Royal Bournemouth Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

Project Engagement Lead, Tommy, was invited to visit Royal Bournemouth Hospital on 22nd March 2017.  Lets hear what Tommy has to say…


Last year I had the great honour to give one of the key note talks at the RCN Congress in Glasgow.

Speaking that day and on the platform was BJ Waltho @bjgw, Vice Chair of the organising committee. 

That day BJ made a pledge to invite me down to speak at Royal Bournemouth Hospital @RBCH_NHS ‏. 

On March 22nd that pledge was fulfilled. 

Firstly I want to thank BJ, Paula, Director of Nursing, Trudi, Matron for Older People, the dementia team Rachel, Michael and all the staff and people who attended for such an inspirational day. 


I had the honour to have a tour of the hospital and witness first hand the commitment and passion to make a difference for people at the hospital the work on the wards to make the environment dementia friendly and passion by the staff brought a smile to my heart. 

I thank you for the kindness, dedication, care and for the warmest of welcomes. 

I will leave with the photo below as the sun was setting on the most amazing day and the wonderful 82 pledges below.

Thank you from myself and all the team at DCV 🙂

I pledge to give my grandchildren an understanding of dementia so they will learn to listen, understand and care – Give them love.

Jenny House

Royal Bournemouth Hospital


I pledge to remember why and who we make chances to the ward environments to help those who need help. To make a calmer to be and to work..

Martin Lovell.

Building States Manager.


I pledge to ensure I use non discriminative language when talking about patients living with dementia, and encourage other to do the same.

Clare Wilcox.

Senior Physio Opal Team.


I pledge to continue listening to patients and to learn something about them and their life, which may help them to feel safe.

Sophie Denton.

Senior Physiotherapist.


I pledge to give time and gifting to the love and care of every patient staff members I am listen to.

Michael Bowen.

Volunteer, chaplain.


I pledge to act as an advocate for every one of my patients and understand each one of their stories.

Rachael Davies.

Lead Dementia Nurse Specialist.


I pledge to make each dementia patients feel and be important asking them what matters to them.




I pledge to get it recognised and supported in own trust.


I pledge to make time to care for all the carers looking after someone with dementia, specially my mum caring for my grandma Marie.

Rachel Crooks.

Improvement administrator.


I pledge to support our staff to have the resilience to look after those who need care through valuing them and helping them to develop personally.

Aimee Bowden.

Organisational Development Advisor RBCH.


I pledge to never ever forget to care.

Cindy Cox.

Consultant nurse.


I pledge to share this story with all new HCA and remind them why we care.




I pledge to listen, listen and care, care, care. “What matters to you?”

Pauline Trickett.

Cardiac Staff Nurse.


I pledge to listen, offer support and comfort.

Jo. Tomlinson.



I pledge to be and look at the person not the illness.

Janice Magookin.

Ward PA. RBH.


I pledge to work with my team to develop a dementia friendly feedback form to give them a voice about the care they receive.

Rachel Bevan.

Head of patient experience and public engagement.


I pledge to treat every person how I would want to be treated and to listen and understand.




I pledge to continue being kind.



I pledge to learn, understand, acknowledge, time thank staff.

Panny Battistotti-Moore.

CST Admin.


I pledge always to treat patients with love, and help to all of those who are scared.


I pledge to ensure I will always listen to my patients and family members’ story.


I pledge to always introduce myself “hello, my name is…” and treat everyone with kindness.

Val Horn.

Discharge Services Advisor.


I pledge to signpost carers where they can get help and support.

Carolyn polden.



I pledge to listen better to see the person not the diagnosis.

Gillian Mansbridge.

Deputy Sister GOPP.


I pledge to never forget again.


I pledge to see the person, not their illness.

Michael Radcliffe.



I pledge to look at people like people and not just patient.




I pledge to keep the love stories alive.


I pledge to never forget that each patients, carers, individual, family member’ is unique. To always remember to find out what matters to each and never forget why I care enough to do that.

Alison Shave.

TIA Specialist Nurse, RBH.


I pledge to ask/ find out each patient’s history, what matters to them, and talk with them about it. To always see and treat each person as an individual and involve and support their families when it was necessary.

Isobel Butter.

Student nurse.


I pledge to get to know my patients as much as I can. Finding out what is important to them.

Jess Brady.

Student nurse.


I pledge to always find out about a person life so I can help them with the thing that matters to them.




I pledge to always be an advocate for people and their families who are living with dementia.

Paula Nenn.

Consultant medicine for the Elderly. RBH.


I pledge to listen more and ask what is important.


I pledge to always listen and find out about people’s story not just the diagnosis.

Amy Brown.

Occupational Therapist.


I pledge to take time to listen, show kindness, remember everyone “life story”

Kate Rowlinson.



I pledge to listen to carers, remember caring and specialist techniques do not come naturally to everyone.

Roz Lees.



I pledge to volunteer as a meal time ward companying and listen, ask “what matters to you?”

Jo Sims.

Associate director Quality and rest RBCH.


I pledge to role model compassion and kindness to everyone I come across during my day, staff, visitors, patients…

Debbie D.

Improvement project head. RBH.


I pledge to treat everyone as I would like my mum to be treated, I will take time and care to find out who they are.


I pledge to continue to be kind and care unconditionally and make a difference to people like you.

Mark Allen Pick.

Occupational therapist, RBH.


I pledge to continue helping families that are getting through the hard times and treat them as I would like to be cared for. I am there for you.

Michael Manley.

Dementia support Worker.


I pledge to continue making a difference to every single patient in my care, ensure I share my story with everyone.

Kelly Lockyer.

Dementia specialist nurse.


I pledge to hold on targets, be part of their lives. I will be with those living with dementia.

Dorothy Rocheler.



I pledge to keep a person love story alive.

Katie Bennett.

Sister Royal Bournemouth.


I pledge to continue listening to patients and families.


I pledge to learn more about dementia, think more before I act.

Andrea MacDonald.

HCA Stroke Unit


I pledge to support patients and their carers through their operation and ensure a safe discharge home..

Belinda Hewett.

RBCH Matron.


I pledge to care and protect and listen to life stories from my patients.


I pledge to do my very best to understand and listen because when it happened to my mum I often got cross and impatient.


Care group Administrator.


I pledge to take more time to listen to carers and sufferers dementia in order to care for them better and give them support.

Gill S.



I pledge to provide extra time for my patients and carers to express their concern/needs prior to undergoing a major operation.

Ryan Grain.

Specialist nurse.


I pledge to not have a pre conceived idea of a person with a diagnosis of dementia as challenging, but instead to meet them with an open mind and going on understanding of why they may be acting challenging.

Jennifer Nayes.

Occupational Therapist, BH.


I pledge not to label and individual who is scared and unwell as challenging.

Zandie MPofu.

Manager HR RBH.


I pledge to always see the person not just their condition.


I pledge to continue to work as a dementia champion for RBH.

Caroline Davies.



I pledge to support and encourage the team and give support to when time are difficulties for them and they need to hear kind and encouraging wards for the amazing work they do.


Admin. Assistant/ Elderly care directorate.


I pledge to understand and recognise loneliness and make time to help lonely friends, family and patients and let them know I am here.

Kate H.

Head of nursing.


I pledge to ask our patients and carers “what matters to you?” and to celebrate their lives and love stories by sharing these conversations I know we will improve our services.

Paula Shobbrook.

Director of nursing/ Deputy chief executive.


I pledge to always find out what matters.

Diane Potter.

Matron, RBH.


I pledge to be more compassionate and understanding to any patient and their families.


I pledge to ask “what matters?” and take the time to listen.


I pledge to address the people by themselves.



I pledge to always listen to someone’ s story and to recognise someone in need. I promise to always have time for everyone and use everything within my power to enable every person a meet to live each day to their best with the support they need.

Lean B.

Student Physio BU.


I pledge to always approach my patients with a smile.


I pledge to listen to people I know whether they are patients, colleges, family, neighbours and be aware of words used to describe patients.

Karen Ismail.

Staff nurse, RBH.


I pledge to stop and spend more time listening to my patient’s feelings.

Sue Reed.

Head of nursing.


I pledge to continue taking time to listen more, giving more support to my patients and learning more about their story.


I pledge to be kind and use my gift of nursing every day.




I pledge to smile, to try to share humour with my patients, to be a role model to try co-workers and promote dignity in care for my residents, to deserve others interactions and give positive feedback and promote engagement with residents.


I pledge to do the best I can when I can.


I pledge to see through the eyes of the carer, I will always smile and be a friendly face.


Practice Nurse.


I pledge to keep the memory of my remarkable parents, burning bright in my heart.


I pledge to remember that everyone I care for is part of a love story.


I pledge to be the best nurse I can and to always see the person and not the diagnosis.

Kelly Moore.

Staff Nurse.


I pledge to be kindness and patience, costs nothing.

Sue Burr.

Retired nurse.


I pledge to not allow people to be defined by dementia, I will focus on what people can do not what they cannot do, and I will ask, listen and be kind and carer.

Kathy Moore.



I pledge to take time to truly understand what matters the most to my patients, decisions mean the most when they are meaningful and have been made in partnership with sharing and listening.

Daisy de Meester.

Student Physiotherapist, Bournemouth Uni.


I pledge to always fulfil my duty to play the best role that I can in my patient’s journeys. I will treat these humans with the uniqueness individuality, dignity that they deserve just like I would like to receive if in the same position.

Shannon Saundrs.

2nd year student Physio. Bournemouth Uni.


I pledge to meet my patients with the same warmth and kindness that I would want to receive.

Felicity Brown.

Student Nurse.


I pledge to make others aware of how they can impact on everyone’s lives.

Sue Robathan.

Bank Nurse.


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  2. […] Bournemouth hospital will be asking all the teams and patients what matters to you on June 6th […]

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