Northern Trust (NHSCT) Northern Ireland, for Social Workers, make a difference

A ‘Roots to Effective Practice’ Workshop was held on 21/09/16 in the Northern Trust (NHSCT) Northern Ireland, for Social Workers who recently completed their Assessed Year in Practice. Social Workers examined the Reflective Practice Model to inform evidence and value based practice, listened to the messages from Tommy Whitelaw and pledged what they will do differently in their practice to promote positive outcomes for service users/carers.



Pictured above are Workshop Organisers Caroline McGonigle, Social Care Governance Manager, NHSCT; Sonya McGuckin Learning and Development Officer, Social Services Training Department, NHSCT with Tommy Whitelaw BCAh , Project and Engagement Lead, Dementia Carer Voices, Scotland.

Special thanks to Caroline for arranging the day and making Tommy feel welcomed.

We are proud to display the pledges below:

I will ask the 3 questions with the families and patients I work with.   I will introduce this pledge tree to my team.

I pledge to continue to look at the person not the diagnosis. Treat all people with respect and dignity. Listen to what matters to them.

I pledge to continue to listen and learn from each individual and family.

I pledge to be more aware of the significance of professionals and the difference the relationships can make to service users and carers.

I pledge to take time to listen to the individual stories of the service users and carers I come in contact with.

I will ensure that I take time to find out what matters and who matters to each individual.

I pledge to get to know the children’s and patients who I work with and understanding their life stories and experiences to achieve best outcomes for them.

I pledge to complete more direct work with the children. Ensure children’s wishes and feelings are the centre of assessments.

I pledge to get to know the service user as a person to know their story.

I pledge to take time to discover what happened for a person to get to where I am meeting them and how this reference where they want to be.

I pledge to take the time, despite time constraints to really listen to my service users and discover more about them as an individual nor just another person on my caseload.

I pledge to make more time to learn the life history of individuals and their families and give them the opportunity to voice what they feel helps and support them.

I pledge to take time to listen to both carers and service users and demand a high level of understanding to what a difference I could make to their lives.

I pledge to ask what matters to you. Both as a professional and or a daughter.

I pledge to take more time to listen to the children’s feelings through doing more work with a child.

No matter how busy I pledge to look at the person, not the diagnosis. I pledge to consider who is important to them and to do all in my power to maintain their love story.

Thank you Team DCV 🙂

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