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Thank you very much for your interest in getting involved with the Dementia Carer Voices project. There are a number of ways you can do so, detailed below.

Project Information Booklet  1

You can now learn more about the project and download the full 6 page booklet here.

Make a pledge   pledge

The team have been encouraging people to make a pledge; a promise to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia, their families and their carers. Please email your pledge to

Tweet us!  twitter

Follow us on twitter and tell us your thoughts @DementiaCarerVo

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Like our Facebook page and keep updated with news, events and information.

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The Dementia Carer Voices August 2017 Newsletter is now out!

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, please subscribe to our mailing list by sending us an email here.

YouTube  untitled

Take a look at the Dementia Carer Voices YouTube channel and keep up to date with the latest films and interviews.

Events  calendar

Please find below a list of upcoming talks for this year. If you would like to attend one of the talks, please get in touch using the contact form below.


  • 25.08.17 Educational Seminar at Loretto Care – Training and SVQ Teams
  • 30.08.17 2 Educational Seminars at Stornoway Hospital
  • 31.08.17 3 Educational Seminars Aberdeen Jarvis Court Care Home


  • 01.09.17 Educational Seminar Student Led Conference Middleburgh University
  • 05.09.17 Educational Seminar Stirling University
  • 06.09.17 Educational Seminar RCN Glasgow Education Day
  • 12.09.17 Educational Seminar RCN Nottingham
  • 13.09.17 Educational Seminar Patient and Client Council of Northern Ireland
  • 14.09.17 Educational Seminar Bristol NHS Trust
  • 15.09.17 2 Educational Seminars UWS Ayr
  • 17.09.17 Educational Seminar RCN Halifax
  • 19.09.17 Partnership tour and Educational Seminars across Jersey
  • 26.09.17 Educational Seminar RCN Learning, Disability and Nursing Conference in Belfast
  • 27.09.17 Educational Seminar UWS Hamilton
  • 28.09.17 Educational Seminar London City College
  • 29.09.17 2 Educational Seminars Claremont Care Home, Ayr
  • 30.09.17 Carers event in Glasgow – DCV Stand


  • 03.10.17 Educational Seminar York Nursing Conference
  • 04.10.17 Educational Seminar Glasgow City College
  • 05.10.17 Educational Seminar Derbyshire NHS Trust
  • 06.10.17 Educational Seminar UWS Paisley with CNO Scotland
  • 12.10.17 Educational Seminar National End of Life Care Conference
  • 13.10.17 Educational Seminar RCN Eastern Region (AM)
  • 13.10.17 Educational Seminar RCN Milton Keynes (PM)
  • 17.10.17 2 Educational Seminars Napier University
  • 18.10.17 Educational Seminar Carers Consultation Conference at Strathclyde Park
  • 19.10.17 Educational Seminar Care Quality Commission Annual Conference
  • 26.10.17 Educational Seminar Healthwatch Hartley Poole
  • 27.1017 Educational Seminar NHS GCC
  • 30.1017 Educational Seminar NHS GCC



Have you attended one of the Make a Difference talks? Let us know what you think! We’ve gathered some of our latest feedback but would love to hear your thoughts on the project, the campaign or the talks. Please let us know by using the contact form below.


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  1. […] friends. We would therefore like to ask you to share this campaign, to encourage people you know to get involved and make a pledge to make a difference in the lives of people who have dementia, their families […]

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