Kings College London Nursing Students add personal pledges


Big thanks to Dr Sue Woodward, Head of Clinical Education Florence Nightingale Faculty Nursing and Midwifery and Winifred O.Nwosu MSc BSc (Hons) RN Tutor Adult Nursing for kindly inviting Tommy to speak to 200 2nd year Nursing Students at King’s College in London.

Sue heard Tommy speak at the #RCNCongress16 and made a pledge to invite Tommy to the University.

We are grateful for the fulfilment of the pledge and for the inspiring pledges below.

Thank you #OurFutureNurses

Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to provide the best care throughout my training and when qualified to each patients, to listen and talk to each patients and treat them as an individual and not as someone with problems

Jessica Beedles, year 2

I pledge to listen to individual and their carers and ensure I understand who and what matters to them. I want to make sure nobody feels lonely or out and they have all the support they need making them smile as often as I can

Katie Hardy

I pledge to make a conscious effort to understand every individual personal story. I pledge to make a difference in any way that I can.

Maddie Angus

I pledge to take time to listen and offer support, through non-verbal to verbal. Learning the story and what matters to each member of the people around them.


I pledge to always see my patients as a person and not as a condition. And always listen to their stories

Georgia Turner

I pledge to see the individual as a person, past their dementia and to be kind always


I pledge that throughout my life I will try my best to be there for anyone who needs me, no matter for what. I pledge that I will make a difference to the vulnerable and make them smile whilst I can

I pledge that challenge people who take for granted how scored a person may be feeling. I will try to make people feel that their feelings are valid. And that they are being listened to, and that they will be responded to

Kismet MCllington

I pledge to take the time to get to know my patient’s as individual not as conditions.


I pledge to look past the dementia and take the time out of my day to find out who this person really is, what do they enjoy what is their favourite shampoo, to make their life as normal as possible.

Terrie Gemal

I pledge to care for what matters to people

Jaeeun Mott

I pledge to wake up every day and care, listen, advocate and be kind to every stranger whose path I cross in my career. The way that I could only wish had been done for my grandad during his final days

Stephanie Eleise

I pledge to never refer to any patient as challenging. I will take the time to truly understand every patient I come into contact with who has dementia and make the effort to care for them like they deserve to be cared for


I pledge to give my time to help someone or family suffering from dementia.


I pledge to dedicate my life to helping those in need, I will fight to the best advocate for my patients, I will do my best to fight there furs help stop them been so end. I will do my bet as ther nurse to get to know them and what matters to them

Lizzie Clarke

I pledge to always show kindness and compassion.

Bridie Paton

I pledge to listen and love my patients the way I would

Amy Teague

I pledge to never stop caring or losing heart.


I pledge to protect the love stories that get forgotten. Promote kindness and love

Sophia Coleman

I pledge to remember how hard it is to be a carer and to always see the person not the patient

Helen Bradley

I pledge to go away from this session and take the time to learn more about dementia and ways of supporting people living with dementia.

Abby Arnold

I pledge to reach out to the Joan Whitlaws meet along the way and listen

Alison Rowan,

I pledge to always go the extra step to help an individual and their family who I am caring for

Amber Simon

I pledge to continue to respect the people I care for an taking the time to know at least one thing about them

Carisee Gudelos

I pledge to always care for any people I meet, I pledge to listen and to talk to people wherever they need it, I pledge to help in whatever way I can, no matter how by, small this maybe.

I pledge to always be there for all people who need my assistance


My pledge is to advocate for knowing what matters and who matters them lives of the individuals I am caring for.

Mariam Ali.

My pledge is to always find out what matters to people, to make sure I leave them better or happier than when I met them

My pledge is to be the best nurse I can be, to always know my patients and really advocate for and work with every person I come across treating them with kindness, respect, compassion and understand.

Jennifer Graham-Fernandez

I pledge to always see the person as who they are, and not to define them as their medical condition. To never lose the reason I become a nurse

Mariel Miranda.

I pledge to look beyond dementia and get to know the person.


I pledge to be a kind, human, care to all patients and their families, carers.

Sophie Bolton

I pledge to keep smiling and be patient with everyone.

Bauneet Singh

I pledge to see patient not just as patients but people with a story. To look at the family and friends and their needs, to make sure they are always the person that they are.


I pledge to make the effort with my patients to learn their stories and what makes them comfortable


I pledge to never forget that I can make a genuine impact on someone and play a past in their love story.

Sara Warby

I pledge to remember I am not treating patients, I am learning about, knowing, understanding, caring about for people and I am incredibly privileged to be able to do so

Laura Gibson

I pledge to listen more to people’s personal stories.


I pledge to put everything I have into making a positive impact on people’s lives, however big or small and be the best nurse I can be by making every encounter with people mean something.


I pledge to make sure that I see the person and their story, not just their condition


I pledge not to allow a diagnosis to mask the real person


I pledge to help to make my mums last moment the best in her life and I pledge to become the best nurse I ever can so that I can make a difference.

Asma Musa

I pledge to give everybody the opportunity to be happy and to express their happiness to others. Everybody has been blessed with a life, and lives are worth living.

Cydney Magnus

I pledge to always see the person beyond their diagnosis and take the time to hear their love stories.

Carly Bray

I pledge to listen to the patients and their carers at all times, be empathic and genuine. Kindness matters.


I pledge to always try my hardest to do what is best for other people

Victoria smith

I pledge to never forget the person behind the dementia.

Rebecca sharp

I pledge that when the visiting hours are over or you have to go I pledge to care for your family member as you would and doing what matters to them


I pledge to listen more to those I care for, and to never forget the person behind the condition and the stories that got them to where they are.

Olivia Fisher

I pledge to always try my best to reassure all the people I meet who need help that I will help them. To always seek support for them myself and my colleagues so that we can all make a difference together.

Naomi Priestley

I pledge to learn about people and their identity and look past the illness. To never use the term challenging or others labels

Hannah Denn

I pledge to give care that exceeds my patient’s expectations to help them. Highs of each management on recovery that they have never felt before to destigmatize the care they are receiving to make their healthcare journey a satisfying one. I never want my patients to leave my care wit a question, I have not answered yet I want to make my patient’s proud that they met me I want to make my family’s proud

I pledge to always find out what matters, their love stories

Carly button

I pledge to always see the person not the diagnosis.


I pledge to make an effort to discover a patient’s preferences so they can continue to live their lives in the way they would like to


I pledge to always remember to take the time to listen and be there.


I pledge to treat every patient as if they were my own family. My grandgather has vascular dementia, and this talk was so lovely, thank you. X

I pledge to make a difference in how to support patients / family with dementia.


I pledge to listen to everybody love stories and not just see them for their condition.


I pledge never stop caring about the people I see every day their conditions and into their hearts, making their fears and worries my own fears and worries, and to care for those that matter to them with love


I pledge and promise to love all these people I meet and do everything within my power to bring a smile to their face.


I pledge to get the best results possible in this degree and use my voice to stand up for vulnerable people, I pledge to always be bold and talk about sensitive topics that people shy away from


I pledge to think before I care for people to think about their stories and lives, and think that matter to that person the most. Never forget people are people, and despite their condition they deserve.


I pledge to learn about patients’ life history and use that in my practice.


I pledge to listen more and look beyond the medical condition.

I pledge to do my best to be part of the people I care for. LOVE STORY


I pledge to listen and care


I pledge to promise never to forget that we all have a love story and pledge to always see the person

Fiona Glenister

I pledge to have better understanding at dementia patients and their family’s and to do my best to help


I pledge to understand to listen to be passionate and to never lose it, to be and advocate to take time to get to know every person and meet an to never forget why I wanted to become a nurse


I pledge to attain the best result on my course, to my best ability and to show cared compassion continuously as my career begins, not to forget the real ssence of care and smile

Fea Roseline

I pledge to never forget why I wanted to be a nurse, to never forget theperson I am caring for.

Emma Johnston

I pledge to find and value vary person story.


I pledge to always take the time to listen to people stories, and to always seem them as people and not their condition

Kate Li

I pledge to see the person behind the condition and learn about them


I pledge to listening to patients and seeing them as individuals.

I pledge to treat people as how I would wish for my mum or dad to be treated, to talk and be with them as person, not an illness, and provide what they individually need.


I pledge to care for patients the same way I would care for my mum

Zahiba Asghar

I pledge to always advocate and stand up for those who do not have a voice, I pledge to always involve patients an carers in their care and never take contrl. I will always be caring and considerate and deliver care with a smile

Robyn Lillian Charles



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