City of Glasgow College Pledge to Make a Difference

4 October saw UK Lead, Tommy Whitelaw, joined by ALLIANCE Director, Irene Oldfather visit City of Glasgow College.  The session was the chance to raise awareness on the Charter of Rights for People with Dementia and their Carers, the caring experience and the Dementia Carer Voices Project.

Thanks to Vanessa Telfer, Senior Lecturer, for arranging the visit and for looking after Tommy and Irene on the day.

We would like to thank the students that made pledges and you can read them below.

If you would like to make a pledge you can do so by emailing


I pledge to treat each of my clients as individuals and learn their own stories to help me bring a person care experience to them.
Liz Mullen – Support worker/student


I pledge to be the best friend (carer) today tomorrow and forever. As a carer I am your friend not someone who works for you. Let’s smile today tomorrow and forever.
Robyn-Anne Blackburn – Full time health and social care student


My pledge is to give hope and love that they desire and make them feel like they were today and forever.
Agnes Ngolo – Bupa Care Assistant


I will try my best to be a voice for people with dementia. I will also try my best to help carers. To do as many little things as possible simply asking if someone is okay.
Dylan Duff – Student City of Glasgow College


I pledge to get to know those in the future care that and now I will partake in. To keep their stories and spirits alive in my memory for as long as I am able. I also pledge to do that little bit to make people smile.

I pledge to continue to care for people living with dementia to achieve quality like as a good carer.
Adeola Raqas – Carer


I pledge to challenge when other colleagues use inappropriate language around people with dementia. I pledge to educate and listen.
Paula Fleming – Carer/Renfrewshire Council


I pledge to not give up on people who may have given up on themselves.

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