Making a difference at Bromley Healthcare


Today`s pledges come from Bromley Healthcare.  Thank you to Natalie Warman, Director of Nursing and Louisa Russel for inviting Tommy to speak at the Bromley Healthcare Conference.

Tommy has spoken for Natalie a few times before over the last few year’s and we are proud to be invited to speak again. 

 Thanks to all at Bromley Healthcare for the kindness and pledges below. 

 Team DCV 

I pledge to continuously encourage staff to find out what matters to each and every patient. Amanda Mayo

I will not refer to my clients as “victim”. I will ask “what can I do to make you feel safer”?  Rob Vale

I pledge to continue to be the voice of the children in my care and be there for their parents.  Jane Smith

I pledge to treat needs of carers and their health support needs as important as caring for person with dementia. Ann Skinner

I pledge to see past the condition and see the person. I pledge to show compassion and respect the person’s reference, and their cultural beliefs. Hilda Addo

I pledge to give time and care to each and every patient I actively listen and respect wishes. Janet Berkhauer

I pledge to raise awareness of “Hello my name is” badges and to encourage staff to wear them.  Marie–Louise Muir

I pledge to encourage staff to remember there is a person and story behind every patient. Kate Ann Armstrong

I pledge to continue to be a dementia friend and give care and compassion. Rosie

I pledge to stop and listen to the voices of our children and young people. Lisa Coward

I pledge to ask what matters to you at every 1st meeting.

I pledge to get to know the parents to make sure I can give the best possible care for their child. Margarete Lamari

I pledge to always consider the whole family and what matters to them considering babies – Older people. Lorraine Thomas

I pledge to meet a person, not treat a condition.

I pledge to wholeheartly give every patient the care and support they need through their journey with dementia. Nicki Deeks

I pledge to always see the person behind the intervention. Andrea Klass

My pledge is to make sure I ask people what and who matters to them, and continue helping, listening and being kind.  Emma Apps

I pledge to make sure I get to know the person behind each dementia patient I visit. And make sure I aim to ascertain “what matters to them” Stop you: Lack of family involvement. Any communication difficulties. Hayley Edwards

I pledge to continue to be kind, caring to my clients and treat people as I would expect to be treated. Hayley Perkins

I pledge to continue to give good quality care with kindness.  Marcia Gray

I pledge to try and be there for everyone that I come into contact with. Not only in my job but in my life.

I pledge to make an impact positive, providing holistic carer support individual needs. Treating individual the way I want to be treated, my family and my loves ones.  Ayo Oygboga

I pledge to listen to each and every patient and find out what matters to them and who matters. Elly Hopkins

I pledge to continue to support, listen and understand what the needs are of patients and families living with dementia and help in whatever way I can. Kayleigh Healey

I pledge to listen to what a patient wants from Bromley Healthcare and how they would like an Occupational Therapist to help them.  Robyn Salisbury

I pledge to try to help and support people to the best of my ability.

I will consider our clients and staff who are caring for others and try and be supportive and listen to their stories. Denise Neath

I pledge to listen to the patient and see them other than their medical background/condition.  Jenna Hoffman

I pledge to treat everyone as a member of my family and how I would like to be treated.  Maria Moody

I pledge to take more time to listen and be understanding. M.Hussen

I pledge to support/share/forward Dementia Carer Voices campaign. To make people aware a difference in people’s lives.

I pledge is to take more time to listen and not to feel guilty when I do. Pippa Marks

I pledge to make sure that my patients are aware that and genuinely care and am interested in what matters to them. Bonnie Crump

I pledge to treat other people like I would want my family to be treated. Stop you: Losing focus and getting side tracked. Nicolette



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