Loretto Care to Launch Pledge Trees

Massive thank you to our great friend and supporter of our project David Roxburgh, Training Manager, Heather Clarke, Service Manager and all the team at Loretto Care in Fullerton for inviting Tommy to tour the most wonderful care home, with a difference.  The facility has individual studio flats where they support the recovery of 22 people with alcohol related brain damage.  A big thanks to Ann Marie for the tour, we were truly inspired by the surroundings and people that we met on the day.

Tommy was joined by Sarah Forster, Health and Social Care Academy Manager at the ALLIANCE, who gave an overview of the academy and wider ALLIANCE work.  

Look out for a podcast from one of the previous residents of Loretto Care.

Read our new Dementia Carer Voices publication on the analysis of 6,000 pledges.

We were truly inspired and are very excited to be looking at possibilities to work together in the future with David, Heather and the team, hopefully launching a Loretto Care Home Pledge Tree, turning good intentions into actions .

A few staff members gave Tommy some personal pledges on the day that you can see bellow.

Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to organise and offer as many Learning opportunities and platforms to make staff aware that they can and will make a difference every day. I can do this in my role as training manager.

David Roxburgh – Training Manager Loretto Care


My pledge is to keep learning so I can offer as much help as possible.

Leanne Serminni – Training Support Service


I pledge to treat everyone I work with the same way I’d like myself or my family to be treated, with respect and within judgement.

Katie Stewart – Loretto Care


I pledge to continue to support and care for anyone around me.

Jennifer – Loretto Care


My pledge is to make others feel good by delivering the best care possible and to listen to others a lot more.

Cameron Haigh – Loretto Grangemouth


My pledge is to be the best social carer I can be. To make a difference to people we work for. Take the time to listen and to care, ask what matters to make a difference.

Rachel Crawley – Loretto Health and Wellbeing Assistant TSS



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