NHS Northern Training Advisory Group Pledge to Make a Difference



The Hotel Services Training Advisory Group (TAG) held another successful training event – The Essentials of Patient Healthcare Inspections on 13th October 2016.  There were some excellent speakers throughout the day who motivated staff from within the NHS to look at new ways of working within Facilities.  In particular, their motivational speaker Tommy Whitelaw.  Thank you to all the delegates who attended and gave their pledges.

Special thanks to Barry Rigg @developmentsteps for inviting Tommy to speak at the event.




I pledge to ensure anytime I can help/ assist someone who is in need I do.

I pledge to mention Tommy’s pledge on a daily pain y my trust and think about what I do on a daily basis needs to be pushed on to nursing training.


I pledge to listen and thing positively and use this within my job to help others

Dawn Gadd

I pledge to show my love to more people

I pledge to take time to know our patients

Lorna Miller

I pledge to be open to everyone and listen

Douglas Wilson

I pledge to stop to listen, care and try to understand whit compassion to everyone.

Tracey Swift

I pledge to carry on with kindness in my heart to listen and get to know peoples stories

Tracey Bym

I pledge to Listen, act.

I pledge to ensure my work is focused on improving patient care not ensuing paperwork comes first

Rita Oddy

I pledge that my promise is to keep being kind and putting our people first! And listening to others and making 10 people smile a day!


I pledge to continue to do my job to the best of my ability and to provide a clean and safe environment

Helen Hogan

I pledge to do everything I can in my daily work to listen and make a difference


I pledge to make a difference in my hospital and to ensure your voice and story is heard by our staff.

Joane Welsby

I pledge to take time to listen to individual’s stories and trying and providing and carrying support


I pledge to recognise that I am in people love story and to take the time out to actually find out who they are

Dan Willis

I pledge to make a difference and be the voice for anyone who is frightened!! Forget me not!!

Jaren Saeediani

I pledge to promise to be there

Lynne Tracey

I pledge to continue to improve the facilities and catering for our patients to make it enjoyable.

Steve Preen

I pledge to understand what and who matters to patients, colleague’s friends and family on a daily basis.

Yvonne Widdows

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