Northumbria University Senior Student Nurses Add Pledges

Big thanks to Dr Collette Straughair, Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader, Adult Nursing, Sue Tiplady, Senior Lecturer, Pre-registration Adult Nursing and all the team at Northumbria University – Faculty of Health and Life Sciences for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at the senior student Nursing conference on July 24th.


Tommy had the great honour before to speak at the university a few months back you can read the story and pledges from that day here.


We where so very proud to be invited back to meet and speak with the senior student nurses on their last day at the university before beginning practice

Thank you for the most wonderful day and truly inspiring pledges below.


Read our latest analysis of the over 14,000 pledges we have received over the past three years of running the ‘You Can Make a Difference’ campaign.



To always take the time to ask the patients family if there is anything I can do to help/assist them or if there is anything I can do in general

Raine Bradburn


Remember that everyone is a full person.

Kirsty Gott


I pledge to ensure I care for people based on who they are as a person and what really matters to them.

Cherry McCall


I promise to always see my patients as a person and never a condition.

Amy Coulter


To see the person behind the disease and remember the Joan’s of this world.

Laura Galles



Really listen and find out what is important to the person I am caring for.

Lesley Elliot


To ask what and who matters to my patients and what can I do to make a difference.

Ashleigh Kilty


To always be the nurse who finds out what and who matters.

Emma Anderson


I pledge to care and support people with dementia and their families.

Isabel Wilson


I pledge to see beyond the diagnosis and strive to do my best and make a difference to both the people I care for as well as their carers.


To never forget why I became a nurse. Always remember to get to know about an individual rather than their illness.

Courtney Malone


To have a deeper understanding, awareness and approach to create better experiences for patients, their families and ones surrounding them. Creating trust and making a difference to lives. Be their voice and advocate.

Adele Leslie-Thompson


I pledge to always take the time to listen, to always ask what matters to my patients and to give them the respect and dignity they need, and to always give them as much support as I can and listen with an open mind.

Fiona MacDonald


Is to make my patients the centre of my action.

Anita Nakato


To look after people the way I would want myself or family to be.

Ashleigh Carr


Treat every patient the way I want my nanna to be treated.

Laura Forsyth


To always get to know each and every one of my patients, including who matters and what matters to them.

Kirstie Young


To make a difference a support everyone to the best of my ability.

Lisa Maddison


To take notice of my patient, their family and friends as special individuals.


To never view a patient as their condition and to get to know the person as an individual and be able to care for their needs as an individual.

Shannon Cox


To make each story a positive one despite circumstance. Do everything with love.

Victoria Volpe


To care, get to know the real person and try my best to be patient.

Sophia Lawson


I pledge to treat every patient as an individual, to ensure I care for them in the best possible way with the care and compassion they deserve.

Nicole Kennedy




Listen, process and do. All my service users are people. Let’s not forget that.

Rebecca Scott


Never to forget to look people in the eye and say hello.

Martin Downer


I pledge to never allow a patient to become a condition or number.

Alyson Carrick


I pledge to continue to care for every patient like I would want my family to be cared for.

Seth Plows


I pledge that I will dedicate my life to give my all to patients. I will never forget their story and will continue to treat them as I would expect to be treated myself.

Alex Lawson


To always work with the aim to make a difference and to always achieve what matters to those I work with.

Rebecca Forrest


I pledge to always go that extra mile for my patients and the people they love. To never see my patient for their diagnosis, only the individual they are.

Hannah Mossman


To always take the time to ask each person in my care how they are and listen with an open heart so I can ensure I know what actions I can take to make a difference to their life.

Stephanie McClure


To treat everyone as an individual person and find out about them.

Tracey Shaw


To find out what matters, why it matters and who.

Rachel Turnbull


Ask what matters, and embrace the memories/stories. Seek enjoyment when listening.

Ann-Marie Alexander


To make each day count, make a difference to someone’s life whether it be big or small. Always remember no matter how busy my day of work is, I will always put myself in the shoes of others and give the best care possible/

Stephanie Charlton


I pledge to project my compassion and kindness, while acting as an advocate for my patients and their families to protect the dignity of others.

Kirsty Redford


To provide compassionate care tailored to meet people’s needs and to listen and ask about what matters to them.

Vanessa Matshalasa


To always treat others how I would want myself or family members to be treated. All behaviour is a form of communication. Its my job to understand what a person is trying to tell me from their behaviour and to mirror what they are trying to day to others around them. Being their voice when others are unable to understand.

Scott Anderson


To continue to strive to be the best I can be. To always show compassion and listen.

Hayley Wright


To never forget the difference a small act of kindness makes to someone’s life.

Brogan Tutty


To provide the best quality of care to everyone and make a difference to peoples lives for the better. Make people smile everyday.


To always strive to do my best and more. To continue to be compassionate and caring even in those times that are tough and challenging. To smile, be friendly, to give my all. To be human.

Emma Louise Moan


To treat everyone as an individual and to treat people the way myself, friends and family want to be treated.

Sarah Mawson


To support the patients that are in my care by placing value on their humanity. Make them feel important and heard.

Senzeni Matshazi


Is to ask what matters and never forget my part in someone’s story even if it is just a cameo.


I pledge to always empower my patient to enable them to make informed decisions about their health and social care.

Emily Parr


To always provide a human, listening ear and to strive to find out who needs it most.

Jemma Vevers


To always recognise someone as an individual and treat them as such. Respecting their personhood and making them feel special and beautiful every day.

Ashleigh Price


I pledge to always find out about my patient as an individual, not the condition. So that they never feel like a stranger in a scary place.

Sophie Bell


To ask what matters, listen to what matters and do what matters for my patients and their family, to ensure their last 1000 days are the best they can be.

Jenni Thompson


To understand my patients as people and not an illness and ensure I am aware of what matters to them and their families.

Sarah Wilson


To see the person, learn even just a bit of their story and be brave enough to advocate for them when needed. Be caring, compassionate and courageous.

Rachel Culyer


To treat my patients the way I would expect my family and friends to be treated

Sian Barwick


To always spend extra time reassuring my patients and to learn further about their background.

Annice Dawson


To treat every individual with the dignity and respect they would want. To care and be compassionate to every individual like I would like my family to be cared for.

Sarah Nickelson


I pledge to look past the condition or disease and open my eyes to look at individuals.

Rachel Dawson


Try my best to take time to know my patients needs to provide the care they need

Kiri Foster


To continue to be the best nurse I can be. Keep my patients at the centre of everything I do. Making going the extra mile the normal in my everyday.

Aimee Jenkinson


To always care.

Emma Hankinson


To treat everyone I care for with dignity and respect and get to know my patients even just a little.

Jenny Sykes


I pledge to listen to what matters to people and do what I can to comfort them when they are at their most vulnerable.

Sarah James


I pledge to provide the best possible care for individuals living with dementia. Ensuring to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for both the individual and their families/carers.

Abbie Clark


To always see past the condition and treat everyone as an individual and the way I would want my grandparents to be treated.


To make a positive difference no matter how big or small to every patients life who I care for or come across.

Sasha Hall


To continue to listen and support the patient in regards to their care and how we can meet their needs and plan for the future.

Courtney Gilbert


I pledge to make the time to help feed, chat to and listen to patients life stories even on the busiest days.

Danielle Campion


I will forever strive to maintain the mystery of the live story. Each and everyone of us deserve for our love stories to always remain magical.

Lauren McGregor


I pledge to always see the person behind the condition.

Charlotte Lee


To provide a friendly face, a smile and a hug if needed to anyone I meet – patient, carer or family. To provide the best care to those who need it, supporting those who need it always.

Beth Ann Hilditch


I pledge to enter every episode of care with compassion – to always include every family member at the heart of the care episode and listen and respect the patients needs and wishes to give them the highest quality care they can receive.

Eleanor Markham


To be involved in changing peoples perception of nursing and the NHS.

Alex Hardy


To treat everyone I care for the way I’d like my family and friends to be treated.

Kirstie MacCoy


To be the best nurse I can, impacting on patients and peoples lives daily, continuing to be caring and compassionate.

Heather Farrow


To always value the time I spend caring for individuals and treat everyone as I would like to be treated.

Lauren Littlewood


Is to care for a patient as an individual and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Michaela Hodgson


To ask what matters to my patients, their families and carers and listen. Adapt my care to involve this.

Jessica Sharp


To continue to support and care for people with dementia, by listening to them, talking to their carers and family members.

Lauren Kirkal


I pledge to get to know my patient for who they are and what they are as an individual.

Emma McIlhatton


To always see the person that I am caring for, not just their condition.

Kate Dalton


Remember the person behind the awful disease.

Katie Mackay-Christie


I pledge to always deliver compassionate care ensuring every contact counts and always taking the time to ask ‘what matters to you’ to patients, families and carers.

Rachel Lee


To remember why I became a nurse. To care and love people like Joan and to never give up, no matter how hard life may be. I am a nurse.

Keiley Bell


I pledge to listen and make a real difference to the lives of the people I care for.

Anthony Jordan

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