Poole Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

23rd March saw our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy visit Poole Hospital for a day of sharing his caring experience and the project.

Massive thanks to:

Georffery H Walker OBE MA RGN PgDip DipEd

Matron for Medicine/Specialist

Medicine/Emergency and Ambulatory Care at Poole Hospital

For kindly inviting and arranging for Tommy to speak at Poole hospital and extend our great thanks to Angela Schofield, Chairman at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – who attended on behalf of the Board of Directors.

  • The Royal College of Nursing (Dorset Branch)
  • Hilary Fenton-Harris – Lead RCN Steward for the Trust
  • Rory Fletch, RCN Steward for the Trust
  • Jai Hill, RCN member who offered support at Bournemouth and at Poole and the amazing 100 plus staff who took time to attend

The day was truly inspiring with a wonderful tour of the wards and emergency departments.

Learning about the great work and passion to make a difference for people living with dementia families and carers.

Thank you for a wonderful day and for the inspiring pledges below.


I pledge to never judge to listen and find out about the real person.

Victoria Orchard.

Poole Hospital Charity Administrator.


I pledge to try my best to make people who attend to see how important it is to get to know the person and how it will make all the difference when caring for people. I will always do this.

Lynsey Moore.

Dementia Nurse Specialist.


I pledge to continue asking carers how they are.

Lizzie Adams.

Carer Support Poole Hospital.


I pledge to never underestimate the importance of my smile, my shoulder to cry on, or my ears to listen. I care for carers and people who need care.

Lisa Washbourne.

Patient Experience Facilitator.


I pledge to be the best nurse I can be by treating every patient as I would want my mum to be treated.

Sian R.

Staff Nurse.


I pledge to ensure all my staff is aware of dementia and how to care and also I support dementia always.

Geoffrey Walker.

Matron Medicine and Emergency Care.


I pledge to make a little extra time to connect to the people I meet with dementia and try to see and feel if I can hear what matters to them.

Iona G.

Dementia Screening Nurse.


I pledge to find out and use patient and carers to ask them their personal love story.

Sandra Cooper.


I pledge to ask what matters to you.


I pledge to look through the mist dementia causes to see the vibrant, valuable person underneath.

Tracey Preddy.

PA to Matron Walker, PH.


I pledge to support the carer as well as the person with dementia.


I pledge to treat every person as I would want to be treated or members my family treated.


I pledge to listen and understand and support to make oncology our patients. An understanding environment.

Louise W.


I pledge to ask “what matters to you” and to remember family carers may be scared and lonely.


I pledge to help relatives of people with dementia by giving them information. (Alliance)


I pledge to listen more, smile when people look down and sad and try to be more compassionate.

Ann Woolston.

Ward Clerk.


I pledge to look at the person, who they are and not the condition. To listen to their fears, and give support. To support carers.

Sue Truner.

Practice Educator.


I pledge to ask people with dementia questions about their past life to take the time to listen making a conversation.

Polly May.

Nurse Practitioner.


I pledge to always see the individual not the diagnosis, to do my best to support individuals and their carers as far as possible, to get to know patients to learn what and who is most important to them to give the best care possible.

Madeline Davis.

Student Nurse, Poole Hospital.


I pledge to listen and learn about the person with dementia.

Julie Haddock.

Falls Prevention nurse.


I pledge to maintain patient safety when they are unable to maintain it themselves, to be patient advocate and treat them as an individual.

Daniel Fry.

HCA Tissue Viability falls



I pledge to listen to my patients stories and recognise them for the individuals they are.

Anna Marie Mercer.

Trainee Nurse Endoscopies Bowel Cancer Screening.


I pledge to ask what matters to you.


I pledge to tell the people I know who are affected by dementia about this organisation to try to be more of a positive presence in their lives.

Rachel McGuiness.

Management Accountant.


I pledge to have time to listen, and to be wherever and however the person wants.


I pledge to make time to listen to patients, carers and staff.



I pledge to be there for people with dementia and their carers.


I pledge to make time to ask more about what matter than make assumptions.


I pledge to listen and understand and ask what matter to you.


I pledge to care, listen, try and understand.


I pledge to increase awareness of carer’s right to guide patients and carers in the night direction.


I pledge to take more time to listen to a patient’s story and make sure I treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Debbie Potters.

Physiotherapist, Poole Hospital.


I pledge to treat all as an individual, and learn their stories.

Hannah Kelly.


I pledge to remember who the people I care for are, help to make hospital a kinder place.


I pledge to be a helper, to treat people as an individual not their conditions. To learn their story and listen to their carers.

April Stevens.

Student Dietitian, Poole Hospital.


I pledge to ask my patients about their lives and family.

Holly Angus.

Dietitian, Poole Hospital.


I pledge to remember to ask the important question, what matters to you? Regardless of our own area of healthcare department.

Jo Dalton.

Diabetes Specialist Nurse.


I pledge to make every caring episode learnt. Make it the most important episode in that person day the best.


I pledge to recognise the person within. Pass a smile on.

Michelle Meyrick.

Speech and Language and Dietetic Assistant.


I pledge to understand the people I think, I know, I am yet to meet.

Helen Burness.

PA to Emergency Services Directorate, Poole Hospital.


I pledge to learn more about dementia and take the time to listen and ask what matters to you.


I pledge to not just listen, but to hear patients with dementia and their carers, to help my team play their part too.

Louise Coll.



I pledge to ask my clients, “What matters to you?”


I pledge to look past the behaviour and see the person.

Joy Christopher.

Fracture Prevention Nurse.


I pledge to comping and raise awareness to transform PHFT into a dementia friendly hospital.

Farah Batchelor.

Poole Hospital.


I pledge to continue to treat each person with dignity and respect.

Joy Peeke.

Sister Medical Investigation Unit.


I pledge to listen more and care more.

Lisa Williams.



I pledge to be more patient with my caring husband who appears to be developing dementia.


I pledge never to walk by without helping if my help is needed.

Staffing Co-ordinator.


I pledge to look out for my mum as my dad had dementia.

Dawn Coverdale.

Fracture Liaison, Administrator.


I pledge to always make time in every patient consultations to always ask “what matters to you” to my patient and their carer.

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