3rd Year Students – Portsmouth University Pledge



On 26th Jan 2017 Tommy visited 3rd year Radiography, Communication & Human Sciences Students at Portsmouth University.

Big thanks to Sue Crabb, Kevin Barrett, Katherine Barton and the inspiring 3rd year students for a fantastic day at the University.  Sue has been using films with Tommy and his mum Joan for the last couple of years as part of the curriculum, so it was lovely for Tommy to be able to attend in person this year and meet everyone.

Thank you from all the team at #DCV for the opportunity and wonderful pledges below.

Samira Abdi

I pledge to treat them with respect and dignity they deserve. To acknowledge their presence, listen stories, have patience and be compassionate towards them, it is them today it can be you tomorrow

University Portsmouth/Radiography


Kelly Stevens

I promise to look past and through every condition a see the person for the individual they are, treat that individual as I wold want any member of my family/ friends to be treated.

Student Radiographer PU


Gemma Lewis

I pledge to give patient care with a smile, a smile speaks a thousand words

Diagnostic Radiographer


Benjamin O.

I pledge to make all my best with dementia patients.

Student Radiographer


Christopher G

I promise to provide care and compassion dignity to improve or enhance patients’ experience


April James

I pledge to do my best to help people who cannot help themselves, I will go that extra smile to do the best I can. I pledge to always be kind.

Student University of Portsmouth


Lizzie Clarke

I pledge to give everyone a voice, especially those who cannot on their own, disorder does not define the person, see the person not the disorder, take any more time to ask.

Student Speech and Language Therapist.


Ruth Croome

I pledge to take time to listen, make time for my patient.

Student Radiographer.


Jay Kee-Pinner

I pledge to respect all those who deserve it, and ensure I provide the best care I can for the whole time I am a health care provider.

Student Therapeutic Radiographer


M Johnson

I pledge to remember that all people are human and to treat them as such to remember they are not just another patient.

Diagnostic Radiography Student – 3rd year


Jodie Edmunds

I pledge to always go the extra mile I can with all my patients I come into contact with, in or out of the dept.

Student Radiotherapist.


I pledge to treat every single patient with all respect and empathy. I will never make assumptions about their mental capacity.



I pledge to hear Tommy’s voice in every aspect of care I give, to just stop for a second and ensure I am doing my best

Assistant Practitioner, NHS


Hannah R.

I pledge to love my neighbour



Sara Peterson

I pledge to help people to find their safe

Student Radiographer.



I pledge to be kind to be considerate. That act of kindness that somebody needs, I pledge to be courage to educate somebody about what difference thee can make by an act of kindness

3rd year Student Radiographer.


Teererai M.

I pledge not to be kindness only, and compassionate inside work but also outside of it

Student Speech and Language Therapy


K Mapfumo

I pledge not to try to be judgemental when caring for people with dementia, take time to understand them and those they care for

Student Radiographer, UP.


Will Thomas

I pledge to continue to help those in a situation less fortunate than my own.




I promise to show kindness to every individual I meet not matter their circumstances

Student Radiographer PU.



I pledge to stop when dealing with dementia patients and consider what can I do to make biggest impact on their care.

Student Radiographer.



I pledge to be as helpful as I can and try to make a difference for them. The people who need a little help to get their message throughout.

Student at UP.


Sophic Wilson

I pledge to make a lasting positive impression on every patient/ patient’s family, to go the extra mile!

Diagnostic Radiographer.


Rebecca M

I pledge to everyone who had been emerged to remember being the radiographer as a positive experience to lead to a diagnosis.

University of Portsmouth Radiography Student


Alexandra Gunter

I pledge to treat the carer as well as the patient, also five the carer extra time and check if there is anything I can do for them as well as the patient.

Student Radiographer


Kiera O’Brien

I pledge to make sure that every patient knows that I care about them as a unique individual.

Student Radiographer (diagnosis)

I pledge to make a difference when even I found myself provide the best care and compassion to every one

I pledge to have and care about everyone, appreciate and refer to people as their names not condition they have. Respect others as I would like to be respected and treated.

I pledge to get to know every individual patient behind the condition they present with.


Alys Williams

I pledge to treat everyone with respect and for the person they are, not just what their condition is.

Therapeutic Radiography


Dylna Moss

I pledge to not lose sight of why I chose to care, I will always see my patients as people and not illness.

Diagnostic Radiographer, Queen Alexandra Hospital.


Hannah G.

I pledge to make a difference to people’s lives. No matter how small it was.

Therapy Radiographer


Ashleigh Manning.

I pledge to take time to say hello to my patients, and treat them as a person not the condition.

Diagnostic Radiographer


Below is a pledge we received in twitter.  Thank you to @lynnisit 

My pledge is that as a registered nurse and ward dementia link I will be that person who makes the difference to my patients, their loved ones, carers and my colleagues by caring, informing and teaching. I will not let the standards fall!


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