Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Pledge to Make a Difference


Big thanks to the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists, In Oncology and Palliative Care for inviting Tommy to speak at their Annual Conference on Friday 25th November 2016.

The day was truly inspiring and we would like to thank Kathy Pantelides, Kim Barlow, the conference organisers and all the delegates for the great kindness and pledges below.

I pledge to find out what matters and who matter to my patients.

Natalie Nye

I pledge to never forget why I chose this job I did.

Emily Stowe

I pledge to give more time with my mum.

I pledge to always remember the patient’s story and the person behind the patient.

Sally Davis

I pledge to ask what matters and who matters to my patients.

Vanessa Churchouse.

I pledge to ask patients and carers what matters to them to try to make a difference.


I pledge to say thank you, to those around me every day!

Lucy Carter

I pledge to treat my patients as I would if they were my mum

Anne English

I pledge to always endeavour to engage with the dementia sufferers by trying to understand their needs.

Linda Willis

I pledge to ask for my patient’s love stories how I might support and ensure these.

Abi Byrihmore

I pledge to continue to see each and every one or my patients and their carers as they person that they are

Jenna Venables.

I pledge to always ask everyone I meet through work or life generally, what matters and who matters to them, also to tell everyone at every opportunity about Tommy Whitelaw, his work, and amazing inspiration.

Lesley Sayliss

I pledge to always ask what matters and who matters and be the most caring person I can to all my patients.

Emma Imam

I pledge to ask about the love story/life story of my patient.

Dianne Leyland.

I pledge to see the person and not the condition

Rebecca Sellors

I pledge to on those occasions that I thing I cannot make a difference I will remind myself I can, I have to make a difference

I pledge to ask and listen to what matters to my patients and their family/carers, and who matter to them

I pledge to challenge undignified language used when discussing people with dementia

I pledge to remember that a diagnosis does not define a patient, and the patient is still a person. A unique and special individual that has done a lifetime of living.


I pledge to take time to find out who and what matters to all my patients.

Brid Hindley

I will continue to try at every opportunity to find out what has been and what remains important to each patient and to those that are close to them.

Delia Goddard


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