RCN East Midlands Regional Dementia Conference Delegates Pledge to Make a Difference

Many thanks to Marva Duncan, Lisa Devlin and colleagues from the RCN East Midlands Region for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at the East Midlands Regional Dementia Conference on dementia care for nurses and health care assistants in the East Midlands  hosted by the Nottingham branch of the Royal College of Nursing.


Marva had heard Tommy speak before at the RCN Congress in Glasgow back in 2016 and personally pledged to bring him to Nottingham one day.

The event was opened by RCN President Cecilia Anim with sessions from senior clinicians on their professional and personal experiences of caring for people living with dementia and developing good practice in dementia care.


The day  was a great opportunity for people from across the region to come together and learn from and support each other

This was also an opportunity to share our #makeadifference campaign as well as the Framework for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff and encourages how pledges can be supported and connected by the Framework.

You can read more on the framework along with pledges given to Tommy on the day below.

Thank you from all the team at #DCV to all for a truly inspirational day.

I pledge that daily I am frustrated with the social care system and length of time a person is in acute care hospital.  I will stop. Think that I will make the person feel happy and informed.  Including their family.  This is their journey and if I am feeling frustrated.  What are they feeling.
Rachel Savelby – Ward Sister NUH.


I pledge to listen to carers and patients learn about the person whom I am caring about and continue to do so.
Teresa Whittlem – BMI Senior Reg Nurse.


I pledge to not be scared of patients that have dementia.  To step forward not back.
Victoria Spires – Student at University of Nottingham (2nd year)


I will support person centred care and be more aware of the challenges a person living with dementia and their carer faces.


I pledge to ask, listen and do.


I will break the “rules”/routine on the ward when it will make a person’s experience better.  Know that we are all the same, I will still see you as you.
Dejezzica Dunphy – Trainee Nursing Associate.  NUH QMC.


My pledge is to take time to listen to what matters to my patients and their cares, friends and family.


I pledge myself to continue caring people with dementia with compassion and dignity.  Have golden time to people to make a difference.
Cherry Portal – RCN.


I pledge to change my ward to being more dementia friendly.
Carol Hatton – Healthcare Assistant Kingsmill Hospital Ward 12.


I pledge to ask what matters.


I pledge to tell people about Tommy`s campaign.  Get to know my patients more.  Encourage “tress”.
Julie Brownbill – CPF DCHS


I pledge to look beyond the dementia diagnosis, care for the person and their cares to the best of my ability – at home, symptom free and with dignity.
Sally Slaney – Community Staff Nurse.


My pledge is to always ask what matters to you? And who matters to you?
Claire Yadgari – Learning Disability Nurse.


I will try to spend the amount of time with patients and their cares that they need me for at that moment.
Debra Gregory – Macmillan CNS John Taylor Hospice.


I pledge to have a better understanding about dementia.
Maire Coley – Clinical Support Worker NUH NHS Trust.


I pledge asking question what matters to you to both the person and their cares.


I pledge sometimes a name is forgotten (by themselves) but I will always ask “what matters to you at the moment” then listen to the answer with attention.
Kathleen Whitley – Staff Nurse.


I pledge like to spread the word “the love stories” tell other colleagues, to have you come and speak.  Especially nursing students.  Inspiring would like to be a dementia champion and sign up with Alzheimer Society.
Maria Timmins – Team Leader Care home Nipton.


My pledge is to ask what my name is what do you like to be called and what matters.


I pledge to read more about dementia care/ experience in order to be ready to support the families of dementia patients who are admitted to hospital.
Dorothy Amito – Agency Nurse.


My pledge is to remember dementia is a diagnosis not a person.
Amanda Torn – RGN ULHT Grantham.


I pledge to support my friend whose mother has dementia.
Moria Thomas – Staff Nurse.


I pledge to spend more time talking to carers and always refer to patients by their names, not their bed number.


I pledge to ensure that my nan keeps her dignity by talking to her about what she wants us to do as a family, what matters to her.
Rachel Baxter – Carer for my nan who has dementia.


I pledge to be the professional who make a positive contribution to each families’ journey through dementia.
Kate Evans – Dementia Project Worker Leicestershire Partnership Trust.


I pledge to support carers and families who care for people with dementia.  To always treat a person with dementia with dignity.  To remember that once had a truly fulfilled life.
Kay Hayton – NHFT Isebrook Community Hospital Staff Nurse.


I pledge to increase awareness of carer rights within Leicestershire and offer them support from my own personal experience.


I pledge to support more junior members of staff to be there and support people with dementia and their families/carers.
Sarah Merrill – RGN / Primary Care Co-ordinator LPT AND UHL.


I pledge to make time throughout my nurse training and offer to find out what is important to the individual and their family/carer
Donna Kirk – Student Nurse Uni Lincoln.


I pledge to learn something about my patients that I did not know previously to help me know them as a person.
Sandeep Hingley – Student Nurse.


I pledge to keep patients at the centre of the care they receive and try to make sure they have what is important to them.

I pledge to care for anyone regardless depressed and abuse of alcohol – Invite Tom to speak to others in need.
Florence B.K. Mwando – RGN/Lecturer/Practitioner (Retired).


I pledge to learn more about dementia and treat people as people not as a patient with dementia and find out what matters to them.
Trevor Mitchell – HCSN St Barnabas Hospice.


I pledge to continue to take time to tell cares that they are not alone and they are important.  Continue to hug.
Gill Parkes – Staff Nurse LCHS


I pledge to continually challenge people who talk about “dementia patients” dementia is part of that persons life now but there is so much more to that person and I want to know more about their love story.
Fiona McCandless-Sugg – Specialist Dementia Nurse.


I pledge to not walk past care that does not meet a stander I would accept for myself or my loved ones.
James Betterridge-Sorbey – CHP.


I pledge to examine and promote dementia friendly champions within primary care setting.
Stephen Betterridge-Sorbey – Senior Clinical Quality and Patient Safety Manager.


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