St Giles Hospice Pledge to Make a Difference



Massive  thanks to Theresa Barker, Head of Education and Skills, Emily, Elaine and all the team at St Giles Hospice for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at two events on dementia at the Hospice.

Theresa and Tommy met when both speaking at events over the last few years and we where thrilled when Theresa organised two ‘Make a Difference’ talks at the Hospice.



We are so inspired by the great people and work of St Giles. You can read the fantastic pledges from the day below.

Thank you to all from all the DCV team. 


I pledge to make eye contact, to smile and to be tender to all who I come into contact with through work.

I pledge to make a difference to the lovely people I care for that have dementia. Every single day. To listen, to hold their hands, to smile. To care.

I pledge to listen, but more importantly hear what is needed and to act accordingly with kindness.

I pledge to always work with the people care for and to keep them at the heart of what we do, no matter what barriers stand in our way. Jackie – OT

Take time to put a hand on a shoulder and as the questions that matter to them not me.

I pledge to spread the word of knowledge and understanding and what a difference that makes if everyone did this just a little bit more.

I pledge to help people in my community and listen to their feelings to try to make lives better.

I pledge to allow time, to listen, to ask and to find the life of the person.

I pledge to take time to stop, listen and see the person. Engage with that person as I would like to be engaged with. Ann F

I feel I have the most privileged job in the world. To share such an important part of someone’s life, when they are most scared and vulnerable. I will continue to make a difference to people’s lives every day. Constantly listing and making them feel special.

I pledge to be open to opportunities when someone is in need and to give to that person a moment of kindness, compassion and love.

I pledge to be a good listener, a helping hand, to keep in touch and to always give a smile. Small things really do make a difference.

Its always been the little things in life that makes the difference…I pledge to be kind, caring, be there to patients, families and friends needing supports to.

Support, care, listen and do what matters.

I be able to enrich people’s life with listening to their life, and make them feel like the person they need to express.

I pledge to continue to give my upmost care and live to my patients and make a difference to their life. Jenny Francis

As a carer to try and make more time to listen which isn’t always easy when there is a time issue.

I pledge to never lose sight of caring for my patients as if they were my own family, giving the best care that I can deliver every day.

I pledge to take time to listen to what matters to people and to be kind. Alison Jerram – St Giles Hospice Lottery Manager.

I pledge to try to always look past the diagnosis of dementia and see and hear the person.

I pledge to bring some joy and kindness into the lives of those I meet.

I pledge that when I am on my night duty and tired at 3am and losing my patience I will remember and practice that “all you need is love”. Edwards Lane. RGN

I pledge to make sure St Giles Hospice is able to care for people with dementia that our care does not exclude those who need us the most. Emma Hodges

I pledge to listen and to make a difference to my residents and their families. D.Kelly

I pledge to hear and see the person beyond the reason I’m supporting them.

I will try my best to make others feel special.

I pledge to continue to offer the hand of friendship and support to cares and their loved ones on their journey.

I pledge to support Julian as he looks after his wife. Susan

I pledge to make someone smile and feel safe each day. Becky Clempson – Bonehill Lodge

I pledge to care more from the heart, instead of the head.

I pledge to take the time to truly listen and then act where I can.

I pledge to be kinder to everyone every day.

I pledge to always make a difference in the lives of people with dementia, and to always see the person behind the condition.

I pledge to listen longer, understand people`s needs better and to speak out. Consider when needed as I support them. Karen Platt

I pledge a tree for S.G and registered managers.

I will continue to offer open contact with me in between my clients set appointments and contact time. “It’s ok to call me don’t want to let it build-up”

To always try to do the best for the people I care for.

My pledge is to do my very best when with people – Give them more time.

I pledge to consider the impact of language used towards others and how support can make such a difference.

To live and share with kindness and love – always.

I pledge to always find out what matters.

I pledge to make my staff learn from what Tommy, made me think about today.

I pledge to make every conversation I have as if it were the first time I had heard. I pledge to listen.

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