Pledges from Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Massive thanks to Gail Naylor, Nursing and Midwifery Director for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTH) and all the wonderful team for inviting Tommy to speak at the trusts Dementia Awareness Conference on 18 May.

Tommy has had the great honour to speak for Gail before and are friends in person and on twitter.

We are truly inspired by the people we met on the day, the dedication and desire by all to care for each other.

The trust are really doing some great work, including, for every bed to have a “What Matters To Me” board above every bed in the hospital after Tommy`s session.

Thank you for inviting us along and for creating the pledges trees.  A few people handed Tommy personal pledges that you can read below.

Since Tommy’s visits the staff have made more pledge trees. See these beautiful pledge trees below.


Thank you from all the team at DCV  🙂


I pledge to continue to ensure dementia has a high profile with our trust board so that we can ensure we do our very best for patients, their families and cares every day, every time and all the time. And to invite Tommy back to LTH so more staff can hear his story.

Gail Naylor – Nursing and Midwifery Director


I will aim to visit wards to identify patients who don’t have visitors and offer a visit from me 😊

Lisa Hulme – Divisional Director


I will train my dog `Dexter` to be a PAT dog and giver back to the care home where my mother in low received care when suffering from dementia.

Alison Haughton – Divisional Director Surgery


I pledge to promote the message that kindness is the key to good care.

Catherine Silcock – Divisional Nursing Director


I will insist on kindness always!

Sarah Cullen – Deputy Director of Nursing and Midwifery


My pledge is to be a voice for everyone who needs me. And make sure nobody is lonely and make sure people feel safe.

Cathy Chapple – S.N LTH NHS Trust


My pledge in my busy role I will take time to stop and listen to the patients I care for and I mean really listen from their heart to mine.

Shirley Almond – Ward Manager


I pledge to listen to each person individually. To talk ad listen when I am needed.

Laura Burgess – Staff Nurse


I pledge to continue being alongside people and their families. Remembering to ask what matters and who matter to you.

Catherine Burke – Volunteer with Royal Volunteer Service


I pledge to remember that “little things” can be big and ask, “what matters to you”

Pauline MacDonald – Specialist Nurse


I will ask everyone I work with and care for, about what matters to them and continue to talk to them about it every time we meet.

Rachel Sansbury – Divisional Director


I pledge to spend the time to get to know more about the people I help care for. Never mind what the constraints of my workload that day. It does make a difference.

Lesley McKee – Senior Therapy Assistant


My pledge is to listen. Be mindful that the person he/she once was, is still within.

Lynne Barton – Specialist Nurse


I pledge to engage more with dementia patients and those close to them and explore what is important to them and how to make hospital admission easier.

Lydia Holt – Staff Nurse


I pledge to have a greater understanding on the effects of anaesthesia on dementia patients and the worry they must feel waking up and be patient, also take note in the community.

Charley Wright – Theatre Nurse




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  2. […] Lancaster Preston and Chorley hospital every person will have a #WMTY board above their bed […]

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