Practice Nurses at GCU add Personal Pledges


The team would like to thank Jackie Gillespie, Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) for sharing our ‘Make a difference’ campaign and films with the Practice Nurse Students who attend the University.

We have had the great honour  to speak over the years for Jackie, to students who attend GCU.

Jackie popped in to our session last week  at GCU and promised to take our campaign back to some of the classes that she takes.

Thank you Jackie for sharing our work and to the Practise Nurse Students for the inspiring pledges below

Team DCV

I pledge to see the person, hear their story and understand their journey

Alison Walker,

I pledge to treat people in the same way as I would like my family to be treated


I pledge to remember a dementia suffering has been someone relative and has available story to tell, encourage conversation

I pledge to see beyond the presenting illness, to find out about the person and who they are

Linda Robertson

I pledge to treat people as individuals,

I pledge to always see the person and treat with respect and compassion, to be an advocate for those with dementia and their families, being kind and considerate valuing and person, being aware of their needs and vulnerabilities.


I pledge to treat our patients as people, a person who has/had a live, not treat them just as a condition.

Jennifer Johnstone

I pledge to listen to relatives and find out what their concerns are.


I pledge to listen to my patients and get to know them better

I pledge to listen property to people with dementia and to try to hear their concerns

I pledge to use empathy and to treat all those diagnosed with dementia with dignity and respect, using my best practice.


I pledge to spend more time to get to know the person, not just the reason bringing them into hospital to understand who they are as a person

I pledge to try to get to know patients with dementia as a person, spending time learning about them

I pledge to find out more about jobs with dementia care, to keep an open eye and an open mind


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