Scunthorpe Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference


24th Jan 2017 was Dementia Carer Voices Visit to Scunthorpe Hospital to hear about our Make a Difference Campaign, Tommy`s caring experience and see people make a pledge.

Thank you to John Hill – Chair, Jane Elizabeth Tooke – Secretary and all at the RCN Humber branch fo inviting us to the Hospital.

You can follow the Trust on Twitter at @NHSNLag

The branch heard Tommy speak at the RCN Congress in Glasgow and kindly put on an open event at the hospital.

You can read the amazing pledges below.

image2   image1


Melanie Graves

I pledge to ask who matters to you, what matters to you, + Be flexible.

Assistant Director of Nursing Head of Quality.


Georgina Foster

I pledge to be an advocate, a person that will listen and provide the hugest possible standard of care I can

Staff Nurse


Wendy Swan

I pledge to be kind always

MacMillan End of Life Lead Community.


Megan Gutteidge

I pledge to include patients and families on this care and deliver care individualise to them

Paediatric Staff Nurse A+E


Sue Colisland

I pledge to make more time to listen

Executive Director


Sue Wilson

I pledge to ask the right questions and what matters to you!

Community Nurse


Carol Gray

I pledge to learn about what matters and about every patient I care for.

Quality Matron


I pledge to take the time


Kerrie Simon

I pledge to provide the best nursing care I can give and take the time to listen to people

Staff Nurse


David Welburn

I pledge to improve dementia care in the acute setting

Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialist.


Tara Filby

I pledge to take more time each day to listen to what really matters to our staff

NLAG Chief Nurse


Rachel Greonbech

I pledge to ensure to have me reiterate the message what matters and who matters to you

Quality Matron Lead for Dementia


Karen Dunderdale

I pledge to keep a smile everyday

Active CEO


Kate Scott

I pledge to be that district nurse that walked through your door and put her arm round you

Dementia CNS


Karen S.

I pledge to always see the person and give hope

Staff Nurse


Sara Wood

I pledge to never stop looking for the person.

Quality Matron


I pledge not to be scared and take time


I pledge to be as kind and thoughtful as possible to every I meet


Robyn Roberts

I pledge to get to know people with dementia and help families that way I would like myself and my family to be treated

Staff Nurse NLAG



I pledge to make sure I remember your story when caring for all my patients

Paediatric Staff Nurse


Richard Painter

I pledge to try to be better at what I do

Specialist Safeguarding



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2 comments on “Scunthorpe Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference
  1. Jane-Elizabeth Tooke says:

    It was a pleasure to welcome Tommy to Scunthorpe from Jane -Elizabeth Tooke & John Hill RCN Humber Branch

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