RCN Learning Disability Nursing Network Conference Delegate Pledges

It was a pleasure to be invited to RCN Learning Disability Nursing Network Conference ‘Celebrating Excellence in Person Centred Care in Learning Disability Nursing’ in Northern Ireland.  UK Lead, Tommy, spoke about the project, pledges and his caring experience.

Members of the committee heard Tommy speaking at the RCN Congress in Glasgow and extended an invite to their Northern Ireland Conference.

A massive thanks to Wendy McGregor, Rhona Brenan, Rosaleen Kelly and Anna-Marie Boyd from the RCN Learning Disability Network for arranging the day and all who attended.

It is with pride that we display the pledges made on the day below.

Thanks Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to try my best to do the best I can for the young people and the families I care for.
Julie Ritchie – Community Nurse Learning Disability


I pledge to ask clients and families what is important to you? Who is important to you?


I pledge to listen to what matters and encourage my colleagues to do the same – See the person – Not the task.
Nicole McLay – SIN


My father has dementia – I pledge to devote my home life to making my parents life worth living. To be an advocate for each individual promoting a person-centred approach.
Paula Wallace – Staff Nurse/Day Care Worker


I pledge to listen and respond to what matters to the person.
Lorraine Claire – Community Nurse Manager.


I will praise and support families each time I meet them and tell them they are doing a brilliant job.
Sarah M Cann – Epilepsy Nurse Specialist


I pledge to try really hard to not get disheartened by my job.


I pledge to listen more and ask what matters to the individual.
Isabel Kidd – Learning Disability Day Care Lead


I pledge to continue to provide a high level of care and support to the children and families within my care. Ashley Napier – Staff Nurse, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust


I pledge to smile every day.
Jenny Gibson – Community Learning Disability Nurse


I pledge to make a difference in people’s lives.
Rhona Brennan – RCN Deputy Lead


I pledge to always find out what matters and who matters to people I work beside and care for.
Wendy McGregor – RCN Lead Learning Disability Nursing


I pledge to always see the human and never lose sign of that. Always try to connect to the human within.
Brenda O`Neil – Learning Disability Nurse


I pledge to ensure that people know, that who and what matters to them matters to me.
Ailish McMeel – Glasgow Trained


I pledge to continue to advocate for persons with an intellectual disability to have the right person in the right place at the right time.
Ailish Byrne – RNID


My pledge is to try to talk in your shoes.
I pledge to make a difference. Asking permission. Ask how do you feel about….


Ensuring nursing students and others understand how they are valued in a love story. The standard you walk past is the standard you promote. It’s so important nurses challenge standards.
Jan McKnight – Practice Education Facilitator


I pledge to listen to the voice of the children with learning disability that I work with and find out what matters to them.
Rachel Cunningham – CNLD


My pledge is not to focus on what I can`t do because of time and resources but what I can do which will cost me nothing but had the power to help change or improve someone’s life.


I pledge to listen to the stories people have to tell.
Susan Maxwell – Senior Learning Disability Nurse.


I pledge to ask about the person when named workers request care packages for me to approve.
Rosie Elliot – MDT Manager


I pledge to take time to listen to what matters to you.
Barbara Tato – CNLD Team


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