North West Non-Medical Prescribers Pledge to Make a Difference

Thanks to David Reddy Admin and Clerical Support Officer the Association of Non-Medical Prescribers for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at their Annual Conference at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford on April 25th 2017.

 Also, a big thanks to Dr Debbie Robertson, of Chester University, to suggest Tommy as one of the speakers.

 Over 200 delegates from across the North West attended and made personal pledges that you can read below.

Thank for the kind invite opportunity and pledges.

Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to always see the person and all they have experienced, i.e. “what matters to them, and to provide patience and time no matter what else presents”

Louise Hough – Practice Nurse Prescriber.


I pledge not to be the person who stops others to fulfilling their pledges, ever! And I pledge to help others fulfil their pledges.

Charlotte Smith – UCLAN.


I pledge to show that I care and promote continuity of care.

Sue Brooks.


I pledge to remember that I can make a difference! No matter how small it, all matters.


I pledge to refer patients as their name and not their diagnosis and bed number.

Nicola Jones – St Helens and Knowsley Trust.


I pledge to make a bigger effort to support the families of patients suffering with dementia.

Natalie Walker – Advanced Nurse Practitioner.


I pledge to know the person.

Lynn Bates – Community Matron, East Cheshire NHS.


I pledge to try not to stereotype patients with dementia and to listen more.

Amanda Wilson, Amy, Cassie Holmes – Leads Teaching Hospital NHS Trust.


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