Tommy Keynote Speaker at Northampton General Hospital

5th December 2016 saw our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw, invited to Northampton General Hospital Study Day as Keynote Speaker.  Thank you to Rachel Morris, RCN Rep at Northampton General Hospital for arranging the day and for inviting Tommy to share his story and the Dementia Carer Voices Project work.

Rachel said:

‘Having seen Tommy speak at Royal College of Nursing Congress in Glasgow it resonated with my own recent personal experience of losing a much loved relative to dementia, my ‘Pledge’ was to share Tommy’s message that Dementia care needs to change within my home county of Northamptonshire.  I set up the day and invited Tommy to be our keynote speaker.

We also invited:

Dawne Garratt Professional Lead – Older People and Dementia Care,

Hilda Hayo – Chief Admiral Nurse & CEO Dementia UK

Jules Osmany Red Lippy Lady

Debbie Wigley – Dementia Liaison Nurse NGH

Jill Garratt – Dementia Nurse Specialist NGH

Dr Sarah Vince – Emergency department NGH

Dr Mihaela Ene – Clinical lead for Dementia NGH

Alzheimer’s society

Northamptonshire carers

Northampton General Hospital Dementia buddies

Karen Wesley – Occupational Therapist  Dementia lead NGH

Deborah Haynes – RCN Professional development lead East Midlands

Around 75 attendees from both NHS and Private Care from Northamptonshire attending the day, gaining some valuable experience, knowledge and insight.  The feedback has been great and most liked to hear from the personal stories from Tommy & Jules.

Here are some positive comments from the day:

‘Tommy Whitelaw – emotional , inspiring and compassionate’

‘carer experience – very emotional’

‘loved all the sessions’

‘I liked tommy’s presentation –good to gain a carers understanding of living with dementia’

‘tommy Whitelaw & Jules Osmany – carer experience very important to hear’

‘an eye opener liked all the sessions’

Massive thanks to those who attended and made a pledge to make a difference.

As always you can view the pledges below.

Thank you, Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to be my patients advocate.

H.Hale – Specialist Nurse CEM

I pledge to inform staff members about dementia to improve how we care for these patients, to improve patient and family experience.

Deirdre Kvist – Clinical site practioner

I pledge to be an example to others.

I pledge to always see “the person” and find out what matters to them.

I pledge to keep raising the issues I see need changing for the care for patients with dementia in hospital.

I pledge to become a buddy for other volunteer new local reps to share experiences and support.

I will take more time to speak with carers and understand the patient’s routines.

Tina Sara Kurien – Staff Nurse

I pledge to cascade my knowledge to others in a way that they can understand and put into action.  Sharon Goodall – Registered Home Manager

I pledge to treat all people, patient and cares, as individuals and unique.

I pledge to ensure that the Northampton’s mental health liaison service becomes aware and informed of today`s seminar information and contacts.

Carol – I.P.T Depression Therapist

I pledge to become a dementia friend.

Alex Scott – RMN/RCN Steward Northampton NHS Trust

I pledge to never see dementia but to always see the person.

Paula – RGN Shirelodge



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