Keele University and North Staffordshire Healthcare pledge to make a difference

Day 1





Big thanks to Colin Burgess, Julie Green and all at Keele University and North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare for the brilliant 4 talks at Keele University.

Day 2 





We are so very grateful for the opportunity and for all the incredible pledges that you can read below.  Special  thanks also to Professor Sue Read for presenting Tommy with the wonderful story project booklet and picture.

You can read more from Colin who arranged the talks with Julie Green below

“It’s been a great pleasure Supporting Tommy Whitelaw with his recent 2 day visit to North Staffordshire with his ‘You can make a difference’ talks, Inspiring an audience of Student nurses, Nurses and other healthcare professionals from across the local area.  The visit has been facilitated and supported by Keele University (Julie Green @jagreen121) , the Royal College of Nursing North Staffordshire Branch, and North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare (NHS) Trust, especially Maria Nelligan @Nell1Maria (Director of Nursing and Quality), Julie-Anne Murray @JulieAnneM2016 (Head of Nursing and Professional Practice), Carol Sylvester (Deputy Director of Nursing) and Wendy Mountford @wendyemountford (Speaker).  I feel honoured and humbled to have had the privilege to present alongside Tommy.    Best wishes  Colin Burgess @StaffsOatcakes #makeadifference #wmty17 #bethatnurse #kindness”

Samantha H.

I pledge to care for each person that I meet as I would like to be cared for myself

2nd year student nurse.


Seam Nadeem.

I pledge to be the best version of myself every day to provide the best possible care and support for everybody, particularly dementia patients and to see them as a person not as illness

Junior nursing assistant


Rebecca Hayes,

I pledge to continue to offer all the patients and relatives that I meet a listening ear to help them get the correct services and equipment that they required to help them to live a life that the deserve.

Discharge facilitator


Carole Goodwin

I pledge to continue to raise awareness to dementia to see the person and not the condition, taking my inspiration from the little I know of Joan and Tommy Whitelaw.

Head nurse for dementia


Julie A.

I pledge to always see the person whether service user, college or carer encourage all our nurse to do the same.

Head of nursing.


Maria W.

I pledge to introduce pledge trees to support who am I, at North Staff Combined Trust. Thank you.

Director of nursing and quality.


Megan Rowley

I pledge to keep everyone’s love sotry going and to keep asking questions throughout my entire career, and always try to make a difference.

Student nurse, first year.


Christina Rowley.

I pledge to be kind, to continue being kind every day of my life to bring love into all my patients.

Advanced nurse practitioner


Rebecca F.

I pledge to always ask how do you feel about me doing that for you… how do you fell about me doing that to you!

Practice development nurse theatres


Natasha Harley

I pledge to take the time to listen to those who need help, who feel scared or lonely.

Student nurse at Keele U.


I pledge to ask: What matters to you?


Laura Price

I pledge to ensure I always think of a patient as a person and that we have and had and will have our own life stories and love stories, not just think about helping the person in our care, but also their family

Tissue viability.


Sue Parker

I pledge to raise awareness of dementia within my own clinical area, living with dementia and importantly the person and the carers, how can we make that difference, what matters?

Senior practice development team theatres.



I pledge to keep listening and give time.

Complex care nurse


Elaine Goulden

I pledge to provide the best care for people and their families who are going through dementia.

Lead RMN- AMG nursing care.



I pledge to stop and take the time to listen, rally listen to people and those who care for them.

Training co-ordinator.


I pledge to learn more about dementia and find out what matters to a person and who matters.


Lynne B.

I pledge to continue promoting in my training role “what matters to you” “who matters to you” and use the gift of become a nurse to make a difference and never underestimate the little things that are so important.




I pledge to listen and hear the love stories

Nursing lecture, Keele U.



I pledge to try to help care staff who work with me to see the individual person and be less task orientated.



Jeanne C.

I pledge to listen more, comfort and care more with patient living with dementia to make them feel better.

Staff nurse.


I pledge to listen and take the time with loved one’s patients and their careers, to have a better understanding of their story.


Jane Fenton

I pledge to share the awareness of the impact of dementia on people in everything I do.

Keel S. Nursing teaching fellow.


Dawn Beech.

I pledge to remember the person they were and not always who they are now, the patient’s story.

District nurse.


Hannan Copeland.

I pledge to make a difference to all patients and carers, to really see the person and promote the same in those I want alongside.

Specialist practice student


Natalie Sherlock

I pledge to never walk past, to listen, care and love.

Adult nursing student.



I pledge to focus on “what matters to you” people within my practice a personal life to truly practice in a person-centred way.

Student nurse


Shara Ahorro

I pledge to take the time to listen and to be more patients and more understanding and see the person as an individual.

Student nurse.


Louse Issar

I pledge to meet and support wonderful patients and their families and carers, when qualified I will continue to listen and support those people and their love stories.

Student nurse


Gillian M.

I pledge to care for and listen from the bottom of my heart to patient’s sotry. I will care wherever I go, be it supermarkets, bus, public toilet or streets.

Adult nursing student.


Laura Allan.

I pledge to find out what matters to the person and what their story is, to keep their story going.

Student nurse.


Diane Clarke

I pledge to make a difference.

Adult student nurse.


Paula wood.

I pledge to introduce “what matters to you” and “who matters to you”, “who are you” into our community, also encourage teams to reflections what has been good today!

Professional lead for adult nursing.


Jennifer P

I pledge to take the time to get to know all my patient and threat them with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Student nurse, 2nd year.



I pledge to make a difference.

Adult nursing student.



I pledge to listen to my patients and dedicate time to them.

Student nurse.


Emily Briers.

I pledge to do my best to ensure my patients and families I carers do not fell alone.

Student nurse.


Sarah Hudson

I pledge to be caring and compassionate and try my best to understand who my patient really is and what matters to them, I will encourage in my team to do the same.

Specialist practitioner student. In district nursing


Claire Wheeler

I pledge to ensure I continue to teach my students to listen and ask questions about the patient that they are not a condition but a wife, husband, son that they have a life that is important.

Practice educator district nursing.


Dr. A Poder.

I pledge to ensure that I continue to have respect and kindness for everyone I meet to, and always consider how they are feeling and show dignity, empathy and respect.

Lecturer in nursing director of learning and teaching.



I pledge to visit and explore the local memory clinic for people life learning disabilities and dementia.

Professor of learning disability


Marie Breeze

I pledge to listen and ask about my patients, their own love stories.

Practice nurse.


Judy Davies.

I pledge to refer to people as challenging a lot less and to find out their story.

Registered general nurse.


Tracie B.

I pledge to be kind, to always listen to always treat others as I would what to be treated.


Wendy M

I pledge to ask people who I work alongside and patients, families, I care for, what matters to you and who matters to you.

Memory clinic manager.


Josephine Povey.

I pledge to is “CHALLENGING”

Matron, North Staff Combined Health care.


Debra Belfield.

I pledge to listen to my patients and not presume that I know what they want or feel.

Clinical educator.


Emma Wright.

I pledge to get to know who my patients are as well as treating their condition.


Charlotte Wooliscroft

I pledge to always treat people as people and not as illness, I pledge to make a difference to a career, I l pledge to be kind and caring always.

Adult student nurse.


Chelsea Lowe

I pledge to make a difference to every patients and family who has a family member with dementia.

Student nurse.


Kath Willians.

I pledge to stand up against staff or practices that do not value the person with dementia above all other factors

Student nurse.


Robert C.

I pledge to push for improvement in the provision of care, and to always see the person.

Student nurse.


Roisin Black

I pledge to listen and see the person, to help families recapture their relationships by caring for their loved one holistically t show care.

Clinical lead.


Shannon Statham

I pledge not to put an automatically label on an individual, to always remain person centred and never stop caring, even when it gets tough, busy or stressful.

Student nurse.


Gracia Osako

I pledge to continue to provide care with respected, compassion and dignity to matter what cerium stance, I will always act as my patient’s advocate.

Student nurse.


Favour O.

I pledge to continue to come out personalised care to patients under my care, I pledge to make them feel like a person.

Student nurse.


Lauren Rose Wight.

I pledge to always listen, to never judge or label, to see a person with a past and family and not a medical condition and to help as much as I can to make a difference.

Student nurse.


Jodie Bladen

I pledge to listen and offer support to any carer of a person with dementia and let them know there’ s always somebody therefore them to turn to.

Student nurse.


Iwona M.

I pledge to always ask a patient what matters and who matters to them.

Student nurse.


Katy Ray.

I pledge to ask patients about their life, their past and their family.

Student nurse.


Eugenia M.

I pledge to be kind, love, humble, polite, patient, support and care, and have compassion.

Student nurse.


Julie Green.

I pledge to put kindness at the heart of all I do. To see the person not the patient.

Lecture in nursing.


Amy Bryan.

I pledge to get to know individuals who I care for, regardless of their illness, diagnosis, and to make every individual I meet, smile every day.

Student nurse.


Sue Jackson.

I pledge to encourage and promote nurses and health professionals I work with, to watch tommy’s DVD the motivational message gives a life to nurses who are feeling very lost, tommy made me feel proud of be a nurse.

SSOTP, professional lead, adult nursing.



I pledge to be the best possible nurse that I can be to see the person not the illness and ensure they have the best quality of life.

Student nurse.


Emma Woolcock

I pledge to care for every single person I can, the best that I possibly can to see the person under the illness and take my time to speak to patients and families to understand the lives the lead.

Student nurse


Victoria de Luna

I pledge to find a smile for people even when I am having a bad day, when I am rushed and have a hundred things to do.

Student of nursing.


Caroline T,

I pledge to have compassion and listen, and ask and do in someone’s dark and good times. To have courage to be an advocate for the patient and their carer.

Student nurse


Daniel R.

I pledge to recognise people as the individuals that they are and not as the condition that they have

Student nurse.


Mairead Hampton

I pledge to ensure that people with dementia have a voice and to provide the best care I can. To be an advocate for those with dementia as well as their mental health disorder who also suffer with dementia.

Student mental health.


Emyly Jane Hamson

I pledge to treat people as an individual, provide a high standard of care, promote independence and empowerment for others.

Adult student nurse.


Jennie Loraso

I pledge to always care about people, care about their families a care about what matters to them most.

Care co-ordinator.


I pledge to remain open mind about the person /patients I work with, my organisation and my practise.


Megan England

I pledge to hold their hands when they are scared.

Student nurse.


Amanda Cope.

I pledge to listen and try to understand how people are feeling.

Practice development team.


Rachel P.

I pledge to love, listen, care and make time to know everyone I meet.



Wendy Thorley.

I pledge to never stop listenin, touching and caring till the end of my career.

Stoke, MHT for older people team leather NSCHT


Anna Dunn

I pledge to spend that little extra time to talk about my patient’s personal life, what they enjoy what they love.

CPN, Older Adults CMHT.


Jane D,

I pledge to be an active dementia friend, until today I have not promoted this, but I promise to do now

Memory clinic.


Julie Pickin

I pledge to treat everyone with kindness, always.

Clinical nurse specialist Parkinson’s.


Louise B.

I pledge to listen and understand the people I care for, and to do my best to make a difference.



Amber S,

I pledge to always listen to my patients, discover what mattes to them an always offer care to the best of my ability.

Student children’s nurse.


Abbie Sims.

I pledge to learn more about my patients lives, their hobbies, family and interests

Student nurse



I pledge to try and give everyone I meet hope and to make them fell they matter.

Student mental health.


Ella Whittaker

I pledge to always find out about my patients and make a difference to their story.

Student nurse


Hannan Balley.

I pledge to make sure I found out who and what matters to the people I care for.

Adult student nurse.


Kelsea M.

I pledge to see pasta every illness and to see the person firs for who they are and not just their illness.

Adult student nurse.


Lauren Peck

I pledge to go above and beyond for every patient that I care for, to make even a slight difference to how they feel

Student nurse.


Christopher Caci.

I pledge to be the most empowering nurse just like you, Tommy. I pledge to have the courage to love and care for every one of my patients, family, friends, every other beautiful person I meet.

Student nurse, nursing assistant.


I pledge to take the time needed to get to know the lives I work with, to ask about them and what is important to them



I pledge to listen to all the people I care for, now and in the future and learn their stories.

Student nurse


Jessica S.

I pledge to listen to people’s stories asking them what and who matters to them

Student nurse.


Hannan W.

I pledge to listen to my patients and learn what matters to them, to help to make a difference.

District nursing student.


Julie Davies

I pledge to see past the dementia, and find out about the person within.

Senior staff Nurse


Caroline Reeves.

I pledge to continue educating about dementia and end of life care planning.

Keele Uni.


Julie Longson

I pledge to keep working about how important relationships are and how important people are.

Keel Uni.


Rachel Musson

I pledge to always keep the person at the centre of care and see them for a person and not their diagnosis. “what and who matters to you”

Student nurse


Megan Armstrong

I pledge to dedicate my all to each patient I come across and look past their medical condition and treat them like the individual they are

Student nurse.


Danielle A.

I pledge to devote more of my time dissenting information about prevention, exemplifying a healthy lifestyle and opening conversations about difficult issues within the community

Year 2 adult student nurse


Jasmine Washington

I pledge to never stop seeing the individual no matter the condition, to always learn their love story.

Learning disabilities student



I pledge to listen to patients but also their families a time a listening everyone matters.



Paige Nutton

I pledge to ensure listen to all my patients and what they must say and with any concerns I also pledge to take the time to get to know who they are and what thy like to do

Student nurse


Chloe Wain

I pledge to learn my patients’ story, what and who matters to them

Mental health student nurse.


I pledge to use my life knowledge skills and experience to care for people students and colleagues as I would my own family continue to be kind and be thoughtful in my conversations.


Jessica Hickman

I pledge to do everything in my power to make sure everyone I meet is left a big smile and the knowledge they have a friend in me

Student adult nurse


I pledge to give time to listen and understand and to help in any way possible


Eleanor Greenhalgh

I pledge to learn more about my patients’ stories and to ensure the families receive better support

Student nurse KU



I pledge to make sure I see more than just a condition and try to see them as a person

Nursing student


Arnelle Stinson

I pledge to ask everyone who I care for what matters and who matters to them

Student nurse


Jody Kent

I pledge to make a difference and to always ask what matters and who matters to you, and to listen

Student nurse.


Hannah Price

I pledge always to fulfil my obligation as a nurse by ensuring no bode is ever alone, carers and patients.

Student nurse


I pledge to show more emotional support to carers. To see the husband/ wife/ daughter/ son… not just the carer



I pledge to kindness, care, compassion, patient, dignity.

Student paediatric nurse.



I pledge to never let being busy get in the way of having a conversation with a patient to find out what matters most to them

Student nurse.


Katie Palmer

I pledge to be kind to every person I come across and to try and make people smile every day

Student nurse (2nd year)


Emma Kirkham

I pledge to always recognise the person firs and not the condition. To spend more time to listen, to who they are and their stories!

Student nurse


Charis H.

I pledge to listen to my patients I love starry.

Student nurse


Hannah Layton

I pledge to ask what matters and who matters and be the best mental health nurse I can

Student metal health nurse


Amy Woodhouse.

I pledge to care the best I can, when I can for if I can.

Student nurse.


I pledge to see the person and not see the condition, every person has a story.


Madeline Wood

I pledge to take the time to listen to every ones’ love story, to try to make as much difference in their care I can

Student nurse


Natasha Harvey

I pledge to always see the person first and then help the illness.

Student nurse



I pledge to make a conscious effort to understand and get to know the person behind the illness

Student nurse


I pledge to try and recognise carers needs as well as patients.


Anna Pott

I pledge to offer support to patients and relatives and carers. Always showing that I am someone they can come and take to about anything that is on their mind, listening to what matters

Student nurse


Charlotte D.

I pledge to always see the person.

Student nurse



I promise to be grateful and make the most of being able to wrap my arms around my mum still

Student nurse


Rebecca Lorenz

I pledge to empower my patients to keep their independence for as long as possible. Give the extra time needed.

Student nurse


Andrew M

I pledge to listen a person’s story.

Student nurse


Kimberley G.

I pledge to do my best to be a fantastic mental health nurse, and to take into account every patients strength and weakness. I will fulfil my role as a carer in a respectful and dignified way.

Student nurse mental health


Stephanie S.

I pledge to make a difference to people lives even if I just help are person to stop fear and provide some hope

Student nurse


Resie L.

I pledge to pay more attentions to my patients’ thoughts and feelings and listen to their story and what makes them who they are.

Student nurse


Lynette Smith

I pledge to ask what matters, find out who matters and do what matters I will try to do the best I can and be kind always

Student nurse


Lisa Roberts.

I pledge to never forget the reason, I wanted to become a nurse in the first place, to care, to never forget that there is a person within every patient who deserves to be treated with dignity, respect. I pledge to always show kindness.

Student nurse


Mathew keeling.

I pledge to ensure that the care I provide is always personalised to that patient person

Student nurse


Becky Wright

I pledge to learn my patients story and to find out what matters to them. To keep their love story going.

Student nurse


I promise to listen more and to actively say in her to hold your hand



I pledge to take the time to learn people’ s stories and being the helping hand the need.

Student nurse


I pledge to see person first and not their illness


Hayley Kirkham

I pledge to continue listening and appreciating the person I am caring for.

Student nurse



I pledge to learn a patients’ story and see past their medical conditions and see the person they are.

Student nurse


Louse Nixon

I pledge to be the kind of nurse that always listen and has a shoulder to cry on, to always remember the little things that make people who they are

Student nurse



I pledge to always remember how important little things can be


Abbie Smith

I pledge to find my patients’ favourite things are and try to surrender them with these.

Children’ s nurse (student)


Jodie Woolley

I pledge to remember why I chose this profession and remember how lucky I am every day to be privileged to care for those in needed.

Student nurse


Jenny P

I pledge to listen and understand individual’s situations occurring in their lives.

Student nurse


Hannah Palser

I pledge to ensure every patient I care for feel safe and comfortable to look past the illness and look and care for the individual.

Student nurse



I pledge to care and make time to be there for people even if it is just to be there and listen to them.

Student nurse


Tayla Swinton

I pledge to listen to my patients lives and find out their story

Student nurse


Zahraa A.

I pledge that every patient and family I meet I will try my hardest to make sure that I am providing them with the best care

Student nurse


Shita Matende

I pledge to always listen to my patient and make a difference to their life

Student nurse


Frederick N

I pledge to promote and make or educate people about dementia every time

Student nurse



I pledge to be kind, understanding, know the person and have an awareness of carers night.

Student nurse


Samantha Haydock

I pledge to care for each and every person that I come into contact with as I wold like to be cared for myself

2nd year Student nurse


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3 comments on “Keele University and North Staffordshire Healthcare pledge to make a difference
  1. […] and Julie Anne helped support 4 talks at Keele University with Tommy and Colin and invited tommy to speak at the trust […]

  2. […] and Julie Anne helped support 4 talks at Keele University with Tommy and Colin and invited Tommy to speak at the trust […]

  3. […] was proud to speak for Julie last year at over 4 talks a partnership with the University and North Staffordshire Combined NHS Trust arranged by Julie and […]

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