to make a difference!

08/12/15 DCV Visits West Lothian College

09/12/15 NHS Forth Valley pledge to Make a Difference

14/12/15 Bolton NHS Foundation Trust pledges to make a difference!

16/12/15 NHS Leadership Academy pledge to make a difference

21/12/15 DCV ends 2015 at New Lanarkshire College

November 2015

02/11/15 Pledges Fife – Durham – Shrewsbury #Nov #Tour

NHS Fife pledge to Make a Difference 

3+11/11/15 Moray Council Pledge to Make a Difference!

10/11/15 Moray College students pledge to #makeadifference

25/11/15 NELFT NHS Foundation Trust Add Personal Pledges

27/11/15 Oxleas NHS Trust Care Support Workers Pledge to Make a Difference

October 2015

05/10/15 Huddersfield Uni Students Pledge to Make a Difference

07/10/15 NHS Grampian AHPs add pledges to make a difference

09/10/15 GCU Health and Social Care Students make a pledge to make a difference

10/10/15 Dementia Friends Session – Lancaster University March 2015

16/10/15 Day 4 UWS Tour, Dumfries

23/10/15 Carer’s Journey – pledges by health and care professionals and students

26/10/15 Stirling University make their pledges to make a difference!

September 2015

07/09/15 DCV first stop of the week, South Tyneside District General Hospital

08/09/15 From Glasgow to Fife #makingadifference

01/09/15 A heartfelt thank you to University of Central Lancashire

16/09/15 University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Making a Difference

17/09/15 Day 1 of UWS Tour, Paisley

18/09/15 Day 2 of UWS Tour, Ayr

21 and 22/09/15 Sunshine House Wigan & National Bereavement Conference make their pledges

24/09/15 Day 3 UWS Tour, Hamilton

29/09/15 #EGA Cohort 1:1 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme, pledge to make a difference

August 2015

04/08/15 East Ren make pledges to make a difference

12/08/15 Anam Cara Pledge to Make a Difference!

July 2015

09/07/15 Pledges of the week #CountyDurham #Online

22/07/15 Canterbury make their pledges

28/07/15 DCV return to Hertfordshire #pledges #makeadifference

June 2015

02/06/15 Hinchingbrooke Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

04/06/15 Essex and Broomfields Hosptial Pledge to #Makeadifference

08/06/15 Future-Focused Finance #Valuemakers #Pledges #Carersweek

09/06/15 University Nottingham Hospitals NHS Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

15/06/15 University of Bedfordshire pledge to DCV #ICare Conference

19/06/15 Oxleas NHS Trust pledge to make a difference!

May 2015

07.05.15 Abbotsford Nursing Home, Ardrossan

14.05.15 Hertfordshire International Nurses Day Conference

18.05.15 Dementia Awareness Week #England #Pledges

April 2015

08.04.15 Pledges from Care Inspectorate events Shetlands and Inverness

08.04.15 Tommy and Irene speak to GCU #livedexperience #rights

14.04.15 #Bridlington #Hull #Grimsby #HICA 14th April 2015

16.04.15 Embedding Compassion in Practice, New life Centre Sleaford Lincolnshire

24.04.15 Two talks County Durham #pledge #makingadifference

29.04.15 Care Home Staff, Fife Council #pledges #feedback

March 2015

02.03.15 New Lanarkshire College – Cumbernauld

05/06.03.15 Pledges #SSSC #EPIC #QMU

10.03.15 Seabank Care Home make their pledges

11.03.15 NHS Change Day – 127 Pledges!

12.03.15 The inspiring Rachel Johnston #Abertay

25.03.15 Curriculum Development working group – Edinburgh Napier University make their pledge

25.03.15 GCU Mental Health Students

25.03.15 #DCV speaks to Social Work Students

26.03.15 Student Nurses, University of Stirling Highland Campus #pledges

27.03.15 Dementia Carer Voices visits West College, Scotland #pledge

31.03.15 Dementia Champions Conference #UWS Hamilton

February 2015

07.02.14 Open University Students

17.02.15 University Hospital, Coventry

23.02.15 King George Hospital add a pledge tree 

24.02.15 The of Future Mental Health Nursing Conference

January 2015

05.01.15 Ipswich Hospital make their pledges

09.01.15 First pledges of the week 2015

26/27.01.15 Warrington Borough Council


December 2014

Pledges of the week

02.12.14 NHSGGC Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative Learn and Share Local Event

02.12.14 Promoting Excellence: Shifting the Paradigm in Dementia Care and Support – Driving Innovation in Education

16.12.14 Pledges of the week – Featuring @ALLIANCEScot @CarersTrust @SunderlandRoyal

15/16.12.14 Norfolk and Suffolk

18.12.14 Care Inspectorate Support You Can Make a Difference


November 2014

03.11.14 Online pledges

07.11.14 Burton Hospital

13.11.14  Pledges of the week

17.11.14 University of Glasgow – School of Nursing

21.11.14 Lister Hospital –  Nursing Students

24.11.14 The Retreat York

October 2014

13.10.14 More Pledges

7-9.10.14  Parliament Exhibition, MSP Pledges

15.10.14 University of Abertay 

20.10.14 Birmingham City Hospital

20.10.14 Heartlands Hospital Birmingham

22.10.14 Julie Sheen Guest post with pledges from The University of Chester 

23.10.14 Dundee University

24.10.14 Warrington Social Work (2 talks)

27-30.10.14 NHS Highland Tour

September 2014

01.09.14  Teesside University

09.09.14 Belford Hospital 

10.09.14 Dementia Friends/We can make a difference session

16.09.14 Glasgow University Staff Development Day

17.09.14 Warwick University

18.09.14 Dementia Champions Forum Burton Hospital

19.09.14 University of the West of Scotland – Ayr Campus

30.09.14 Thank you for your pledges!

August 2014

07.08.14  Occupational Therapy Team in South Ayrshire

19.08.14 ALISS Programme Team @ALLIANCE

26.08.14 Care Staff at North Ayrshire Council

29.08.14  Crossreach Dementia Ambassador Awards

July 2014

11.07.14 NHS Ayrshire and Arran

15.07.14 Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital

31.07.14 Warrington and Halton Hospital

July Online pledges

June 2014

3/4.06.14 NHS Conference

06.06.14 Alzheimer Scotland Conference

09.06.14 Equal Partners in Care

18.06.14  Carers Week 2014 pledges

19.06.14 Care Inspectorate Pledges

19.06.14  Birmingham tour pledges

 19.06.14 Salford University Pledges

26.06.14 Community Nursing – School of Nurses NHSGG&C

27.06.14 BCDA Birmingham

May 2014 

01.05.14 Sunshine House – Wigan

14.05.14 Scottish Practice Nurse Association Conference 

20.05.14 University of Abertay – 3rd Year Nursing Students

27/28.05.14 Person-Centred Health & Care Collaborative Learning Session 4 at the SECC

April 2014

04.04.14 James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

(08 -10).04.14 NHS Dumfries & Galloway 

11.04.14 Glasgow City Council

11.04.14 2nd Year Mental Health Students @GCU

25.04.14 Online pledges for April 2014

March 2014

07.03.14 Queen Margaret University

19.03.14 Glasgow Caledonian University

28.03.14 Collection of online pledges

28.03.14 ALLIANCE Link Worker Programme Team

February 2014

06.02.14 University of Abertay

13.02.14 University of Edinburgh

13.02.14 Glasgow Kelvin College

13.02.14 Collection of online pledges

13.02.14 Collection of online pledges(2)

13.02.14 Abertay University

17.02.14 Royal College of Nursing Scotland – Lothian Branch

19.02.14 NHS Fife

20.02.14 University of Edinburgh – MSc Integrated Service Improvement Students

21.02.14 Collection of online pledges

26.02.14 NHS Grampian – Day 1 

27.02.14 NHS Grampian – Day 2

28.02.14 NHS Grampian – Day 3

28.02.14 ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ Feedback from Dementia Carer Voices visit to NHS Grampian

28.02.14 Collection of online pledges

January 2014

We began the campaign by asking “What does caring mean to you?”

20.01.2014 Letters, Life and Love Stories













32 comments on “Pledges
  1. Tracy donaldson says:

    My pledge…never walk away thinking I could…stop and do what ever that is needed. Help listen, costs nothing but is invaluable

  2. […] have been so lucky to meet and receive so many pledges from people across Tayside and the passion and desire to make a difference has been so inspiring […]

  3. Diane Berrie says:

    I pledge to be the listening ear to both the individual and carers, also the soft touch reassuring smile (someone cares) and pass relevant information to those I come into contact with- each and everyone of us has a battle in life. Diane x

  4. […] feel very honoured as part of our ‘You Can Make a Difference’ Campaign and tour across the country to spend most days speaking to staff in hospitals, hospices and […]

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