DCV invited to join GFT Movie Memories Steering Group

Dementia Carer Voices Director Irene Oldfather and UK Project Lead, Tommy Whitelaw have been invited to join the  GFT Movie Memories Steering Group.

Thanks to Jodie Wilkinson, Public Engagement Coordinator for the invitation.  The first meeting will take place in October and meet 3 times a year there after.

You can find some more information below about the launch of the Movie Memories programme.

In September 2016, Glasgow Film Theatre, in partnership with the Dundasvale Community Involvement Group, held a Movie Memories Event at Dundasvale Residents Hall. With a focus on accessibility and bringing people together, a pop-up screening of the Gene Kelly classic was held, complete with a movie memories handling kit, kindly loaned from Glasgow Museums.

Following on from the success of this event, GFT is delighted to announce the award of funding from Life Changes Trust to launch a monthly dementia friendly cinema programme, Movie Memories. The programme is designed especially for people experiencing early to mid stages of dementia, their carers and / or families.

Many people with a diagnosis of dementia fear that they will no longer be socially welcome, and stop taking part in activities they enjoy. The Movie Memories programme looks to address this with inclusive and friendly screenings, dementia friendly venue and dementia aware staff and volunteers. People living with dementia will also play a central role in how the project develops. Movie Memories will present classic and contemporary film screenings alongside a programme of multi-arts entertainment based at GFT, with events planned for select other venues.

The programme aims to reach over 1,700 people living with dementia, as well as their carers and families, so that they can do something together and create meaningful memories.

A steering group will be established to guide the programme and Dementia Ambassadors will play an important role in delivering the project.

The Movie Memories programme will launch with a special screening of the 1949 Ealing classic Whisky Galore! at GFT on Thursday 19 October in partnership with Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival.


GFT: Movie Memories Day at Dundasvale Hall – Singin’ in the rain, 16th September 2016


Thanks once again to Jodie and the team for inviting Dementia Carer Voices onto the group and look forward to meeting in October.


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