New College Lanarkshire Pledges to Make a Difference

Happy Monday Everyone 🙂


Massive thanks to Kate Mackay, Lecturer, Clare Flynn, Head of Faculty, Lynn Orr, Craig Ruxton and Margaret Henderson for kindly inviting Tommy to speak to Senior Health and Social Care Students who attend New Lanarkshire College, Coatbridge Campus.


Tommy was joined by Kerry Ritchie from our ALLIANCE Involvement Network, Gerry Power from People Powered Health and Wellbeing and our very own Dementia Carer Voices, Will Griffiths.

The day was truly inspiring and full of great people from all the staff and students, as we launched the New Lanarkshire College Pledge Tree.

We look forward to hearing how the staff and students get on with the wonderful pledges below.

Thank you to all for a brilliant day from all the team at DCV and the ALLIANCE.




I pledge to always listen to someone’s love story.

Karen Fowler


I pledge to be happy and treat everyone with respect and always think and help others.


I pledge to continue as an educator, a nurse and as a person to highlight the need for greater awareness about the impact of dementia and individuals and their carers, and the human need for love and kindness in giving and in receiving.

Kate Mackay


I pledge to always ask people about their lives and family and what they like and mater to them the most.

Courtney Haley


I pledge to always ask people about their lives and love stories and what and who matters to them.



I pledge to respect everyone and show kindness to all my family arrange more outing with Tianna.



I pledge to respect other people and to be kind to make people know that they matter.


I pledge to strive to be the best that I can be and to ensure that I deliver the best care that is within my abilities to provide.



I pledge to speak to people and make sure they never feel alone.

Amanda Colvin


I pledge to be much happier and understanding for others.


I pledge to always ask what matters and who matters.

Brenda Robertson


I pledge to listen more and try my best to make a difference to whoever I meet whether they have dementia or not.



I pledge to always make sure everyone in my care feels safe, comfortable and happy in their own home as long as possible.

Claire Ruddy


I pledge to always try and make a difference to someone’s day and try understand people the way they want to be understood.


Nothing will stop me


I pledge to take time to learn and get to know the people I am caring for and to ensure I show kindness. To realise that it is a privilege to be allowed to play a part in people’s lives. I pledge to use my voice to make things better for those who and most vulnerable and everything I can do to take away their fear, I pledge to just try my best.



I pledge to always remember why I got into this type of work, I pledge to always treat the people I support with dignity, kindness and empathy.

Alan Thomson


I pledge to take time to stop and ask each and every individual I care for what matters and who matters. I will always take time to get to know the person and not the dementia. (Use your voice)



I pledge to always make time to support those living with affected by dementia.



I pledge to treat someone an individual and not as a condition to support them and their family to the best of my ability.



I pledge to give the best of my ability to help and make a difference to lives of people with dementia.



I pledge to treat every individual in the way that matters to them and for the life journey the have/ want to experience.



I pledge to be patient to take the time to get to my patient and their careers.

Stephanie Kennedy


I pledge to make a difference in someone’s life to be the nurse Tommy talks of and remembers. May it be from one small change or taking the time to listen and allow someone to tell me about them and their story, try not to worry about rushing?



I pledge to value the person in front of me without thinking bad of them.


I pledge to treat and care for each and every individual with the care and dignity and respect they deserve, and to take the time to get to know and understand them

Lianne Turnbull


I pledge to treat every individual in my care in a person centred manner by meeting their needs and listening to any fear or concerns they have and supporting them. I will see the individual and not only by their illness or condition

Erin Connolly


I pledge that all the teaching id do I make sure I always remind people what really important and know what people matter.



I pledge to treat every patient and resident with the care, affection and respect as if they were one of my own family.

Suzanne Coventry


I pledge to aspire to be the best carer that I possibly can be, this will carry on through my nursing career love, listen, care all my patients, to keep educated.

Carolann Lynch


I pledge to be kind and to respect to see people through their story. To find time to appreciate the small things, to be a better person.

Joanna Herman


I pledge to respect and treat every person I care for and people who will care for in my future carer and protect them as well as maintain their dignity and there pride.

Caitlin Brawley


I pledge to continue not determining a person by their illness or what is wrong but focus on the person themselves and make them matter as an individual


I pledge to always put other people’s needs before my own and care for people with the same dignity and respect.



I pledge to listen and care for the people care for to make them feel safe and loved to listen to their story.


I pledge to treat every person I come into contact with as an individual and discover who they are.

Madeleine Canning


I pledge to offer my support and give a cuddle to those who may need it.


I pledge to continue to be open minded and to treat every patient as an individual with love, care and respect.

Cheryl Wilson


I pledge to show everyone I meet love and kindness.

Sarah Brady


I pledge to see pas the medical condition and see the person, to ask about their past, present and future. To show kindness, and actively listen.

Jennifer Anderson


I pledge to actively listen to carers and hear their voice

Bernadette Stewart


I pledge to never define someone by their illness and always shoe them the kindness dignity and respect they deserve.



I pledge to be the kindest version of myself to ensure I can play the best possible part in the stories of those I care for.

Lisa Strain


I pledge to define a person by their condition, illness or disease to always give the care they and their families deserve.

Lisa Elliott


I pledge to take time out of my day to listen to the people around me and show them care and kindness.

Sophie McPherson


I pledge to make a difference to people’s lives everyday.

Rachel Kitchen


I pledge to understand an individual based on who they are as a person rather than their diagnosis.



I pledge to listen to anyone I care for and see them for the person they are, to see their love story and play the kindness and most loving part I can play.

Linzi Barbour


I pledge to make a difference to each and every individual I care for throughout my career.

Samantha Mating


I pledge to continue to try and at least help one person each day and keep going that wee extra bit further to listen, show love.

Vicky McKay


I pledge to be the best type of person I can be, both as a nurse and as an individual. I want to make a difference to people’s lives.


I pledge to make a difference throughout my life and give the best care for those who need it as both a nurse and a human being.


I pledge to be nurse and person who will understand, protect and care for all who need me and be there for the family so nobody feels alone or scared.

Liza Thomson


I pledge to always see the person and to listen.

Lindsay Walker


I pledge to educate myself more about dementia and always listen to anyone in my care.

Jan Clarke


I pledge to be the best carer I can and always make time to listen and understand.

Louise Ormand


I pledge to listen a lot more, to spend a lot more time with patients and families, to five them a hug to let them know I am here for you and hear you and will support you.

Graceann Renicks


I pledge to see the person as a unique individual that they so rightly are.

Mark H


I pledge to the best of my ability to care for people in a way they should be cared for, and always give the best I can.

Nicole Cassidy


I pledge to try my best to make a difference and take the time to get to know the individual and see them as a person.



I pledge to help spread the word dementia and its cause, working in care is such a pleasure and I would not have it any other way. It is so rewarding making residents happy and to show them you care they bring out the belt in me and make me succeed to the fullest.

Niamh Mooney


I pledge to give people with dementia the best care and to listen to what matters to them.


I pledge to be able to car for family and friends. And everyone with my best ability and take life in the best way and to be thankful.

Tammy Rae


I pledge to make sure I deliver a high level of care and to be there for a shoulder to cry on in time of need.

Zoe Findlay


I pledge to care for everyone to my best of my best of my ability I also want to raise more awareness for dementia.

Natalie Quim


I pledge to take the time to get to know people better and asking them now they are to try my hardest and best on my course. Listen more, to always remember a difference can be made.

Rebecca Smith


I pledge to make a difference even if to one person. I pledge to listen, be a voice for those who have lost their and never let them forget their worth for as long as I life.

Ami Smith


I pledge to be the kind, caring and trustworthy carer, nurse that I always wanted to look after my own father. Mae a difference in every individual I care for and make their life matter.

Chloe Pearson


I pledge to get to know the people I work with better to understand how they feel and what they want, to do my best on my college course and job to fulfil this.

A Spence


I pledge to see past any illnesses and treat everyone as individuals, promote independence and choice always and listen to any concerns or worries the individuals in my care may have.

Elise Caldwell


I pledge to show caring and compassion on a daily basis to everyone I meet every day. To treat everyone with respect.

Shary Murray


I pledge to be an amazing carer and to make sure more time is given to spend 1 on1 time with everyone.

Vicky Allan


I pledge to pour all my kindness into the people I am caring for, listen to their stories and the voices of their loved ones, carers.

Chloe Atley


I pledge to see a person before their illness and to be there when they feel scared.



I pledge to look past the illness and see who the person really is, underneath their illness.


I pledge to expand my knowledge of dementia so that I can competently care for those living with dementia and their carer.


I pledge to be kind and make a difference to others.


I pledge to help and get to know someone’s past and get to know their likes and dislikes.



I pledge to inspire all students to see the person they are caring for, the individual with a diagnosis of dementia.


I pledge to look past the illness a person is living with and focus on who they are as a person and listen to their stories and ask them what and who is in their heart.

Megan Evans


I pledge to show the public who are not in the care profession that individuals with dementia are still strong, beautiful people they always have been.


I pledge to get to know and listen to them about their own lives and not about dementia. Learnt to see them for what they are and their past and get to love their personalities.

Emma Gordon


I pledge to value every person I meet to get to know them their story and what matter to them, to make a difference so people remember me for making a difference to their lives. To be kind an caring always.

Jennafer M


I pledge to help people with dementia and give people with dementia much more than care.

Rachel C


I pledge to help people with dementia and to be lead normal lives able to get a cure. Making sure they get the proper care and treatment.


I pledge to listen more, love more. Care with a heart of compassion.

Oluwand Olajide


I pledge to care with the best of my ability and to treat every individual with care, compassion, dignity and respect.

Rozlyn Savage


I pledge to make even the smallest difference to someone’s life through listening and getting to know the person, putting them before their illness.

Kara Branningan


I pledge to see the person first, to care, to take the time to listen and to try and make a difference.

Lyndsay McAuslane


I pledge to always take time to understand the person and what is going on in their mind and not just the illness as this should not be what defines them.

Meghan Stevenson


I pledge to always get to know the individual, know their story and treat them with care and respect.

Irene McArthur


I pledge to try and be kinder and try to get to know the person I am caring for as an individual and understand their lives as value.

Anne Marie Kenny


I pledge to make at least a person per day smile and ask them not who they are, but what matters to them.

C Steward.


I pledge to learn about the people I care for, I will take the time to know them and find out what matters to them, especially the small things, and I will show them all the kindness I have to offer and try and make their day and life better.

Lisa Show


I pledge to continue my studies and work in the care sector and support those who need help.


I pledge to care and listen to each individual with dementia.

Cameron S


I pledge to not only give 100% to those I care for, but also to those that love them.



I pledge to blue people as individuals care about their love story.

June MacDonald.


I pledge to always make an effort to get to know an individual who and what matters most in their life. And that they are not defined by their condition.

Danielle Cassidy


I pledge to ensure I maintain the correct attitude towards everybody, ensure that everyone I speak to feels welcomed and comfortable when talking to them.


I pledge to listen and make a positive difference in the lives of the people that I care for, also to keep the people at the heart of the care that they receive.



I pledge myself to be a better person to I can help all people who will need me today and tomorrow.

Roza A


I pledge to never let time affect the care I give, never assume it is okay to do something, and always ask is it ok?”

Kim Viola


I pledge to always give everyone care, respect and dignity that everyone deserves, provide as much homecare possible and keep them in home environment.

Lynsey Mulholland


I pledge to always treat everyone equal and as an individual, I will not judge people on their illness, sex, race, place of residence and religion.

India C.


I pledge to be non-judgemental to anyone no matter the circumstances and try be as understanding as I can.

Ann Marie


I pledge to always be kind and show everyone the respect they deserve.

Lisa R


I pledge to be open understanding and approachable when progressing in my career, I also hope to always be compassionate to others and promote dignity and respect at all times.



I pledge to find my voice, to speak up on behalf of others who may not be able and to use my ears to listen to anyone who talks.

Gillian McKay


I pledge to always show my kindness regards on how I may be feeling and to always show my passion on wanting to provide to best possible care to others.

Coutney McLean


I pledge to listen to people story’s and hear what matters to them, make more of an effort to get to know people and show them love and kindness.



I pledge to continues to raise awareness through education or the need to support individuals, carers experiencing dementia.



My Pledge:

To make a difference by listening And being patient and caring for Residents who live with Dementia, by just having that listening ear.

Jackie Kennedy


My Pledge:

Never forget to listen and involve nearest and dearest.

Lynn Hewetson


My Pledge:

I will treat you as an individual, a person, with a past and a future. I will share your world and walk with you each step of your journey. I will smile for you when you find it hard to find one of your own.

Carol McPhail


My Pledge:

To cherish my role everyday never forgetting how my actions influence others and impact on those we care for

Lesley-Ann Wylie



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