SEPT dietitians pledging to make a difference

This week’s guest blog post comes from Emma Stoneman based in South Bedforshire and Luton.

Let’s find out how their team has used the campaign to drive improvement and increase awareness.


We are a team of dietitians working for SEPT , based in south Bedfordshire and Luton. After hearing Tommy speak at the expo16 in Manchester I was so inspired so wanted to share the story of him and his mum at our away day on the 20th September 2016.

Using picture cards we all first discussed what matters and who matters to us , then what and who matters to our patients . Unfortunately we didn’t have Tommy in the room so I showed the team his talk via you tube and they were all blown away by his passion and his story .

The team made pledges to make a difference and I have attached these for you along with some photographs of the day , word clouds (attachment-1attachment-2) of what matters to us and what we thought mattered to patients . Their perspective did change slightly after watching the video and the team are committed to carrying out their pledges.nds-pledges-200916





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