Dementia Carer Voices Western Isles Tour Day 6 – back to visit

Thanks to Chris Anne Campbell, Nurse Director at NHS Western Isles, Denise Symington, Patient Focus & Public Involvement and Elizabeth Selby, Dementia Nurse Consultant NHS Western Isles and all the team for inviting Tommy back to speak at two talks at Stornoway Hospital as part of a development and our partnership with Chief Nursing Office Directorate work. #CNOScot

Back in June Tommy toured the Western Isles with Denise and Elizabeth for 5 days.

On 30th August we had another brilliant day with Elizabeth at the two talks and how brilliant to have such a variety of people, who play so many parts across so many roles at the hospital.  It was a great feeling of a wider community at the talks and was another brilliant day of partnership working, meeting people, we hope creating and celebrating making a difference and the growing of pledges on the trees.

We travelled home once again feeling inspired and looking forward to returning this December or early January next year for more talks and meeting more remarkable people who make a difference every day.

Thank you Stornoway and The Western Isles from all the team at DCV.

Further info:
Read our new Dementia Carer Voices publication on the analysis of 6,000 pledges.
Email your pledge or get in touch at






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