@CombinedNHS Launch What Matters To You Pledge Trees

Big thanks to Maria Nelligan @Nell1Maria – Director of Nursing and Quality, Julie Anne Murray @JulieAnneM2016,  Colin Burgess @StaffsOatcakes and all at @CombinedNHS  Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at their Annual Conference and help launch initially 25 what matters to you pledge trees across all areas of the trust and community.

Maria and Julie Anne helped support 4 talks at Keele University with Tommy and Colin and invited tommy to speak at the trust conference.

The day was truly inspiring.  We are looking forward to watching the trees grow and to returning later this year to meet the teams again, to capture the story of pledges, what matters to staff and what matters to people across the trust areas.

After the morning sessions the conference broke out to a safari quick fire 15 minutes sessions, sharing ideas then moving on to the next table.

A massive thank you to all for such a wonderful day, for having the passion to listen, support each other and make a difference for all.

We can’t leave without sharing Colin’s  ‘people make Glasgow’ badge he proudly wears and people most certainly make Combined NHS Trust.

Great to see the fantastic pledge trees growing at Combined NHS Trust.


On 10th August 2017 our pledge tree was featured and celebrated at Combined NHS Trust AGM.  We are very proud that good work is being shared across the country.


You can read below a few personal pledges some staff handed Tommy on the day.

I pledge to remember to take the time to learn about these: I care for as people and not just their clinical needs.

Paige Stoodley

Staff Nurse, Harland Hospital


I pledge to every way act as a patient voice, and advocate.

Clare Mounlfad Tone

Clinical lead Complex Team


I pledge to remember what it was to be a carer for my wonderful mother with part of her life filled with dementia not feel inadequate in providing and aiming for the best for other families.

Sonia Beech

Community MacMillan Nurse


I pledge to ensure my practice is kind caring a compassionate, also that my knowledge is up to date.

M. Wilson

Specialist Health worker


I pledge to continue to always listen and help with what matters to the person.

Abbie Jones

Staff Nurse, outreach team NOAP


I pledge to promote health through humour.

Time Boland



I pledge to continue to look beyond the illness and see the person.

Carly Stanford


I pledge always to look at the person not the illness.

Karen Stone



I pledge to always be led by the person and never lose my values.

Sonia Goodwin

Team Header NSCHT.


I pledge to take more time to listen.


I pledge to provide as much support as possible to my new team once I am in post.


I pledge to keep my compassion and caring nature throughout my career.

Ange Wilkinson

Student nurse IST


I pledge to listen to people’s stories, see the person.

Deborah Scragg

North staff combined healthcare


I pledge to listen more to what people want and need to try to give 100% and always be caring and compassionate.

Nena Williams

Norse/ NOAP city CMHT


I pledge to care for my mum as I have just done for her brother for 2 years. He died 10/4.11, mixed dementia vas and Alzheimer.

Lynn Glasby


I pledge to ask every family I meet, what matters to you and what can I do to help?

Andre Slinn

Community nurse


I pledge to go on.

Sue Slater

Education development manager and LD Nurse


I pledge to always ask service users “what matters to you” and take the time to learn and care.

Jessica Cooper. CPN – NSCHT


I pledge to always be kind and find time.

Laura Jones

Ward Manager


I pledge to remember the person and not the illness.

Robert Sillito

Physical Health and IPC Nurse


I pledge to take time to hear people’s love stories.

Wendy Mountford



I pledge to never walk past.

Zoe Grant

Quality Assurance and improvement manager


I pledge to always have time when it is asked for by all, never say “I have not got time”. Care for other as I would expect to be cared for.

Suzanne C


I pledge to always listen to the love story.


Senior practitioner


I pledge to keep on caring/ smiling/ person centred.


Diversional Activity Worker


I pledge to ensure and continue developing perfect equisence, base my practice in order to deliver compassionate, collaborative and person centred care.

S. Thomson


I pledge to continue embed dementia friendly, empathetic, honest, compassionate care to other’s in general hospital setting offering education and support to others colleagues.

Leanne Heath

Clinical Head Raid Team

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2 comments on “@CombinedNHS Launch What Matters To You Pledge Trees
  1. […] 25 team WMTY17 pledge trees launched at combined NHS trust In Staffordshire. […]

  2. […] 25 team WMTY17 pledge trees launched at combined NHS trust In Staffordshire. […]

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