Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership Staff Pledges

Some mid-week pledges for you folks!

Tommy has the great privilege to be invited to share the project to Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership staff at Bennachie View, Inverurie, on 31 August.

Gillian McDonald heard Tommy speak before and was keen for colleagues across the partnership to hear him and arranged the 3 talks.

We have a few thank yous, firstly, to Gillian, Kim Anderson and colleagues from the partnership for inviting DCV to showcase make a difference.

A massive thanks to Leanne Bruce, who saved the day with a replacement laptop and everyone that attended.  A few of the staff handed pledges to Tommy on the day you can read them below.

Team DCV 🙂


My pledge is to care for those who can`t care for themselves – to be their voice.
Heather Pine – Assistant Coordinator, Jarvis Court


I pledge when I assess people with dementia in CARNHILL Hospital I read their medical history and if available their life story book first. I will make time to always read their life story before going to their bedside.
Rachel Paterson – Speech and Language Therapist, NHS Grampian


I pledge to create a what matters to me tree in the care home. To banish the word “challenging” from our home. To strive to always see the story.
Liane Bruce – Care Home Manager


I pledge to listen to the tenants I work with. To also make time for carers who need to talk. Always be there when I can for anyone who needs me.


I feel I do my best to listen to “stories” however I pledge to make an effort to always ask “what matters to you”


I pledge to remember to tell carers I meet through work that they are doing a great job caring for their loved one.
Leah Harkness – Speech Therapist, NHS Grampian


I pledge to try my very best to help and make a difference in each individuals life I meet. To always listen and learn about them.
Justine Elizabeth McLachlan – Care and Support Worker


I pledge to help make a difference to the people I care for, and the people who are a part of my life. I pledge to try and make 1 person smile each day.
Karrie Henderson – Assistant Coordinator


I pledge to listen “what matters to you” to all I care for and know what is important for them.
Gillian McDonald – Very Sheltered Housing Co-ordinator


I pledge to listen to the love and life story of those whose home I work within.
Kim Anderson – Aberdeenshire Council


My pledge is to ask a resident each day how can I make your day.


I pledge to make sure everyone feels important. To ensure they know their life matters. To help be their voice and to tell their stories.
Ishbel Hudson – Staff Nurse


I pledge to spend more time listening.
Brenda Andrgn – Aberdeenshire Council


I pledge to be patient and understanding.


I pledge to continue, not only caring but understanding each individual love story.
Tracey Goodall – Social Care Officer


My pledge is to hear my clients, not just their voice, but facial expression and body language too.
Linda Harbert – Aberdeenshire Council


I pledge to ensure that I spend more time listening to and hearing the voice of the person with dementia, as well as their families to provide the support that work for them.
Sara Dickinson – Local Area Coordinator/Care Management


I pledge to carry on listening and supporting clients with dementia.
Linda Kerr – Local Area Coordinator


Mu pledge in my professional and private life listen to the love stories.
Barbara Anderson – Care Manager


My pledge is to remind myself daily that I came into caring sector to make lives better and feel rewarded in my role.


My pledge is to continue to support and listen to the people I care for and for anyone else that comes into my life from now until the end.
Claire Keys – Care and Support Worker


I pledge to listen to everyone’s story and to be more understanding.
Gillian Geddes – Domestic Assistant


I pledge to understand what they person is thinking and show kindness, love and to listen to what they have to tell you about their life and what matters to them.
Dorothy Thomson – Domestic Bennchie View


I pledge to make a difference, large or small to the lives of those living with dementia and to the lives of those caring for their loved ones.
Jackie Thompson – Social Care Assessor


My pledge will be to encourage and embrace innovative practice in the field of self-directed support for people with dementia.
Ishbel M.MacDonald – CNES


I pledge I will make sure that I look after peoples “love stories” by keeping them at the centre of their care.  Karen Mackenzie – Speech and Language Therapist


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