South East Trust Northern Ireland Pledge to Make a Difference


Tuesday 18th October saw our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw set of to Belfast Northern Ireland to share the work of Dementia Carer Voices, the ALLIANCE and his caring experience.

Big thanks to Sharon Thomason, Karen Hull and all the team at South Eastern Trust for arranging the day and for inviting Tommy to give 4 talks across the trust. 



Tommy was  invited to give to short talks to teams from the emergency departments In the morning followed by 2 open talks to staff In the afternoon, were they will very shortly be launching pledge trees.

As always thanks to all those that pledged to make a difference.  It is with great pleasure that we display them on our blog.

So grab a cup of tea and have a read of the inspiring pledges from Northern Ireland.


Thank you,

Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to listen an ask questions about their life story, spend a little more time to ensure my patients don’t feel lonely or afraid when under my care

Clare Coffey

I pledge to always listen to the stories of those I work with, to be kind and caring, and compassionate in all I do.

Deborah Ferin

I pledge to take the time to ask what matters to you.

Lorraine Kinnie

I pledge to take as much time as I can to find out who people are an what matters to them

Leanne Gardiner

I pledge to spread this to the nursing home, to try to make more time and listen more, make memory box for my granny aged 96 years.


I pledge to get to know the person behind the diagnosis and know their life shy.


I pledge to do my utmost to be a better person, to be kind of caring and to give me time to listen and to help if I can

Gail Moutray

I pledge to keep caring

Liz Campbell

I plege to ask and listen, patients and carers, family.

I pledge to make a vulnerable adult that I may come to care for smile every day, I believe that one smile may make a difference to their day

Ruth Gibson

I pledge to give a high standard of care to each patients. I come across to help understand each patients individual needs, to be a listening ear to help each patients love story live on.

Rebeka Kirk

I pledge to listen to people living with dementia and hear their story of who and what matters to them

Linda Dornan

I pledge to listen to my patient and their families and try to put them first in all position, understand how they are, feeling or what they are going through

Leone Gilmone

I pledge to learn my patient’s story and treat them with the care and respect they deserve.


My pledge is to make sure I listen to the whole story.

Canielle Broch

I pledge to ensure my practice remains person centred

Jane Patterson

I pledge to always know what matter to my patients taking time to listen, know the person behind the reason that brought to hospital

I pledge to listen to my patients stories and support their carers.

Laura Boyle

I pledge to do everything I can to help and support and keep safe those who suffer from dementia and their carers

Mauro Quinn

Me pledge is to make a difference to the people I care for


I pledge to keep the light shining on your love story

Elinor Welch


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