Dementia Ambassadors across Scotland add Pledges


The team would like to thank Bupa Admiral Nurses, Gareth Hammond and Tom Bohlke for inviting Tommy to speak at the Bupa Dementia Ambassadors Conference in Glasgow on 30th Nov 2016.

Care home ambassadors from all across Scotland where in Glasgow for the day at the event to share work and learn together.


Thank you to all for the great kindness and inspirational pledges below.

We are looking forward to visiting many of the people we met today early next year to launch more #makeadifference Pledge trees across the country.

Team DCV

I pledge to listen more and do more and be kinder to everyone involved

Vicky Bradley

I pledge to be the best and listen to everyone

Claire MacNelly

I pledge to care and support every person I care for as an individual, learning and supporting their individual needs. I promise to give the best care I can and always listen and know their life story and what makes that person happy.

Pamela Ross

I pledge to learn about everyone I care for story no matter the communication barrier.

Kerry O’Rourke

I pledge to continue holding hands and giving cuddles reassuming and listening to the stories. This is what I do best, and what I will always do.

Isobel McFarlane

I pledge to learn more about the residents past and continue as much as possible to make my carer for them as close as possible to that.

Linda Trainer

I pledge to do more to encourage staff to see how important they are and to do more personally to find out what is important to people in my care and their families

I pledge to learn about each individual’s story that I care for and implement their interests to their day to day life and care and activities

Graham Taggart.

I pledge to communicate to other new carers, the importance of listening, lending and earing, giving that important time to people who need it

Elaine Mulholland

I pledge to keep training and to keep up to date, doing my best to help others.

Sandra Stewart

I pledge to help and listen to people and keep the love stories going.

Craig Petriel

I pledge to always be a friend, to help to combat loneliness

Veronica Allen

I pledge to continue to provide a high quality of care to each and every one of my residents, by listening to who and what matters to them

Lauren Deans

I pledge to find out what matters and who matters. Listen to the love story; know the person not the disease


I pledge to keep going with myself and all the staff to keep up the good job we do at our care home

Helenka Grady

I pledge to always carry out my job and keep pushing to make a difference to the lives of those who I care for and families.


I pledge to one day hopefully be as passionate about recognising dementia and the person as Tommy himself is, and pass on this knowledge to others to educate them about dementia too.


I pledge to keep on the commitment and compassion to the extent people may encourage about your dedication

I pledge to continue to enable anyone living with dementia to live their lives how they wish.

Karen Anderson

I pledge to always take time to know the person I am caring for and to never forget the person they truly are. You are inspirational

Sharon Glassford.

I pledge to care for people living with dementia as I would like my parents to be cared for

Patricia Brennan

I pledge to give 100% love care and time

Lorraine Hawkins

I pledge to listen more and to think about the person, to pledge to do my best


I pledge to ensure that I know what matters and who matters to all the people I care for to have a big heart and love and be there for all my residents and family

Liz Greenan

I pledge to always be the person to learn on and be a friend to those who need one.

Lauren Robertson

I pledge to continue to be the best person, friend nurse that I can be

Caroline York

I pledge to always put the person before the condition

Helen Stoddar

I pledge to ask what matters and to listen to everyone I ask that


I pledge to keep providing the support and acknowledge that each of us can make a difference to someone

I pledge to listen to what’s being said either in voice or expressions.

Debbie Shields

I pledge to listen, to respect and to learn people deeper story to support and make a difference. No matter how small

Ashleigh Smith

I pledge to continue to develop my knowledge and understanding of people living with dementia and their families/carers and to continue to take it for ward within my workplace

Donna Jack

I pledge to take time to listen to people living with dementia, hear their stories and take that as a point of caring and support I can offer to them


I pledge to do my best to improve the care and the person living with dementia.

Marie Mcloon

I pledge to always do my best to see the person and not the dementia and to support everyone that asks for help. Resident, family, staff…

Hugh Allison

I pledge to see the person and not define them by their condition


I pledge to always give time to listen to you

Catherine Gibb

I pledge to always show kindness because I know people always respond to kindness

Emma Lindsay

I pledge to understand life stories and likes, dislikes of those with dementia in my workplace and those in community to support their families

Fiona Fing

I pledge to always remember my mum is my mum and the people I support are the same to someone

Billy Thomson

I pledge to always listen and offer support in any way I can.


I pledge to do what I do better

Peter White

I pledge to work because I want to not because I have to, and make a difference if I can one day at a time.


I pledge to work harder to get to know our people living in our homes to change the language we use.

Aileen Waton

I pledge to continue doing the best I can for people living with dementia and support my mum to live a happy life to the end.

Lyn McConville

I pledge to always take the time to get to know our residences what’s important to them and promote recognition for the staff that always makes the difference

Alan Twigg

I pledge to treat everyone as individuals listen to their story and act upon in a person centred way.

Lisa Fleming


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2 comments on “Dementia Ambassadors across Scotland add Pledges
  1. […] and some colleagues heard Tommy speak at a Dementia Ambassadors Conference back in December 2016 and got in touch for us to give a talk at Hatton Lea Care launch of the […]

  2. […] and some colleagues heard Tommy speak at a Dementia Ambassadors Conference back in December 2016 and got in touch for us to give a talk at Hatton Lea Care launch of the […]

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