St Clare`s Hospice – pledge to make a difference

Special thanks to Philip Ball, Director of Patient Care for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at St Clare`s Hospice on 7 June 2017.

Tommy has met a Philip a few times over the years at different events and it was great to be invited to speak at the Hospice and meet everyone.

Big Thanks also to Tracey, Giovanna , Emily, all the team and to all who attended the 3 talks over the day.

Thank you for a great day full of kindness, care and the wonderful pledges below.

Team #DCV 🙂

I pledge to remember to use hello my name is, then ask what matters to you today and listen to the answer. Add a new “tree” to workplace.

Philip Ball – Director of Patient Care at St Clare`s Hospice.

I pledge to support my neighbour who is caring for her partner who has a recent dementia diagnosis.

Julia Dale – St Clare`s Hospice.


I pledge to always listen and learn more about everyone who I work with.

Emma Sugarman – Communications Officer – St Clare`s Hospice.


I pledge to never stop caring or loving anyone with dementia.


I pledge to keep remembering why I come to work and to ignore the governments targets. To ask managers to remember this.


I pledge to hold the hand of the carers and their loved ones. To promise them that I will listen to what they would need. Not what works best for me.

Pushja Misty – Volunteer IPU


I will take time to ask my dear friend what matters to her most in caring for her father and how can I help.

Tracey Hammond – Director of Organisational Development.


I pledge to ask about peoples love stories.

Shelley Leigh – Therapy Assistant at St Clare`s Hospice


My pledge is to continue to listen, support and facilitate open, honest communication between people with dementia and their carers and health professionals.

Charlotte Stradler – Speech and Language Therapist.



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