Northumbria NHS Trust add Pledges


Massive thanks to Debbie Reape, Interim Director of Nursing, Marie McKeown and all the team at Northumbria NHS Trust for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at their annual Nursing and Midwifery Conference.

Jane Cummings CNO of England a great supporter of our campaign was also a guest speaker on the day.

We launched a pledge wall on the day and the trust has invited Tommy back to  give more talks next year to help grow the pledges and support turning pledges into actions.

You can read some of the inspiring pledges below and we look forward to returning next year, in partnership with Debbie and all the inspiring people who work across the trust and community.

Thank you from all the team at DCV.




I pledge to always make time to listen to patients, relative and staff – even at challenging times. Nicola Spratt.

I will find out what my patient was before they were my patient.
Sue Hope

I will pledge to always ask my patients and staff what matters to them and do it.
Lyndsey Eddy

I pledge to share your love story – Ensure that I help my team to deliver personalised care every day.
Janice McNichol

I pledge to listen and give help to people living with dementia and encourage my colleagues to be aware in caring for them.
Maritez Bright

I pledge to ask “what matters to you?”
Suzanne Joyce

 I pledge to stop using the word challenging and ask others to stop using it when I hear them.  Andrew Ball

 I pledge to recognise each patient as a person, with their own values and dreams and hopes. To support them and ensure they feel comfortable and cared for in the right place.

I pledge to help everyone I meet and support their families through change.
Stephanie Smith

I pledge to have tea once a week with my next-door neighbour who is alone with dementia and family live away. She looked after my children when little.
Anna Luisa Wood

I pledge to always make sure I ask the patients/person how they are feeling – Be their voice if they cannot communicate their pain or discomfort.
Leigh Kelly

I will do my very best for each person I meet in and out of my work.
Janice Short

I pledge to raise awareness of cares for people with Parkinson’s dementia and improve support services for carers.
Annette Hand

I pledge to be a voice for patients within my role as a bed manager. Thinking about the person’s journey through our hospital system.
Victoria Smith

I pledge to see the Joan in every patient.

I pledge to take more time to listen to all whom I work with.
Rebecca Scott

 I pledge to always treat people, family, carers and patients with dignity and respect. (Peace and Love)
Yvonne Evans

I pledge to bring love, hope, peace and security to each and every one of my patients.
Bruce Fraser

I pledge to inform everyone in each teaching session the importance of the love story in life. Sherole Miller

I pledge to see the person and help their love story continue.
Cath Ashbrook-Raby

I pledge to support Tommy to return to the trust to share his story with many more.
Debbie Reape


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