UWS Integrated Health and Social Care Year 2 Students Pledge

Tuesday 7 March 2017 saw our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw visit University of the West of Scotland Paisley Campus and speak to Integrated Health and Social Care Year 2 Students.  Tommy has previously visited the campus in 2015.  You can read the pledges from that event here

Big thanks to Helen Rainey @helenr1976, Programme Lead Integrated Health and Social Care Module, colleagues, Kirstin James, Selwyn Stanley and all the team for inviting Tommy to UWS Paisley Campus.  You can follow the University on Twitter at @uwshealth

The morning was truly inspiring and great conversations with staff and students.

You can read the wonderful pledges below.

Thank you UWS for another brilliant day .

Team DCV

I pledge to always listen!.

Tricia McCafferty


My pledge is to see each and every person as an individual who is unique in their beautiful own way.

Sharon N


I pledge to remain true to myself, treat everyone as an individual and care for all.

Tracey Meechan


I pledge to make the first 5 mins. Count, and make each minute after that for every person, to try and give people hope when they feel there is none.


 I pledge to always listen and to continue to in my pledge to continually promote to help people. Centred sinker with the amazing group of student.

Helen R.


I pledge to be a better communicator by listening to what matter most to each individuals.

Sakina Muted.


I pledge to listen more to service users, communicate more effectively with the service users.

Riziki Marandura


I pledge to meet people and know their stories, make sense of their stories, research possibilities for change. Fight for change.


I pledge to continue coming for people no matter what it takes off me.

Esther G.


I pledge to care and support the voiceless and help them in whatever is valuable to them, just to put a smile on their face.

Osaki K. David West.


I pledge to always be kind and be a listening ear to others, I pledge to learn more about dementia, and continue to make a difference to other people lives.


I would like to take my learning knowledge into my work practice, more person centred, more time with resident, more kindness.

M. Makurumure


I pledge to do my best to ensure I give my best in care and will do everything to make people feel they are listened to and they are opinions are heard.



I pledge to be focused on the person not the task.


I pledge to shake my caring experiences always, showing kindness to matter what happens, make a difference in the life of people, more support, more empathic, give more spiritual care, learn to communicate with them in the way they want to.


I pledge to smile to people and make their lives better.



I pledge to give everyone a chance regardless of their past.


I pledge to change how care is delivered, and make it better for patients, services and staff. I pledge to make it easier for families, carers and give them more support for the long road ahead.


I pledge to make the world a better place in caring for people living with dementia.


I pledge to make sure that I make as big a difference as possible in people’s lives that need some help.


I pledge to spend more time listening individuals to learn their love stories and enable them to continue living them.

Lauren Ashley Blair


I pledge to always be kind and listen to give chances and choices always never judge.

Maria Bradly


I pledge to bring laughter and confidence to other people’s lives as I support them.

Sophie Chalmers


I pledge to spend more time listening to others and take time to learn their love stories and keep these stories alive.

Emma O’Donnell


I pledge to spread kindness, listening ears and understanding to every single person I meet, it is free.

Nickola M


I pledge to make sure I have a genuine smile on my face every time I say hello for their first time that day.

Kirstin James


I pledge to never stop doing the best job I possible can for every person I care for and support not matter how many blocks are put in the way by management, financial restraints. I pledge to continue to be kind, respectful and passionate to everyone I am responsible caring for.

Nicola McLaughlin


I pledge to always do everything in my ability and power to make people feel listened to and valued. I will always do my best to care and make people happy.

Morgan Deveney


I pledge to implement what is taught here at university and in life to bring a smile a day.

Greg Moffat


I pledge to make a difference to any carer at the person with dementia. Support people with dementia, value dignity, respect, right safe.



I pledge to understand and take the time to more to see both sides from different perspectives and do not let things get in the way of relationships.

Kirstine McGuagan


My pledge is to remain human in any situation in life-caring, supporting, kind and loving.



I pledge to be kind to everyone, never judge and be the best person I can be.

Cathryn Docherty


I pledge to listen and be a vital participant in continuing, developing and promoting people’s life story.


I pledge to be the best version of myself and to always listen without judgement and to ask people what matters to them.


I pledge to always see the person rather than their condition. As well as being able to always take a step back to see the bigger picture.

Robyn Russel



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