Northern Health and Social Care Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

Big thanks to Mary Neeson, Lead Nurse Surgery and all the teams at Northern Health and Social Care Trust Surgical Directorate Northern Ireland for inviting Tommy to speak at two sessions on 19 May 2017.

Tommy met Mary at the Northern Ireland, Nursing and Midwifery Conference a few months back and was kindly invited to meet the surgical teams at the trust.

The first talk was at Causeway Hospital.

Followed by a second session at a Learning and Development Day at Antrim Civic Centre.

A massive thank you to all for the opportunity and great kindness.

The teams are going to collect pledges and send them on to us to by post.

A few people handed tommy pledges on the day that you can read below.

Thank you from all the team at DCV .



My pledge is to treat people the way I would like my family treated and to listen.

Kellie McEldawney – Dental Nurse


I pledge to take time to listen to peoples queries.

Noleen Scullion – Senior Dental Nurse


I pledge to spend/make time to listening to all my patient and treating them as if they were my own.

Chantelle Catherwood – Staff Nurse, Theatre


I pledge to take time to explain and listen to what’s important for my patient.

Ciera Agnew – Health Care Assistant/ 2nd Year Student Nurse


I pledge to listen more.

Cathy Mooney – OPD MUH


I pledge to give patients a voice through 10,000 voices.  To listen to my patients and what matters to them, to care for them with compassion and understanding to provide feedback to staff to improve quality.

Sarah Arthur – 10,000 voices facilitator


I pledge to try and make more time for the patient.

Beverly Caldwell – Health Care Support


I pledge to be more understanding and try to spend more time listening to my patients.

Bridin Henry – S/N NHSCT


I pledge to be more patient and understanding.

C.Bradley – S/N Theatre


I pledge to be more patient and take more time.



My pledge is to follow up good intentions.  Always aim for better, positive outcomes.  To spend longer time with V, a lady on dialysis with dementia.

Lorraine Stewart – Staff Nurse A.A Hospital



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