University Hospital Bristol Pledge to Make a Difference




11th November saw our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw speaking about his caring experience, the project and campaign at University Hospital Bristol.  Big thanks to Jo Witherspoon for inviting Tommy to speak at the  Hospitals   and to all colleagues who attended and made pledges to make a difference.

One of Jo`s colleagues heard Tommy speak a few weeks ago in Birmingham.

After the talk Tommy mentioned he would be in Bristol a few weeks later to speak at the South West Leadership Awards.


Jo kindly invited Tommy to pop by the hospital on the way to the awards to meet staff and do a session.

Thanks once again to Jo and all the team for the kindness and wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV

I pledge to take time and listen to people, find out what is important to them


I pledge to take time to stop and listen and see person’s story


I pledge to take more time to listen to what matters to everyone I meet


I pledge to look at the person behind the diagnosis


I pledge to ask patients what matters to them, and take time to listen to relatives, carers concerns and provide reassurance

I pledge to lead by example as what matter to you? Staff and patients


I pledge to make each patient with dementia’s radiotherapy treatment as easy and comfortable as I can for both the patient and their carer/family


I pledge to take more time and to be an open door to carers.

I pledge to ask people what matters to you? Who matters to you? Patients, families, people I work with, people I love


I pledge to ask my nursing and medical teams in the wards and departments, visit daily what pat they played in dementia patients’ lives today, and ask did the ask what matters to them and to listen and care for them as the unique individuals they are.

Jennifer Ansley

I pledge to care for each patient with dementia as the person not the disease


I pledge to start attending the dementia café’s at my local town

Sara King

I pledge to listen, support and be there no matter what I will care more and more to all and make a difference

Joe Duarte

I pledge to endure and follow the principles shared today.

I pledge to always care for my patient with the dignity understanding for ever


I pledge to work as hard as I can to give patients their personal choice, to listen and try my best to understand what they want in caring for them

I pledge if ever I see or hear anyone talking about patients opposed to talking to them


I pledge to listen, care, and carry on doing what I do every day

Janette Britton

I pledge to continue to give the best care every day because I care.



These pledges are from Hinchinbrook Cambridge


I pledge to always be genuine and listen,

Claire Anthony

I pledge to never forget the little thing I have given my heart soul to each person in my care. Hugs, love and a happy smile, making life a little better

Julie Kevan

I pledge to forget that I can make a difference to people living with dementia because of my experience carer. Thank you MUM for the things you taught me about dementia


I pledge to live in their time they are living in, walk the memory they can remember be the kindness, be the smile, be the nurse they need me to be, but also support the family and friends. Be the nurse they can talk to

Annalise Hing

I pledge to keep the person and our relationship at the treat of my interactions



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