Salford University Nursing Society add pledges

With great thanks to Ashley Rees, Karen McGuigan and Maeve Lane, 2nd year Adult Nursing Students and fellow students for inviting Tommy to speak at a dementia awareness event at Salford University all arranged by the the Nursing Students Society.

All the students organised the event in their own time and without funding.

The amazing work by all there was demonstrated by the great atmosphere and range of speakers. Tommy was so very proud to be invited.


Tommy was lucky to speak a few years back at the university. You can read the pledges from then here and below the wonderful pledges from the day

The other speakers on the day were:

Lukus Christopher – Salford Nursing Society Chair – who introduced all speakers on the day

Andy Tysoe – Memory Nurse @dementiaboy

Stephen Tanham – Director of -Dealing with the loss of a loved one to dementia & the concept of self.

Dr Richard Talbot – Associate Director, International Conversion/ Senior Lecturer in Performance. Elder Clown Research Performance.

Lesley Calvert – Service user and associate at the Salford Institute for Dementia @InstForDementia

Gail – Associate at the Salford Institute for Dementia & full time carer for her Dad Ron

Margaret – Alzheimer’s Society Speaker

People who donated raffle prizes:

Dementia Flower Inspired Cake donated by Sophie Quinn at Frosting & Sprinkles on instagram as @frostingsprinkles

Cupcakes donated by Hannah Sutcliffe on instagram as @hanbakedcakes

Alzheimer’s Society Cupcakes donated by Emma Bowman

Wilkos Accrington – donated a £20 voucher and bathing products

From the raffle ticket and cupcake sales the students raised £100 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Thank you for for a wonderful day the wonderful pledges.

From all the DCV TEAM

Read our latest analysis of the over 14,000 pledges we have received over the past three years of running the ‘You Can Make a Difference’ campaign.

I pledge to communicate with people not only to listen and talk with them but in connecting with their soul to find out what moves them, what makes them smile and what makes them who they are. As a student nurse it is not just my duty but is my honour to help people at the most vulnerable times of their lives be it a service user, relative or carer.

Ashley Rees, Student nurse


I pledge to support families and people affected by dementia to further my knowledge and make sure that I have done everything I can to ensure that they are safe.

Hannah, Student Nurse


I pledge to make people comfortable the best I can.

Samantha Robinson, Student nurse at Salford U


I pledge to make sure I give to my patients at the end of their life the compassion I want ate the end of dads’ lives.

Sue N., Future Maria Curie Nurse End of life


I pledge for patients and all the people I encounter in my career/life to support and encourage them to listen to their sorties and treat them with the upmost dignity and respect.

Jacqueline Eyre, Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to keep helping people with a diagnosis of dementia to live well not suffer from dementia. Taking the time to care and listen ensuring they access all the support needed finding out their love story.

Paula Evans, Staff nurse Salford Royal Hospital


I pledge to listen and treat patients and carers with compassion and dignity and respect at all time.

Laura M., Student nurse


I pledge to treat all patient with dementia with the individualized care.


I pledge to give warm hand and loving heart, making sur their experience is happy and fun!



I pledge to care for all with care and competence and compassion, ensuring patients feel safe and comfortable.

Bethany C., Student nurse


I pledge to find out what matters to the individual and their careers.

Claire Willis, Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to spend as much time as I can with those in my care to explore threats to themselves confidence and work to ensure this has not lessened by their discharge from my care.

Kerry Anne Folkard, Student nurse, Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust


I pledge to sure nobody in my care feels like I have not helped them to gain all my patient trust and get them to keep their confidence in me.

Tom H., Student nurse


I pledge to make every effort to treat people with respect and dignity to provide complete person-centred care, to get to know the unique individual they are.

Hayley Jackson, Student nurse


I pledge to treat people as the individuals that they are taking a holistic approach to their care. I pledge to speak to the person, not over the person, involving them in the conversation.



I pledge to employ the standard me walk past in me standard me set into my own work to implement high standards of care into my own practice, to never accept poor or inadequate standards to uphold me dignity of the individuals’ self.

Grace Emily S., Student nurse


I pledge to be the same great, compassionate nurse I was yesterday to be that nurse today and continue to be that nurse for years to come. To care for people the wary I would want to be treated.

Shannon Williams, Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to take the time to gain a better perspective and understanding of the person with dementia to help improve person centred care I provide.

Clare Hughes, Student nurse, University of Salford. 3rd year


I pledge to stop running away from dementia but run towards and educate myself and t hose around me.

Rachel Hodges, Student nurse


I pledge to listen to people with dementia and understand their live story, this will help me to understand the individual care to offer the best possible care.

Stephen Caddy, Student nurse.


I pledge to treat people as unique individuals, compassionate, competent nurse as I can be, to listen to them, advocate, protect and treat them according to their needs and preferences.


I pledge to continue caring for people who path I cross and treated them always with respect and try and give them hope, whilst making them smile if possible.

Jennifer Hobbs, Student nurse BSC mental health cohort Jan. 2017


I pledge to use my knowledge and guidance to dig deep and learn about each person I care for love story, their family and what I can do for them to make them feel safe cared for and loved. I want to make a difference respecting privacy and dignity throughout my nursing career and beyond.

Laura Ollerton, Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to make enough of a difference to my patients and their families that they are glad I had met them that day.

Megan Hughes, Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to treat people I look after as a person, not a diagnosis and listen to their interest and hobbies and what will make them feel more at home.

Vicky H., Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to support people to maintain their dignity, remembering to ask the question it is okay for me to do this, be her, help you.

Nicola George, Student nurse


I pledge to talk to the patients more and find out about their lives.

Anne F., Adult nursing student


I pledge to spend more time using my ears more than my mouth.

Hanna Fitton, Student nurse, University of Salford


I pledge to take the time to listen to the patients and empathise to their needs.

Donna Rice, Student nurse, adult


I pledge to always remember individual needs, to go that extra mile to make a patient smiles, always provide person centred care.

Kelly Frisby, Student nurse, 3rd year



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