Carewatch Motherwell Pledge To Make a Difference

Thanks to Stuart Caulfield, Linda Morrison, Isabel MacGregor and all the team at Carewatch Motherwell for inviting Tommy to meet and speak with families who receive support and the staff who work there. 

Tommy has visited other Carewatch teams you can read more here 

The morning was great, chatting with families about caring and living with long term conditions. 

The stories from Anne and Gerry McLennan, Fred Pugsley and Ann Mooney in the photo below where truly inspiring.




After lunch Tommy gave a talk to the staff who work at Carewatch about his caring experience, the project and the campaign.



Carewatch will be launching a Motherwell pledge tree very soon and we look forward to returning to visit for the launch.

You can read some of team pledges below.

Thank you to all at Carewatch for a brilliant day, for the kindness, pledges and passion to make a difference.


I pledge to make a difference and make people smile and listen to everyone’s story and show love

Natalie Kilmurray

I pledge to listen more clearly and always listen closely and always work with kindness

Marion Kilmurray

I pledge to listen Tommy service users support them and their families, to the best of my ability and help their loved ones remain in their own home

Janet Hogg

I pledge to always listen and be a voice to help others whom have difficulties in doing themselves

Hazel Wallace

I pledge to make more people have help to live and be cared for at home with their loved ones

K Harbinson



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