Bristol Dementia Wellbeing services add Pledges

Big thanks to Paul Knocker Service Manager, Nikki Hobbs Clinical Services Manager, Virginia Willd and Stephen Collings from Bristol Dementia Wellbeing services for inviting Tommy to speak at a Staff Development day at The Vassals Centre.


It was great to meet the 45 staff in attendance.  The wellbeing service is made up with NHS staff and Alzheimer’s Society staff in the quite unique commissioned service partnership.

A massive thanks to all for the great kindness on the day and Paul for looking after Tommy so well from arrival to departure.

The day was  a great chance to share our #makeadifference campaign as well as the Framework for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff.  This showed how pledges can be supported and connected by the Framework.

You can read more on the framework along with some  wonderful pledges staff handed to Tommy on the day.

Thank you from all the team at #DCV to all for a truly inspirational day.

I pledge to continue to try and see the ‘person’ in the people I care for and support. I pledge to care for my own patients in the loving way that Tommy did.


My pledge is to always ask ‘What Matters to you?’ of all the patients I see.


I pledge patients empathy and to always keep the person I care for at the heart of everything I do.


I will always strive towards providing the best possible care for both people with dementia and families/friends. I will always be a spokesperson for people when they are unable to speak/defend themselves.
Sally Rice, Dementia Support Manager, Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service


I pledge to ensure people with dementia continue doing the things they love.


I pledge to never take for granted the privilege I have of walking alongside such wonderful people, listening to their stories and learning about their lives as they walk their journey of dementia.
Faye Turner, Dementia Practitioner, Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service


I pledge to keep adding to ‘What matters to me’ section of wellbeing plan.
Rachael Linley-Shaw, Dementia Navigator


I pledge to work for a world without dementia.


My pledge is to treat each person as an individual with dignity and respect.
Cydney Ramsey, Dementia Navigator, Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service


To listen!
Sam Shorland, Dementia Navigator, DWS


I pledge to continue enjoying being with my patients, listening to them, supporting them, advocating for them, laughing with them.


I pledge to get to know the people who don’t work in my hub and new members of staff better.
Sarah Porter, Dementia Navigator


I pledge to continue to highlight and focus on positive aspects of people’s lives and help empower them to enjoy what they can.
Katharine Wall, Dementia Navigator, Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service

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