Every hand has a pledge. Every pledge holds a hand – RCN Ayrshire & Arran add pledges

Massive thanks to Julie Lamberth @joolz123 Maternity Theatre Nurse, Chair and Stewart Donnelly @stewartrd  and all at the RCN Ayrshire & Arran Branch for arranging a brilliant event at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock on 18 March and inviting Tommy along.

Tommy was joined be our great friend Amanda Johnson @AJjohnso10 Improvement Advisor for NHSAAA, one of the original team who we worked with on our Make a Difference NHSAAA Tour and Andrea Boyd @AndreaBoydahpmh Senior, Occupational Therapist NHSAAA and founder of the inspiring pocket ideas, who both facilitated the brilliant second session.



There was such a wide range of people who had given up  their own time to attend on a Saturday morning, who work across the many areas. The day was truly inspiring and full of great people, conversations and learning.





Some of the key themes from the day were picked out in the work cloud.

Thank you to the RCN Ayrshire &Arran @rcnAandAbranch for creating such a brilliant day and atmosphere all about people and relationships. 

We love the holding hands with the pledges from the day display and the wonderful people who took part .

Thank you from all the team at #DCV 

You can read some pledges from the day below .



My pledge is to make time for, and make myself available to, patients relatives to discuss care planning and learn more about that individual’s life.


My pledge is to continue to care for my residents with dementia with love, understanding, be there for them and including both residents and family member at any given time or day.

Emma Dalle – Staff Nurse, Karma Healthcare Agency


I will play my part. I will be kind. I will be patient. I will listen. I will make a difference.

Michele – Charge Nurse (GGCC)


I pledge to always ensure I make a positive difference to lives of my patients and their family or carer.

Alison – Community Heart Failure Specialist Nurse


I pledge to always see the person, not the dementia and to continue to treat people how I would expect myself or family to be treated.

Amy Brownie – Ambulance Technician, Scottish Ambulance Service


I pledge to take more time, spend less time worrying about next job that has to be don’t. Take my ideas forward.


I pledge to be patient, to listen and understand. To treat each person as an individual and be able to understand their own needs.

Hayley Williamson – Ayrshire College Student


I pledge to always see the people for who they are and not their condition, to always listen to their stories and always care.

Claire Kyle – Assistant Manager, Hansel Alliance


My pledge is to make sure that the people I care for feel loved every single day and feel worthy.

Morag Wilson – Senior Carer


My pledge is to keep the person at the centre of their “conversation”

Fiona McLeod – District Nursing Sister. North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership


I pledge to take the time to listen to each individual – not group a condition.


I pledge to listen. To see the bigger picture. To try and channel the inspiration I felt from Tommy`s journey.


I pledge to take the initial opportunity to speak to family member of person with dementia and find out more information in order to assist that person to become more familiar with their everyday needs.


I pledge to continue with my voluntary work, sharing my lived experience to influence real change “Teamwork makes all our dreams work – together forever”

Lorna Walker – Community Staff Nurse/Ayrshire and Arran/NDCAN


I pledge to let the spirit of human understanding and compassion guide me…

Fiona Lundie – Free-lance RCN/Lecturer/Health and Social Care Assessor/Trainer


I pledge not to be disillusioned by other negativity. To promote listening and support fellow members of staff, carers and those affected by dementia. Taking thoughts, requests forward when needed, and always make yourself approachable.

Julie Leitch – Staff Nurse


I pledge to be kind and compassionate each and every day.

Chloe Stevenson – Senior Carer/Student Nurse


I pledge to never forget how I feel first hand dealing with dementia, within my family. I pledge to always listen to the person, family and carers to understand and do my best to care, be kind and help.

Claire Connolly – Nursing Assistant


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