Southport Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

Dementia Carer Voices were invited to Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust on 3 July 2017 by the fantastic Sue Johnson, Matron Quality and Performance.  You can follow the Hospital on Twitter at @SONHStrust

UK Engagement Lead, Tommy set off on his travels to deliver to sessions at the Clinical Education Centre, were the hospital launched a pledge tree and pledged to make a difference to the people of Southport.

Tommy shared the work of the project, a personal message from CNO England, Jane Cummings and his caring experience to the nurses, student nurses and matrons of the hospital.

Thanks to each and every one of you who pledged to make a difference.  You can read some of them below.

Thanks Team DCV 🙂





I pledge to always remember who you are!

M.Herod – Southport District General Hospital


I pledge to listen. See and feel with compassion.


I pledge to ask the question what matters to you patients, carers and staff. Build into training and development.


I pledge to promote high standards, led by example and help my staff make a difference.

Ruth Stubbs – Head of Nursing


I pledge to promote to colleagues a better understanding at looking past the diagnosis of dementia and seeing the person underneath.

Clare Hare – HCA Southport Hospital


I pledge to help more staff to understand dementia.

Ines Kappda – Health Care Assistant, Southport Hospital


I pledge to hold more hands and just be here.

Gemma – SOGH


I pledge to empathise with my patients and treat them with respect and dignity that I myself would like to receive.

Harry Healthcare – HCA/Trainee Care Support Worker


I pledge to always support my grandma with her dementia the way she wants me to.


I pledge to make my mum feel, more confident, less confused. To listen to any of her fears and be more patient around her.


I pledge to make time for each individual and find out what and who is important to them and make them feel more at home of their scariest time.

Angela Doolan – HCA/SDGH


I pledge to make a difference and care for people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Miriam Chapman – Nurse


I pledge to take the time to get to know the person and how they like things done if unable to do for themselves. To support and listen to them and their family.

Abbey Fletcher – HCA


I pledge and vow to maintain their identity and life of the person who suffers with dementia. Never allowing the care of the person to be defined by their diagnosis, but to be designed around the person themselves.

Karen Bowen – Student Nurse


I pledge to care for everyone as an individual. With the same love, kindness and care as I would do for my own mum.

Jessica Wylie – Student Nurse


I pledge to care and listen to patients and families for whatever reason.

Carole Barnes – Healthcare Assistant


I pledge to always listen and do the best that I can.

Gill Murphy – Deputy Director Nursing Midwifery


I pledge to treat everyone as an adult not like a child.

Sue Burton – Infection Control Assistant Practitioner


I pledge to stop, listen and do everything I can to make positive changes for the patients and staff that we care for.

Carol Fowler – Assistant Director of Nursing and Midwifery


I pledge to communicate the experience and learning today to my colleagues, spreading awareness.

Gill Leary – Discharge Planning Virgin Care


I pledge to never forget the person behind the condition and strive to continue to make a difference.

Nicola Taylor – Halt Nurse, Southport Hospital


My pledge is to reassure family members that I will care for their loved one as if they were my own family or as they would care for them. I will find out their likes and dislikes and always their name and not their condition.

Kate McCall – Alcohol Specialist Nurse


I pledge to never define a person by their disease.

Hilary McLaren – Ward Manager


I pledge to make the time to get to know our patients better and make it about them.

Abi Hughes and Kate – Physios Critical Care


My pledge is to try and understand the person and not define that person as having “dementia”

Claire Kinsley – Sister


I pledge to learn peoples story and life before the disease.

Hannah Hilton – ISA – SDGH Sister


I pledge to try and listen more to patients and family.

Amanda Stubbs – ISA HCA


I pledge to help patients to share their stories and what is important to them.

Michelle Kitson – Assistant Matron


I pledge to take time to listen and find out “what matters to you” and treat everyone as an individual considering their individual lives and personal preference.


I pledge to listen and to ask and not just do.

Nadine Traynor – Staff Nurse


I pledge to keep people with dementia individualised as is possible. Ensure they remain the person they were before their diagnosis. I pledge to find out who they are and what matters to them. I pledge to adapt my care to cater to their individual needs so they feel as safe as possible in my care.

Emily Taylor Morgan – 3rd Year Student Nurse


I pledge to inspire the people meet professionally and personally to be the very best they can be overcoming obstacles to achieve there’s and other wishes.

Nicky Williams – Assistant Matron Nurse Education


I pledge everyone is someone who deserves kindness and respect.

Sara Gaskill – RGN Outpatients


I pledge to try and stop and remember everyone has a story and want to be seen as a person not a condition – therefore try give a little time and pass on message.

Kara Smith – Practice Education


I pledge to care, listen and always show compassion to my patients. I will always listen to their thoughts and try to find out about their own love story.

Keely Fletcher – Trainee Assistant Practitioner


I pledge to take the time to see the individual, not the diagnosis.

Dani McCabe – Student Nurse


I pledge to do my best to offer dignified person-centred care so that a patient may feel safe, looked after and listened to.

Emmeline McLoughlin – Student Nurse


I pledge to connect with every patient as a personal level to get to know my patients and to allow them to get to know me.

Hannah Worthington – Student Nurse


I pledge to spend time with my patients and listen to their story.

Charlotte Howard – Student Nurse


I pledge to not assume every patient with dementia is challenging before I meet them.

Donna Hadnett – RGN


I pledge to treat everyone as I would my family.

Rebecca Allison – Staff Nurse


I pledge to praise staff for good care and reminder they why they are here and how good it feels to care for others.

Sue Johnson – Matron


I pledge to see the person in their eyes to understand their story and to see them with mine.

Cassandra – Cancer Support Worker


I pledge to offer patience, understanding, caring and support to individuals living with dementia.

Sue Renforth


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