West Sussex NHS Trust Pledge



Big thanks to Tricia Rigby, Val Fish, Maggie Davis and all the team at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at the Trusts Annual Conference.

Tricia heard Tommy speak at the RCN Congress in Glasgow and invited tommy to speak at the Trusts Conference on 25th October.

The day was truly inspiring as are the wonderful pledges below

Thank you to all for the great kindness, fantastic pledges and all you do to make a difference

Team DCV

My pledge is to always remember to put myself in their shoes even just for 30- seconds to see how it feels.


I pledge to seek out at least one person every day with them that is colleague, ask them what is important to them, listen and help in some way

My pledge is find more time to listen to my patient, careers and families.


My pledge is to ask what matter and be patient.


My pledge is to ask what matters, and who matters. Listen

Jennifer Connelly

My pledge is to remember this talk and to never forget the emotion, the tears and the help needed by my care

Joanne H

My pledge is to always be kind, supportive, individualise care for each patient, and always aim to make lives better and make their story better.

Amy McCausland.

My pledge is to help people as to their needs, hopes, fears, and try to make a difference for their families.

I pledge to help in any way that I can

Lorraine Wilson

I pledge to try and stop crying, listening to people, patients, relatives and colleague, and give help wherever I can


I pledge to treat the individual I take care of my patients

I pledge to always be awake in life to be the best person I can be

Mathew Ford

I pledge to listen to my patient’s story

Nicola Bean

I pledge to treat every person with dignity, respect. Listen to them and their families, supporting when I can

Teresa Smytherman

I pledge to stop and listen to who the person is

Rachel Merritt

I pledge to understand, listen and help as much as possible treating the patient as an individual

John Price,

I pledge to make my priority to listen and to be kind

Trish Campbell

I pledge to be more patient with my dad, not to tell him you have already told me that (several times) smile and listen again.

Dee Boxall

I pledge to treat all patients and family whit the kindness I show to my own


I pledge today to take the time to listen to carers’ fears and wishes to help them cope with their relatives who live with dementia


I pledge to listen and practice whole heartedly with passion and kindness


I pledge to care I give to my patients and their families is the care that I would want to receive

Carol Lee

I pledge to remember to always get the story of the people behind a condition, their love, passion, personality and history.

Sarah West

I pledge to listen and find out what matters to my family , friends and colleagues and never to be too busy to take time to help no matter how busy life is, to find out how can help the person, carers.

Elaine Dell

I pledge to help design service locally that personalize care and helps new doctors that ask people’s story and not just see someone as a diagnosis.

David Hunts

I pledge never to stop listening and never to stop smiling


I pledge to help others see the person not the illness and to not forget to do the same myself, to be that one person each day


I pledge to every day to make a difference, to say hello to every patient and carer I meet. To try to help in whatever way I can

Helena Bird.

I pledge to make a positive difference every day

Lucy Shade.

I pledge to help anyone I meet who need help in my day, to make a difference in their day, however small a task this may be.

Jennie Turner.

I pledge to listen to each and every patient’s story.

Shelton Bates.

I pledge to enjoy patients

I pledge to improve the pathway for those with dementia through the trust.

Jackie Dominick

I pledge to find out about the love story

Jo Bendell

I pledge to show love and care to each and every one

Caroline Taylor

I pledge to take the time to understand my patient as a person, not an illness

Ellie Hart

I pledge to challenge the people around me who address our patients as an illness and nor an incredible person they are

Samantha Jackson

I pledge to take time to understand person fears, things that make them the person they are, so they feel safe and cared for, with dignity

Laura Gregory

I pledge to make sure people keep their identity and take the time to listen

Louisa Green

I pledge to dedicate my patients and relatives come time to listen to them stories and make them feel important and support

Carla Pavesi

I pledge to listen and acknowledge what matter to the person, carer but also to anyone.


I pledge to care and listen


I pledge to listen to the person, individual, and personality behind the patient

Clara Vieina

I pledge to be with them, and understand how they feel and give time to listen

I pledge to be to take time to listen, try to understand and learn from my patient, family carers, and colleague

Estrelita Elamparo

I pledge to get into their world, rather than taking them into mine, this way I can understand them better


I pledge to always make the time to make a difference to someone when they need it

Sue Shepherd

I pledge never to walk post someone who needs help, to always ask what matters to you, who matters to you, and how can I help


I pledge to make everyone know that a person with dementia is still the same person they were and not to treat them as an illness but as a person

Amanda Wingate

I pledge to always continue to take time to listen about people’s lives care stories, and never take that time away


I pledge to spend time with someone that looks frightened and ask what would make a difference listen to their fears and listen to their stories.

Jacqueline Grand

I pledge to try and make at least one person smile everyday about something or someone they love


I pledge to make sure I give the time to listen to my patients and their stories, find out what and who makes a difference and matters to them, also to remember that here is a person behind their condition.

Della Shayne

I pledge to remember Tommy with every relative and patient I meet, diagnosed or undiagnosed with dementia to ensure I make a difference.


I pledge to listen and respond, make time for the persons not the illness

Colleen Kilgarriff

I pledge to always listen to my patients and never forget what you said about everyone’s love story

Vonna Lucas

I pledge to always be kind to our patients and remember they have their histories


I pledge to use all my influence to build a culture that respects the person not the condition and do it with compassion

Marianne Griffiths

I pledge to make a difference to patient experience of being treated at the hospital, listen to their story, what matters to them,


I pledge to treat every patient as somebody’s mum, dad, brother or sister, daughter or son

Lucy Munn

I pledge never to forget what you have said; your name will be my way of remembering why I am training to be a nurse, to be part of people’s love story.

Catherine Hall

I pledge to continue to make a difference every day by taking time to listen to my patients, their families and carers and to challenge those who do not.

Cymon Kelly

I pledge to take time to listen and be aware of needs of the carer as well as the patients


I pledge to learn from every patient, relative I meet, be kind and considerate.

Jenna Fontanini

I pledge to be more aware of the person not just the illness

I pledge to everyday it is a beautiful day to save life, and make the differences for everyone around me

Pedro Silva

I pledge to be aware of those who may be a little slower, I am aware they may be slower due to dementia.


I pledge to make sure the patients in my care feel safe, well cared for and loved.

Pat Stevens

I pledge to continue loving and caring for all patients and staff, to fight for the dignity and respect of all patients and staff.


I pledge to give more time for dementia patients, understand them and be always kind to them; they do not know what made them to be dementia. Be patient with them


I pledge to make sure to try hard in understanding, listening and really knowing the patients, to make sure every day that I won’t ever lose patience, and make sure that they are treated equally like everyone, ensure five the best possible care

I pledge to extend all the help I can possibly give, the kind of care every human being, rightfully deserves.

I pledge to listen well and reach out to the dementia patients and carers as well while providing optimum heart care

Angelie Rayca

I pledge to listen to people both patient with dementia and the carer

I pledge to continue to acknowledge that people matter.


I pledge to listen and love, never stop trying to make a difference even a smile or hand hold

Donna Read

I pledge to make sure that others I help. To be kind and thoughtful to every dementia patient who comes down to radiology department

Paula James

I pledge to be caring, understanding, listen to the patient,

Natalie Thetford

I pledge to ensure any patient with dementia of any kind whom needs an operation is not delayed by the best interest meetings.

Kelly Moderson

I pledge to promote dementia awareness, dementia friends ensure my team have the relevant tools, info to be able to understand

Zoe Tobin

I pledge to continue getting to know my neighbours better to demonstrate my care for them what matters to them

Jenni Shore,

I pledge to try and empower people who either have dementia or care for someone who have

I pledge to never stop trying to make people smile or laugh always try and have a positive attitude to life around you

Peter Smith

I pledge always to remind people that every single one of and make a difference and someone may remember what we did or said, or we were for the rest of their lives

I pledge to listen and treat everybody with respect


I pledge to hold a hand, smile and listen. Be there to make a difference


I pledge to always ask what matters to you!


I pledge to complete a 5k race supporting sponsored for dementia care.

Nick Baglee

I pledge to continue teaching overseas nurses and other health care professional for their career and for their patient

I pledge always to listen, and being a nurse with an open heart


I pledge to never stop smiling when I greet people

Chris Weller

I pledge to always look after my mum and dad, treat them, listen them, love and respect their desires

I pledge to take time to stop listening the needs of the patients and colleagues


I pledge to remember the person behind the diagnosis, and take the time to understand what matters to them, and their families, and how I can help to make things better


I pledge to take care of dementia people and find time to listen their stories

I pledge to raise awareness of dementia in pharmacy and my workplace and find out what matters to our patients, also to gain knowledge and pass on what I learn.

Charlotte Leggett

I pledge to always take time to say hello and smile.

J Merritt

I pledge to communicate effectively and personally with each of my dementia patients in order to maximise the standard of care provided

Lewis Thompson

I pledge to help others where I can

Ben Tyson

I pledge never to forget the human element of all the decision I am part of


I pledge to make sure people stay as people not patients to keep their identity and take the time to listen and understand

Louisa Green

I pledge to look often my mum, dad, who has dementia, as well as Tommy looked after his mum

Kate Dean

I pledge to treat people as a person and not their disease to see the love

Hannah Seagraves

I pledge always to be kind

Bebba Smithers

I pledge to have more patience, to listen and remember what is said so that it shows they matters

Anne Sillence

I pledge to make time and listen

Carole Regan

I pledge to treat everyone as I would expected to be treated

May Evans

I pledge to take the time to listen to people I pass in the corridors of the hospital, and ask them if they need assistance and help them to find their way


I pledge to remember to care and support the person and not the condition.


I pledge always to try and ask the what or who nor just with dementia but in all walks of life

I pledge to remember the person and the condition


I pledge to continue providing and build building fit for patients and staff

Stuart Cox.


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