Haematology Association Ireland Nurses & AHPs Pledge

Massive thanks to Ruth Thompson @Ruth_thompson1, Partnership Manager for Macmillan Cancer Support in Northern Ireland and Sinead Cassidy, Conference Secretariat for the Irish Association for Cancer Research for inviting Tommy to speak at the Haematology Association of Ireland Nurses and AHPs Annual meeting in Belfast on 14 October.

Ruth heard Tommy speaking earlier this year at the Northern Ireland Nurses, Midwifery and Care Staff Annual Conference and invited Tommy to speak at this years annual Haematology Conference.

Thank you to all for the great opportunity and the kindness.  A few of the delegates handed Tommy wonderful pledges on the day that you can read below.

Thank you

Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to remember the emotional impact I felt on hearing Tommy speak and to convert that emotion into actions and communication to constantly improve the experience to every patient I meet. From providing a blanket, warm toast or any other treatment.
Samantha Sloan – Haematology Nurse Practitioner, Belfast City Hospital


I pledge to ask patients what matters to them and who matters to them.
Rachel Fox – Haematology Nurse


I pledge to as my dad`s main carer, to ask him every day “what matters to you today, day?”.


I pledge to be the difference and the be difference well.
Helen Manson – Haematology Sister


I pledge to listen, to hear, to act. 
Edel Coulter – Sin BCH


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