DCV team travels to RGU #makingadifference


Thank you to Alison McLennan, Head of Student Experience and Karen Strickland, Associate Head at Robert Gordon University and all connected for inviting Tommy and Laura to visit and speak at the university on 3rd October 2016.

The day started with a chance to chat with lecturers who teach at RGU over lunch.



Tommy has the great honour to speak at the university back In 2014, you can reach the pledges from the last visit here.


Read all about it in the local press!



Tommy and Laura would like to thank all the team for a brilliant day, for their hospitality and the inspiring pledges below.


I pledge to care every person the best I can and make a positive impact mentally and physically on every one I meet


I pledge to give support and guidance to anybody and everybody who needs it, to the best of my ability, to take the time to hear people’s story

I pledge to help people , everyone I come across, to the best of my ability as a person not as a patient.


I pledge to make the time to get to know my patient and not to identify them by their illness and conditions.


I pledge to treat each patient as an individual and respect their needs and wants. Always to listen and not just hear

Stuart Johnson

I pledge to always give the highest level of care and respect to people living with dementia and their carers.

Neal Fraher

I pledge to listen to my patients and learn their story and to help them feel themselves and not defined by dementia

Zoe Nevin

I pledge to be the best nurse I can, and make a difference in the lives of my patients. I want to touch hearts and let people know I was here by leaving my mark

Donna brennan

I pledge to always give people the extra 5 minutes to learn about them and listen to them, to go an seek the help they need.


I pledge to treat each individual I come across with as much dignity and respect as I possibly can. And promise to walk away from each encounter with at least I memory from every individual’s life


I pledge to be the best professional I can be, and the best version of myself by story to improve the lives of other in any way


I pledge to listen more, think and ask more


I pledge to give empowerment to all patients in my care and have an understanding of the person they are


I pledge to take more time with my patients getting to know them as a person

Amy Richardson

I pledge to make sure not to judge the person because of their dementia, trat as equal and care for them to the best of my ability


I pledge to become the best mental health nurse I can be, in order to help the wellbeing of my patients, to ensure they are being listened to and provide support for families also.

Rebeca Baird

I pledge to always strive to better myself as a healthcare professional and motivate others to get involved in making a positive change for vulnerable people

Catie kresley

I pledge to listen to a person story no matters has busy my workload is, support them in getting their voices heard


I pledge to make sure I treat everyone I meet with respect an remembering that they are person just like me

Robina Ferguson

I pledge to always to consider a person, past present, and future and conider their needs dignity and happiness jointly with themselves, family, friends or whoever they wish to participate


I pledge to do my very best for each of my patients giving them the time and opportunity to show me who they are

Mairi Macrae

I pledge to try to make a difference to my patients lives wether it be a smile or holding their hand when they are scared.

I pledge to stop and listen to everybody’s story I meet across my path.


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