UCLAN Nursing Students 2017 pledge to make a difference


Thank you to our wonderful Friend Eve Potts, Senior Lecturer, at the University of Central Lancashire for inviting Tommy to speak to Nursing Students.

The day was very emotional spending time with #OurFutureNurses who have been studying together for the last 3 years.

Tommy has had the honour to speak at the university a few times before.  You can read the pledges from previous visits. 
Thank you for inviting us to take part in such a brilliant day, continued working together and for the inspiring pledges below.
Team #DCV

My pledge is to always remember the “person” and never to use labels like wanderer or challenging again, and to take this back and try to challenge my team to think and do the same.

Cath Haslam


I pledge to ask all the families whom I visit, how can I help you? What can I do to make your life easier? And listen. And try to make a difference and most of all, be kind.

Sarah Wood.

Pendleside Medical practice


I pledge to make a difference and to give the care that matter to the individual and their carers.

Sara Edwards.

Student nurse UCLAN


I pledge to put myself into their shoes.

Francis G

Student nurse UCLAN


I pledge always use positive language when referring to dementia and the people who have it and to encourage others to do the same.

Beth M.

Student nurse.


I pledge to spend time finding out what matters to my patients

Natalie Moore.

Student nurse and care assistant.


I pledge to always respect people with dementia and treat them as a person not as someone who has dementia.

Emma Welch.


I pledge to not let dementia define a person, it is also to support every patient I come across, I come across and carers and relatives to make them feel that they can overcome the fears they may feel when caring for a person living with dementia.

Amira Sidat

Student nurse.


I pledge to always treat every patient with kindness, always respect them and keep their dignity. To always listen to them, talk to them and value them.

Z. Bibi.

Student nurse.


I pledge to look after and care for my patients as though they are my parents. My pledge is to go the extra mile in kindness and make a difference.

N. Patel

Student nurse.


I pledge to care with warm and kindness and look at individuals more than just a patient.

Rimsha Mahmood.

Student nurse.


I pledge to listen to patients and their families more, take more time with patients.

Zoe Jackson

Student nurse. Assistant practitioner.


I pledge to listen, care and show kindness to all patients and relatives. Support each person the best I can. Treat each person as how I would like to be treated, be a voice, hand or shoulder.

Cathrine Graham

Student nurse.


I pledge to see the person, their story and the people and things that make up their story care for the person, not the illness.

Hannah Knight

Student nurse.


I pledge to get to know my patient on an individual base by spending an extra few mins.

Ceri Howes

Student nurse.


I pledge to emotionally support all vulnerable people, their families and carers.

Katie Lavery.

Student nurse.


I pledge to always remember the little things the holding of a hand, a smile, if remember. These, the people, provide care for will never forget

Charlotte Webster

Student nurse.


I pledge to always try my best to understand how someone is feeling and to always take the time to listen to them, because I care.

Abbey Bullen.

Student nurse.


I pledge to create happy, positive and relationship with the people I care for by keeping getting to know them and their history to help develop a positive future.

Stephanie Hoole.

Student nurse.


I pledge to listen and hear and show understanding and to help people feel less alone.


SN BVH Nurse.


I pledge to make more time to listen and find out what matters to that person. To be the best I can be and to be kind and supportive.

Emma Goodbier.

Staff nurse ward.


I pledge to treat people in a way I would like to be treated if I was to ever rely on help of others.


Student nurse.


I pledge to always be friendly, approachable and kind to my patients, to always listen and care of everybody as an individual person

Clare Walmsley

Student nurse.


I pledge to play a positive part in the lives of those living with dementia and their careers and families.

Sarah Jones.

Student nurse/ Health Assistant.


I pledge simply to care …for anyone, anywhere, ate any time to the very best of my abilities. I pledge to make at least one person smile each day.

Sadie Uttley

Mental health Student nurse. / support worker


I pledge to give my very best to care for people around me giving my love, care and time for as long as I am able for.


Staff nurse


I pledge to listening to my patient’s story and incorporating their believes and choices into their overall care.


Student nurse.


I pledge to support everyone who should go through this illness to prepare their mind to what will come.

Tommaso Pergolini

Staff nurse ELHT


I pledge to be as kind as humanly possible to people with dementia and their family and carers, to listen carefully, learn life stories, love and make a difference

Sarah Griffin.

Staff Nurse


I pledge to make a positive impact to every person I come across in my carrer and life, I will ensure they remember me for the young girl who made them smile and made a difference, through their time of need

P. Deegan.

Student nurse


I pledge to be kindness as first value being a nurse. And make the difference every day helping people who needs.

Garbirele D.

Staff nurse.


I pledge to get to know you as a person and will do my utmost beat to help you to keep your dignity…and make you feel safe amidst the madness in an acute environment

D.D. Fenton.



I pledge to listen and share people stories and what matters to them.


I pledge to find out what is important to the person first by looking at the individual Before the diagnosis.

S. Robbins.

Student nurse.


I pledge to always see past the medical condition and really get to know the person.

Emily F.

Student nurse.


I pledge to be the kindness most compassionate, thoughtful district nurse I can be.


I pledge to touch the lives of people who need care every day with kindness/ compassion/ respect.

Linda Ann Aspinall.

Mental Health Student Nurse


I pledge to take more time to listen to my patient’s stories and to empower my fantastic team to do the same

Hilary Mclaren

Ward manager.


I pledge to support staff do understand the importance of kindness and how they can make a difference every day, and for me do kindness to them

Sue Metters.

District nurse team leader.


I pledge to continue to promote the role of the district nurse and the fabulous work we achieve

J. Short.

District nurse, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust.


I pledge to do my utmost to make sure that no one feels scared or alone. I will treat all my patients as I would like my own to be treated.

Therese E.

Staff nurse


I pledge to ensure that I recognise people as their sotry, not a condition, not a diagnosis, and for the individual they and their family are!

Kelly Simpson.

Student nurse 3rd year ELHT


My pledge is to more listen to patients and do the best every day in my care for patients.


I pledge to care for people with respect and dignity to always see the person and not their condition.

K. Bramwell

Staff nurse



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