African & Caribbean Community Nurses pledge to make a difference

Project Engagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw was invited to speak at the dementia conference on the 15th October, where he was inspired by the nurses who wanted to ensure that every one of their churches had a dementia friend.

Our latest guest blog post comes from Paula, who tells us a little more about the nurses from the Church of God of Prophecy across the West Midlands and the role they want to play to ensure that they make a difference to a person with dementia:

We are a group of Senior Nurses from different branches of the Church of God of Prophecy across the West Midlands.  The group was formed about 2 years ago when we recognised a rise in incidences of people feeling unwell during church services, some even suffering cardiac arrests. As Nurses this was hard to ignore and we came together to look at how we could address the major  health issues affecting members such as diabetes, High Blood Pressure and quite recently, dementia at an alarming rate.

The dementia conference on 15th October 2016 was our first major project and turned out to be a very successful event. Having heard about the pledge tree during Tommy Whitelaw’s talk we decided it would be a good idea to pledge to promote the training of at least one dementia Friend in each church not just in the West Midlands but across the Church of God of Prophecy nationally. This we are sure will make a big difference to our congregations.

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