Glasgow Clyde College Pledge to Make a Difference

Massive thanks to Marie Murphy, Lecturer at Glasgow Clyde College – Cardonald Campus for inviting Tommy to speak to Health and Social Care Students in his home town. 

This was quite an emotional visit as Tommy grew up across the road from the College and one of the Students worked beside Tommy’s mum Joan back in 2004. 

We are proud to be returning to the College in early December to launch a permanent pledge wall and to add to the inspiring pledges below made today. 

Thanks as always!

Team DCV 


I pledge to see the person before I see the illness and give them the love, care and respect they deserve. Clare Paterson

I will learn people’s stories and see past anyone’s illness and see them as a person I will care as best as I possibly can. Taylor Douglas

I pledge to always care about the job I do and the people who come with that job. Chelsie Asiedu

I pledge to help anyone I possibly can. Louise E.Palmer

I pledge to give something back to the people who have helped me along my own path with alcohol abuse in the past few years.  Sean-Paul Lyons

My pledge has been and always will be – Caring enough to make a difference. Liz Anderson

My pledge is to take the time to understand and listen to each individual’s life and love stories and allow that to help me provide care to the best of my ability.  Suzanne McBride

I pledge to help and support whoever is struggling through on their life, to make it better. Be able to being well social carer. Mojgan Pirzadha

I pledge to care for people, as it’s something I have always wanted to do. Love to make people smile. Support people in need. Nicole White

I pledge to make a difference to ANYONE. I will care for, to be kind and see everyone as an individual who is special.

I pledge to try and make a difference within the care system and listen to everyone’s stories and backgrounds. Morgan Friel

I pledge to make worse days better to people that are most vulnerable. Put a smile on people’s faces.

My pledge is to take the time to make a difference in people’s lives.  Shannon Currie

I pledge to make sure that I try my best to make the life of others that wee bit easier while still assuring they have control and are treated with respect, because they deserve it. Erin Armstrong

My pledge is to understand a person more and ask about their background before assuming what they are like due to an illness/condition. Emily Smith

I pledge to help anyone I can and to help them the way I would want to be helped. To give them my all and to be treated with respect and dignity just the way I would want, the way I would want someone in my family to be treated.

I applied to do social care because I wanted to do something meaningful with my life. I wanted to help people and make them happy. Lauren Fay

My pledge is to understand people more and to take time to get to know people and support people to the best I can.  Lyndsey MacDonald

I pledge to not only better myself but help better those around me. Amy Paton

I pledge to care and listen to others the way I would like to be cared for and listened to. Megan Brady

My pledge is to help improve the quality of care for people with mental health problems to help try and make a person’s life a little better.

I pledge to be the best person I can, to be kind, caring and supportive and to be there for people when they need support. Lynn Mcleod

I pledge to make sure, for the love and skills and emotional, today to share my difference to help them at any time.  Christina Baiden

To make sure I know people’s stories and that dementia does not define them.  Hope Netwon

I pledge to try to make a difference to the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Is caring people not matter what they have, who are they. And I choose this course to know better what I can do for them. But still confusing with my life. Helping them I can figure out who I am and what I’m going to do.  Noemi Pino

I wanted to study social care because I want to care for others, make a difference to others lives as to what they want and need.

Love is universal and powerful. I will always keep my huge heart open.  Lesley Ross

To make someone smile going through a difficult situation.  Connie Creaney

To be that optimistic caring person I was on day one.

Spend more time with my gran who has dementia and is in a care home now.  Jade McGuinness

To take time out of my day to find out what matters to people so I can care for them to the best of my ability.  Adele Eastcroft

My pledge is to have time and love and care for my family mom and dad, and possibly listen and be there for them when in time of need, and people around.  Chikondi James Kasawala

My pledge is to take the time to learn about what matters to the people I will have the pleasure of working with and make a difference in their lives.  Ashley Leatham

I will always listen to there stories. I will understand on how they feel and how there families feel.

To show love and understanding to everyone I meet each day of my life.  Ann

To think about the people I care for, family members and how they might be feeling. Danielle Lahlou

I pledge to find out what matters to the person I am caring for.  Liza Marie McGurk

I pledge to provide everyone with the love and dignity they deserve. Everybody deserves to be happy and healthy through life.  Emmi Wilkinson

Help others and help to make a difference, understanding. Danielle Boyce

to change someone`s life for the better.  Samantha Taylor

To help people build their life again.  Lorraine Cairns

I pledge to devote time and hundred per cent effort in contributing and understanding peoples wants and needs, their stories and to promote the welfare and dignity of those I help and care for everyday, spread love and joy.  Lee Bennett

I pledge to make a difference in services users lifes by not only being a care worker but a friend, in order to bring love and kindness to the care setting.  Rhiannon-Catherine Coats

I pledge to be the best care worker I can possibly be and to always give one hundred per cent so the service users needs are met and more.  Emma Speirs

To always make the time to find out what matters and who matters whilst enjoying everyone reliving and telling their love stories.  Christine O’Donnell

To see the person and not the condition. To make people feel good about themselves and do the best I can to be the greatest carer I can be. Make a difference to someone’s life.

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  1. […] the success of their Higher National students. Tommy has previously spoken at the college’s Cardonald Campus and Dementia Carer Voices launched the Pollok Pledge at the College with local MSP Humza Yousaf […]

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