#DAW2017 Western Isles Tour – Day Four

So I  sat down by Stornoway Harbour last night reflecting on a wonderful 3 days so far.

I have witnessed Scotland at its beautiful best the scenery the backgrounds and the people. This western Isles tour has been good for me personally for my heart and my soul.

This morning after a lovely walk around town I headed off to take part in the Alzheimer Scotland Memory March around Stornoway.

I was so proud to be invited say a few words to all who were taking part.


The walk was wonderful with great conversations and for a great cause.

It was so lovely to catch up with an old friend Heather who I met in Glasgow when I first started campaigning and Heather was studying in Glasgow.  Heather has been playing a part in great work including setting up   the ceilidh that takes place for staff and patients who attended yesterday.
A lovely final day in the Western Isles but not our last blog post I will share more thoughts and final thanks tomorrow with a look back at the tour.

I will leave you with a wee photo, playing Balloon Football with Heathers son Noah.

I think this sums up that when we come together we learn together we smile together and bringing people together helps with the loneliness that appears in so many letters that we receive.

And one of the wonderful Lewis pipe band I met on the way back to my hotel.

Thank you,


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