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Thank you to Jo Tonkin and Nick Hulme CEO of Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals.  Catherine Morgan, Director of Nursing and Quality, Debs Smith, Mark Prentice and all the wonderful staff and people from across the area who attended the 3 talks.

Tommy met Jo and Dr Barbara Stuttle the previous Director of Nursing now retired at a conference last year and they kindly invited us to the trust to share our Make a Difference Campaign.

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The day was truly inspiring and we are looking forward to returning later this year for more talks and to launch Colchester pledge trees.

Thank you for making Tommy feel welcome and for the wonderful pledges

Team #DCV

I pledge to listen first and do all I can in my role to support the staff in the hospital to support and care and not to forget what matters to people

Catherine Morgan

Director of nursing


I pledge to give people the time they deserve and be the kind human, understanding, listening ear.

Nieda Frost

Occupational Therapist


I pledge to continue to see the person and not the dementia when I look after people, I will continue to promote caring for the person not the bed space

A Elliott

Project nurse with palliative team.


I pledge to give better services for patients and carers, commission and compassion and thought and kindness.

Paul Rogers.

NEE CCG Mental health commissioning


I pledge to listen to my patient’s and hear their story.

Katie Worby.

Palliative care nurse specialist


I pledge to make sure I am kind and understanding towards the patient and family members, I pledge to always remember that they had a life before the disease and to treat them as I would any other patients…what matters to them

Adele Poole

Physiotherapy assistant


I pledge to always find out about people and learn something about their story




I pledge to find out what and who matters to people

Rebecca I.

Clinical specialist physiotherapist for older people


I pledge to find out the little things that matter and make sure they are addressed with as much importance as the big thing.

Katie Southgate



I pledge to be a caring hand, a kind heart, a listening ear and understanding to explain my role and my aims for my patients, for their best interest.

Bethany Irwin



I pledge to make a difference to at least one patients every day for as long as I continue to nurse

Jenny Herbert

Ward sister


I pledge to find out more about patients’ lives and what they did, speaking to family and carers

Aimee P.

Physiotherapy Assistant


I pledge to always understand the patient, carers, needs and what they must be going through.

Josh Hull

Physio Assistant


I pledge to ask every person what matter to you and how can help

Kimberlwy Rice



I pledge to ask myself after every visit, what would tommy or Joan say about my visit today?

Lindsay Dyble

Occupational therapist,


I pledge to try and make a difference to people who read the help I can provide, if I can make even the smallest difference it will make my job worthwhile, life is for living, part of my role is to help people live

Anne P

O.T St Helena Hospice.


I pledge to be the best that I can be and follow in the footsteps of some of the amazing O.T, that I have shadowed during my training

Charlotte ward



I pledge to look past the dementia and see the beautiful person and their life past and present and to continue to support families and carers.


Registered nurse


I pledge to ensure patients I care for, are treated as individuals not conditions.

Ian Bryang

Specialist physio assistant.


I pledge to take time to listen to my patients, becoming aware that every patient has their own story and walk their journey with them

Debbie Vincent

Register nurse


I pledge to listen to each and every patient and get know them and what they like to be a friend.


I pledge to really listen to people, their families, their carers, and their important people. To help them not to feel scared or confused, to help them access help that they deserve.

Stephanie Baker

Learning disabilities hospital liaison nurse specialist, Colchester General Hospital


I pledge to never walk and always try and make a difference, however small.

Shelley Myall

Occupational therapy assistant


I pledge to find out who the person is and look out the person holistically instead of just looking at the condition.

Maxine Farly

Learning disabilities student nurse,


I pledge to treat everyone I meet with the respect and dignity I would like to be treated with/ would like my family to have. Find out about background and personalities, be kind.

Aislinn D

Student dietitian


I pledge to work to enable equality in end of life came for those with dementia in our area

Dr. Karen

Clinical director ST Helena Hospice.


I pledge to always think of a patient as an individual and treat them in a completely good way, putting their needs first not just what I thing is the best idea for them but what they think or their friends, family think.

Rosie H

Student dietitian


I pledge to support the best I can, dementia patients and their carers with end of life care needs.

Laura Shukla

St Helena Hospice.


I pledge to think more of what is happening in people’s lives and not judge, be as kind as I can.

Michele Steel.



I pledge to always show compassion, kindness to the patients I care for, and try to find out more of their story.

Cathy Turton



I pledge to listen more to patient and carer, to find more about them and not just why there in hospital for, and hopefully bring a smile to their day.


I pledge to be a voice to those who are struggling to find a voice of their own

Jo Jerrom

Maternity lead


I pledge to treat everyone as I would like my loved ones to be treated.

Vanessa McLeen

Dementia care nurse specialist



I pledge to remember to care for the person, not a condition or bed space, I will be kind and show open honest body language

Paul Yallop RN



I pledge to take the time to ask and listen to the answer.

Sarah Fisher

Advanced nurse practitioner.


I pledge to lisent to everyone, and talk to everyone, no person is the same, I take time to know that person

K. Sewell



I pledge to always ask what matters to you.

Maisey Dear

Dementia Care nurse specialist


I pledge to listen and try to understand everybody story

Amie L.

Senior physio.


I pledge to offer an ear a shoulder and a hand to hold when someone needs me to

Danielly king.

Physio assistant


I pledge to always listen to always be kind.

Elizabeth Kapcia


I pledge to share the principles of what matters and promote care of the person to spread smiles that are created through that purpose

Lisa Pynter

Lead for safeguard


I pledge to ensure I take the time to ask the question what matters to you, or your family member, so that the individual gets personal care and support.

Marinne B.

Speech, language therapist.


I pledge to listen to all patients and do all that I can to help and support them in any way that I can, to make all care personalised to the patients and what is important to them

Amanda Amey.



I pledge to ask all people, clients, patients, that I come in to contact with them. I will ask what and who matters to you, and will listen and do my best to help that person going towards.

Kate F.

RGN SPOHN health and wellbeing


I pledge to always to respect my patient’s decisions and to always treat them as their own person

Pui-San Morgans.

Rehabilitations assistant/ student nurse


I pledge to be kind and respectful and give dignity to the older person, see beyond the person in front of you, let them talk to their past as it means a lot to them


Retired nurse


I pledge to make each day count, provide quality care and make a difference.

Elizabeth Davies.

Student nurse



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