#UCLAN 3rd Year Nursing Students add pledges


With great thanks to Paul Regan, Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire for inviting Tommy to speak to 3rd year Nursing Students on the last day of attending University before going out into practice.

The day was very emotional spending time with #OurFutureNurses who have been studying together for the last 3 years.

Tommy has had the honour to speak at the university a few times before. You can read the pledges from previous visits HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Thank you for inviting us to take part in such a special day and for the inspiring pledges below.

Team #DCV

I pledge to always do the best I can to ensure patients and families get the help and care they need. And to ensure that all dementia patients are given a who I am, document on admission.

Yasmine Thomas

I pledge to always remember that my patient is a person with feelings and not just a condition, I will always treat them as I would want my family to be treated.

A Murphy.

I pledge to treat everyone like you want to be treated to be kind and compassionate nurse

Samira Mohamed

I pledge to always put patients first no matter what the circumstances

Nicola Adamson

I pledge to treat my patients as individuals and ensure I remain compassionate in my job.


We pledge to listen and be kind and patient towards everyone we meet during our long carriers as nurses

I pledge to be the nurse that I aspired to be during my training.


I pledge to continue to make a difference to my patients, family and friends every day!

Jenna Longden

I pledge to be kind, resilient and remain compassionate throughout adversity and hardship.

Zara Khan

I pledge to do what’s best for my patients and advocate for those who haven’t got a voice.

Lisa Cullum

I pledge to be kind, caring, and compassionate. Continue making a difference to help patients and their families

Lauren Edwards.

I pledge never to forget the person and to always try to make a difference every day.

Sean Bradley

I pledge to understand my patients as the person they are.

Aimee Taylor

I pledge to find Joan in a bed number

W. Wright

I pledge to always recognise carers, and the amazing job they do, and tell them that.

Sarah Foster

I pledge to continue to be passionate about what I do.

F. Patel

I pledge to continue to treat my patients with the greatest care and compassion and listen always.

Natasha T.

I pledge to continue to give 110% to the profession, respect others, be non-judgemental to people in our care.

Ryan Tobing.

I pledge to be the eyes of the blind, the love of life for the suicidal and the leg of the amputee

Reanne White.

I pledge to care for dementia patients appropriately, fulfilling privacy and dignity throughout

I pledge that I will continue to be kind and compassionate to always listen and treat people with respect, dignity and individuality. I will continue to ensure that those with dementia and others families and carers are supported.

Stephanie D

I pledge to always see the person and ask what matters to them


I pledge to help and care for any person who needs it, As a nurse as a daughter, mother, sister, auntie, friend or stranger. Everyone deserves to have someone to turn to in their time of need.

Gillian Lister.

I pledge to treat my patients with kindness and dignity and respect, and offer support to whoever needs it every day.

Rebecca Crawford.

I pledge to treat patients patiently, always carry out person centred care and find out patients past before dementia to best carry out care. Always be compassionate and listen to relatives and offer support.

Elizabeth Slater

I pledge to never lose that quality that remember people what nursing is about kindness, compassion, care and patience.


I pledge the health and feelings of my patients will always be my first consideration


I pledge to ask the question more, what would you want? To my patients.

I pledge to be the best I can be to make sure my students are the best they can be.

Gareth Bell.

I pledge to ensure that no patients in my care feels lonely and scared without someone to talk to because I will always make time for them. I will be their carer but also their friend and voice when needed.

Marie Stanley

I pledge to remember the person at the heart of every aspect of care

Charlotte Thompson

I pledge to come from kindness, enriched with compassion, when approaching every individual.

Kathryn Ann Carter

I pledge to remember my compassion and commitment to all the patients I meet throughout my whole career thinking about why I am a nurse and how proud it makes me.


I pledge to be there for all my patients and their family when they are going through times, and guide my patients who are scared and unsure.

Caroline Alison

I pledge to see and find the beautiful and unique story behind the diagnosis of the person I am caring.

I pledge to make a difference in looking after people with dementia by treating with same respect like everybody else

Antonette Tejada

I pledge not to forget the little things, the important things, to take the time to ask to know my patient


I pledge to make a difference to dementia lives through time promotion or music therapy with the hospital setting to reduce anxiety


I pledge to find the glimmer of light in the darkest of times

Rhianna Mitchell

I pledge to stop people saying suffering with dementia, but living with dementia


I pledge to challenge poor practice whoever and whenever I see it.

Johnathan Crane

I pledge to be a voice for those that cannot speak, to care for those affected with this horrific terminal illness, I aim to understand and promote their life and story, not their diagnosis

Rachel Harvey

I pledge to be an advocate for the patients in my care to listen to do everything I can to provide the best care possible

Sophie Harvey.


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One comment on “#UCLAN 3rd Year Nursing Students add pledges
  1. Elizabeth Mulenga Ng'onga says:

    I pledge to respect and put patients first

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