DCV Speaking Erskine Hospital January 17th 2017

Massive thanks to our great friend Derek Barron @Derek Barron for the kind invite to speak (2 talks at Erskine Hospital 17th January 2017 .

Erskine is Scotland’s foremost provider of care for veterans and their spouses.

We are so very honoured to be invited and continue our great relationship with Derek.  We Launched our first pledge talks and trees with Derek back in 2015 at NHSAA  along with a short film.

We are looking forward to continue our work together with Derek over the coming years in this new role as Director of Care and linking up with our great friend Janice McAlister @janicemcalister again at the talks.

You can view more info about Erskine and the day below.

Erskine is Scotland’s foremost provider of care forveterans and their spouses, Erskine provides unrivalled nursing, residential, respite and dementia care within four homes across Scotland.

An important aspect of ensuring the care we provide is of the highest standard is to ensure our staff have the training, skills and knowledge to support them in delivering compassionate, person and relationship based care.

On 17th January we will be holding two training sessions for our staff, focused on delirium and dementia.  The event will take a four pronged approach, each neatly dovetailing together to provide a rounded view of delirium and dementia.

Clinical: Dr Claire Copeland (consultant physician) will provide a clinical perspective of the signs and symptoms of delirium, the need for urgent identification and intervention, Janice McAlister (Alzheimer Scotland Nurse Consultant) will provide a similar input focused on dementia.

Physical activity: Janet Leith (Physiotherapist -Erskine) will provide an overview perspective if the impact of delirium on physical activity.

Relative: We will have two different Erskine relatives speaking (one morning, one afternoon) and National Carer lessons: Tommy giving a personal but national dementia carers perspective.

The learning outcome for our staff will be increased clinical knowledge to enable to them to better recognise and treat delirium, and a great understanding of their personal impact on the lives of those with whom we share care.


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